Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gun Safes Protect More than Firearms

Disclosure: This is a guest post.

When manufacturers design and test gun safes, the intended primary use is the protection of guns. These safes are designed to keep unauthorized users from accessing guns and potentially harming others. They are also designed to protect innocent children by securing dangerous firearms so that they are out of sight and out of reach. Luckily, you are never limited to the primary intended use for any item.

Many gun owners use their gun safes to lock up all of their valuables. You can open one of these safes and easily find jewelry, gold, gems and stashes of cash along with firearms. In some cases, the safe is filled with valuable items but no guns at all. There are a few reasons that this type of safe often doubles as a safe for high-dollar items:

It is unexpected. If you break into a home in search of jewelry and other compact items that are easy to carry out and resell, you may not look inside a gun safe. You simply won't realize that the valuable items you seek are in there, since it goes against the primary purpose of owning a gun safe.

If you have multiple safes for different purposes, you have to dedicate a lot of space in your home to the safes. This also creates the impression that you have a lot of valuable property to hide, which makes you a bigger target for thieves. It is much better to use one larger safe for all of your valuables, including your firearms.

Some people don't think they need a safe for their jewelry, family heirlooms or other items of high value. Once the gun safe is in place, they decide it doesn't hurt to lock these items away, but they never would have purchased a safe just for those items. The gun safe becomes a hiding place after it is purchased for its primary use.

Gun safe designs have come a long way over the years, and most can easily accommodate smaller items like necklaces and rings in addition to larger weapons. If you want to use one safe to hold a variety of items, consider getting a larger safe that is armed with biometric locks. When you are ready to start the shopping process, click here to browse gun safes suitable for all of your valuables.



1froglegs said...

The main reason I have my guns in a safe, other than to protect my children, is that I don't want one of my guns to be stolen from me and sold on the black market to some criminal. Most of the murders by firearm are not legal gun owners, they are people who either stole or bought it stolen.

Shelly Peterson said...

All of this info is good to know. I don't have a gun but have thought about getting one and would definitely have a gun safe.