Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stay Safe in the Sun with Rocky Mountain Sunscreen

Disclosure: This is a guest post.

Staying safe in the sun is important. The skin needs to be protected from sun damage so that premature aging and skin cancer will not develop. In order to provide ample protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, it is imperative to wear a reliable sunscreen.

Savvy individuals who do not want to limit time outdoors but want to have the appropriate protection for their skin will be eager to shop at It is possible to buy Rocky Mountain Sunscreen in bulk so that there will never be any worry about running out while on vacation or during the hot summer months. It is more economical to buy sunscreen in this way, especially when considering that the product has a shelf life of two years.

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen provides products that have different sun protection factors for a variety of needs. The appropriate sunscreen can be found for children as well as adults. Sun exposure without the proper protection results in life-threatening melanoma in over 75 percent of skin cancer cases. National estimates have shown that one in five individuals will develop some form of skin cancer in the course of their lives. The statistics are scary and should be an incentive to obtain the proper sunscreen for optimum protection.

It will not be necessary to become housebound in order to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Every precaution should be taken when outside, and this includes the application of an appropriate sunscreen with an adequate SPF. It is also important to reapply sunscreen throughout sun exposure. Application will need to be done more frequently depending on the SPF of the product being used, whether an individual is sweating, and whether exposure to water is involved.

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is designed to provide optimal protection from the sun in all types of environments. It is a broad-spectrum product that is gluten free, fragrance free and also PABA free. The sunscreen is not tested on animals and is hypoallergenic as well. It even contains aloe and can be used as a daily moisturizer under makeup.

It is wise to always protect the skin, the largest organ of the body, with the appropriate sunscreen. Even on cloudy days, the proper protection is still required. By using a reliable sunscreen, the risk of premature aging, skin cancer and other forms of damage are greatly reduced.



sandyhills x said...

Would have to say that this is great advice. Did not know that you need sunscreen even on cloudy days- shaunie

Shelly Peterson said...

This sounds like a great product to try out. I love that it is gluten free, fragrance free and also PABA free. Also it's great that you can be used as a daily moisturizer under makeup since it has aloe.