Wednesday, July 9, 2014

When Kindness Conquers Grief #KeepItKind

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Dignity Health. All opinions are 100% my own.

Kindness. What does that mean to you? I equate kindness with showing love and that you genuinely care for someone else. When was the last time you experienced kindness by giving or receiving?

My joy!!

Truthfully, I witness and experience kindness every day. It's the little joyful things in life that are worth looking at a bit closer to bring about a bright spot in what can sometimes be a monotonous day. Just watching my son share his scooter with another kid, to the small act of kindness my son gives when he wants to brush my hair for me. Kindness can be small. But sometimes kindness is more like an undeniable flood.

When I very recently experienced a pregnancy loss (my sixth, but who's keeping track...), I was overwhelmed with so much kindness. I not only had the pleasure of witnessing this kindness, but of course I was experiencing it in a very touching way. I suppose I wasn't expecting anyone to care or notice.

From the great depths of my despair, I was pulled out little by little. My faith of course played a large role in this, but there's no doubt the impact that human kindness had.

I received many phone calls from loved ones who listened as I cried. I still have the texts expressing empathy and hopeful encouragement. And I continued to receive follow up calls in the coming days and weeks. A friend cried for me at hearing the news and prayed with me on the spot. My grandparents visited me and brought me a box of chocolates. My parents sent a beautiful card with handwritten notes. I was spoiled by my little family on Mother's Day, which was just days after the loss. I was blown away with kindness. No matter how small, a simple act of kindness can make an huge impact on someone, perhaps more than you realize.

Through this love and kindness, I knew this baby was not forgotten and that what I went through was not just something I had to do alone. I got through it together with those who love me.

As no stranger to losing babies, I know my own grieving process. It's often a little different each time as we continue our journey through infertility, but generally it takes a few weeks to return to normal. Whatever that is anymore.

Let someone help you out of the deep waters of life.

But I knew I would bounce back. I have to. And I always do. But this time it was faster. And I feel stronger than before, despite this being our sixth loss. Through my faith and the great kindness of others, I have been touched in such a way that words can't describe. Human kindness is incredibly powerful and has definitely helped me to see the joy in every day again.

Quality time with auntie.

Spread Some #humankindness
Dignity Health would like to remind us all of the importance of human connection and human kindness. Humanity holds to key to help people heal through kindness. There is good in the world, if you only stop to look for it and give it to others too.

I see kindness everyday. Do you? It's easier to notice when you participate and give kindness to others as well, whether they truly need it or not. Here are some ideas for you.

~A phone call to say hello - stay connected in every season of life!

~Give a helping hand with chores or yard work - mow your neighbors lawn!

~An offer to babysit - let parents have a date night!

~A gift - a book, flowers, or small memento!

~Send a "thinking of you" card - show that you care!

~Give a batch of cookies - bake their favorite!

~Help a stranger - offer to help an elderly shopper load their car!

~Your friendship - a listening ear is perhaps the best gift of all!

~Your time - there's nothing quite like quality moments!

Kindness comes in many forms. Just like a gift, it's the thought that counts.

Cousins. Togetherness. It's important.

When I was cared for the way I was through our recent loss, I was overwhelmed with love and peace. The impact of human connection translates to kindness and unity through whatever you're experiencing. Joining with others through life's experiences, the good and the bad, is the mark of true kindness I hope our world will strive for.

Share your stories of human kindness by using the hashtag #keepitkind on social media. For more information of Dignity Health's mission to spread human kindness, check them out on Facebook, Twitter or at


MikiHope said...

I do everything I am capable of doing to be kind and generous with my feelings and my ears. Many have also done this for me--it does make a difference.

Angela said...

I agree. It's those subtle, little things that often bring the most joy.

Rebecca Swenor said...

Great post. A simple smile can help someone feel good. Just little things can make a big difference. Thanks for sharing.

tara pittman said...

Great post of info on how to help people. I pray that you will get a bundle of joy soon, I know the heart ache. I miscarried two times.

Debi said...

Great post. When I lost my daughter, the nurse gave me a small charm the next day. It was a little angel with my daughters birthday engraved on the back. It touched me so deeply.

Shelly Peterson said...

It is nice to know you received so much caring and kindness from so many people during your difficult time. It seems like kindness gets harder to find these days but I try to show kindness every day just by doing little things whether it be a smile, holding a door open for people or giving some one a ride.