About Me

Hi! I'm Ashley, aka The Reynolds Mom. I live in Northern California with my family. Welcome to my blog!

Our Family :: Our little family consists of myself, Hubby, and our 6 year-old son, Buddy. I'm currently expecting a little girl in March 2015. Hubby and I have been married for 9 years now!

Organic & All-Natural :: I'm a gluten free, semi-crunchy, real food enthusiast that enjoys learning new ways to improve my families' health and wellness goals. As we've learned and grown, I have drifted towards more natural approaches to living, parenting, and eating. I buy organic for most of our food, but almost exclusively organic for produce, meat and dairy. I also use reusable shopping bags when I can, and I never microwave leftovers in plastic. I'm concerned about chemicals and other junk we put in our bodies, and I'm actively seeking ways to decrease our exposure (especially through food and skincare/beauty) every day. Although we're far from perfect and our goals are not always on track, we're learning to live smarter and healthier each day.

Homeschool :: I'm a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom. We chose this route because of the very individualized educational opportunities available and we believe it's our duty to educate our children if possible. Buddy is currently in Kindergarten and far surpassing all expectations for his age, so we feel this is currently best for our family.

Infertility :: Our infertility journey began prior to having Buddy, with 2 unexplained miscarriages. My pregnancy with him was uneventful! When he turned 2 years old we began trying again and have since (until recently) experienced secondary infertility. After 3.5 years of TTC, 4 more miscarriages, ectopic surgery and a gene mutation discovery, we're finally in the home stretch of a successful pregnancy. After years of infertility and much loss, our hope of growing our family is becoming a beautiful reality.