Wednesday, June 24, 2015

5 Futuristic Baby Wearable Monitors

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We have seen wearable technology permeate every industry over the past few years, so it comes as no surprise that a plethora of baby-monitoring devices have found their way into the consumer market. Although wearables’ usefulness as advanced baby monitors is undeniable, the danger of substituting technology for actual parenting is one that comes with the territory.

Targeted mostly towards millennials, the following infant wearables could be the future of baby safety for new parents — just as long as they are seen more as peace-of-mind offerings rather than entrusted, catchall devices designed to protect your baby from all danger.

Mimo: A wearable onesie

One Boston-based startup is seeking to provide new parents with fewer sleepless nights with Mimo, a wearable onesie that tracks your babies’ vitals and relays that information in real-time to your smartphone. The organic cotton “kimono” features two green stripes that behave as respiratory sensors, as well as a detachable turtle clip that monitors skin temperature, breathing pattern, and body position. Mimo offers a level of customization by building individual kits based on age: “We know that every baby is different, and every parent is unique. So why should your baby monitor be built just like everyone else’s?” asks the company. Parents have the option of setting alerts for their babies’ activity, from rolling over to waking up to a change in breathing pattern. The companion app shows the last 10 days of data, allowing parents to discern optimal feeding and bedtimes for the most efficient night of rest. But considering that Mimo is not that different from current baby monitors on the market, who is actually using this product? “Anecdotally, we’ve found that millennial parents like Mimo,” said co-founder Dulcie Madden. “This could be because millennial consumers are more data-driven. Mimo gives them specific data insights about their child’s sleeping behavior.” The Mimo kit currently retails for $199.

Owlet: A smart baby bootie

Similarly, the Owlet baby sock uses pulse oximetry to non-invasively measure heart rate, oxygen levels, and track skin temp. The hypoallergenic sock also connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to check on your baby constantly and remotely. Owlet markets itself with messaging like, “There is no more stressful tip toeing into baby’s room like a ninja to verify that your baby is ok.” Even so, Owlet also stresses that alerts are only sent only when absolutely necessary, saying, “You are a parent, not a fireman.” The Owlet socks are currently going for $249 and include three sock sizes for your growing tot.

Sproutling: An emotion-detecting band

Taking it one step further, the $299 Sproutling baby band not only monitors vitals, but also predicts sleep habits and heart rate based on past data. Its smart charger furthermore behaves as an environmental sensor, allowing parents to adjust room temp, sound, and light levels for optimal sleeping conditions. The companion app sends alerts in real-time for 16 measurements — what the company calls “insights, not data.” Perhaps most interesting of all, the app predicts baby’s mood “before you walk into a room,” although the need for a smartphone to discern whether a child is “calm, fussy, or angry” might seem like a fairly counter-intuitive way of learning what your baby inherently needs. We again see how these devices are targeted at millennials. Co-founder Mathew Spolin says, “that’s a group that has internet-connected smartphones in their pocket and their technology demands are much higher than previous generations.”

Read about 2 more wearable baby monitors: TempTraq thermometers and Smart Diapers at


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Explore the Skies with the 3DR Solo Drone from Best Buy #SoloatBestBuy

Keeping up with the latest gadgets is something my Hubby really enjoys. Lately the craze has been about drones! Drones are the new hot way to capture video from a high vantage point. While at The Fountains in Roseville with my family recently, we saw a drone being flown above the busy crowds and band playing below. Needless to say, Hubby and Buddy had to stop and watch with fascination.
The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

The 3DR Solo Drone was just released at Best Buy, the best shopping destination for drones. Solo is the first-ever drone powered by two integrated Lunux computers, allowing users to achieve the perfect shot.

Solo is also the first drone to support full control of GoPro cameras and offer live streaming directly to your mobile device or through the controller's HDMI port for live broadcast. Solo offers several Smart Shot modes so Solo can fly itself while you focus your eyes on using the camera. These features are so mind boggling and seem so advanced to me! If you already have a GoPro, getting a Solo is surely a must-have on your wish list.

Can you imagine the amazing shots you would get with Solo? I'm definitely going to check out Solo on my next trip to Best Buy. If you're still shopping for a Father's Day gift for tomorrow, head to Best Buy first thing tomorrow and check out Solo!

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    Through July 11th, get a FREE Solo Smart Battery (Reg. Price: $149.99) when you purchase the 3DR Solo Drone (Sku: 5354101) at Best Buy. Disclaimer: Offer valid with purchase of the 3DR Solo Drone SKU: 5351035.

      Friday, June 19, 2015

      Energize Your Day with Nutri Maqui by Nutri Lifescience

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      Moms, we could all use an energy boost every day, right? Nutri Maqui is a delicious superfruit juice supplement that can be enjoyed any time of day. It's loaded with antioxidants and essential nutrients that aims to help you reach your wellness goals with energy-boosting power.

      Nutri Maqui features the incredible maqui berry, along with acai, blackberry, elderberry, raspberry, and pomegranate superfruits. The deep purple maqui berry is native to the Patagonia region of South America. It is the highest known antioxidant superfruit, containing a high concentration of polyphenols and anthocyanins for ultimate antioxidant support to promote cardiovascular health, healthy cholesterol and blood glucose support.

      A serving size of Nutri Maqui is just one ounce a day (a capful), and a bottle of Nutri Maqui will last a whole month. Nutri Maqui does not contain artificial colors or flavors, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, yeast, diary or lactose.  

      Benefits of the Maqui Berry
      • Antioxidant Defense Against Harmful Free Radicals
      • Immune System & Inflammatory Management
      • Balanced Blood Glucose & Decreased Cell Oxidation
      • Healthy Physical Longevity
      • Healthy Eyes and Vision
      • Energy Booster Neutralizes Toxic Free Radicals
      • Natural COX-2 Inhibitor
      • Healthy Inflammation and Join Support
      • Powerful Immune Supporting Antioxidant
      • Anti-aging for Beautiful Skin

      Nutri Maqui is easy to consume on it's own, but there are many other ways to enjoy it too. I like adding it to fresh fruit and Greek yogurt in the morning for a protein-packed breakfast shake. It would be great in overnight oats as well. This berry milkshake using Nutri Maqui is very nutritious and looks delicious. It's powerful punch of antioxidants is also ideal before a workout, or for post-workout recovery as well.

      The maqui berry is a nutritional powerhouse, and Nutri Maqui is the easiest, tastiest way to take advantage of this fruit's amazing antioxidant benefits. Nutri Lifescience wants to help you achieve extraordinary health and maintain longevity with Nutri Maqui. Order today at
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      Tin Toy Arcade :: Classic, Retro & Vintage Toys

      Do you ever wish you could go back in time? Perhaps back to your childhood? With Tin Toy Arcade, you can do just that when you shop their HUGE selection of 1,000's of classic, vintage and retro toys from your past.

      This post is brought to you by Tin Toy Arcade. All opinions are 100% my own.

      Tin Toy Arcade has every toy you owned and loved as a kid, and then some. All things Sock Monkey, tin toys galore, cap guns and rubber band shooters, windup toys, toy trains and plenty of hard-to-find toys. Whether you're gift shopping for retro toys, or looking to relive your childhood a bit with your favorite toys, Tin Toy Arcade is definitely your classic toy shopping destination.

      With thousands of satisfied customers, a 60-day money back guarantee and fast shipping, you can't go wrong with Tin Toy Arcade. They also offer worldwide shipping.

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      Monday, June 15, 2015

      Best Buy Just Launched the NEW GoPro HERO+ LCD! #GoProAtBestBuy

      The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

      Father's Day is this weekend. Have you picked up something special for the dad in your life yet? Gadgets, electronics and anything techie are always a hit. What about something that's also a great way to build memories with your loved ones?

      Best Buy just launched the GoPro HERO+ LCD, just in time for Father's Day. I know for a fact my hubby and Buddy would LOVE a GoPro HERO+ LCD to bring along on all their father-son adventures. Action cameras, mounts and accessories from GoPro are just the ticket for capturing every bit of fun this summer.

      The new GoPro HERO+ LCD features 1080p60 video, 8MP photos, built-in Wi-Fi, and the convenience of a touch display. The built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connect to the GoPro App for on-the-spot shot previews, total camera control and easy content sharing to Instagram, Facebook, and more. What an amazing way to capture fun memories and share them with your friends too.

      The GoPro HERO+ LCD is super impressive and proves once again that Best Buy is your one-stop-shop destination for the latest cameras and camcorders. Be sure to stop by your local Best Buy before Father's Day to check out the new GoPro HERO+ LCD.

      Check out these special offers good through 6/20:

      -HERO+LCD (Sku 6954009) with free 32GB Extreme Plus memory card (Sku 9387066). Valid 6/14-6/20

      -Free $50 Best Buy Gift Card with purchase of the GoPro HERO4 Silver (Sku 8374096) or GoPro HERO4 Black (Sku 8374078). Valid 6/7-6/20


      Start Recycling Today

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      Recycling is a way for you to help the environment by not throwing away items that can be used to make something else. There are a few ways that you can get started at home and with your business. 

      First, you need to find out what you can recycle and what needs to be thrown away. Some of the things that you can't recycle can still be used for something else. If you know how to make items out of clothes that are torn or a quick google search can result in a slew of craft projects so you can re-purpose your non-recyclables. Clothing can often be donated to an organization that helps families or to a secondhand store. Most cities have a recycling chart located in a community building or at the solid waste facility.

      Some cities offer specific, separate containers so that you can place recyclable items on the sidewalk on garbage day. This makes it easier to get started as you will be given a list of what to place in the container. These items are often glass, paper products and plastic. If your city doesn't offer this service, you can get tall trash cans to keep items separate. Once the cans get full, you can take them to the recycling center yourself.

      If your business handles a large amount of materials that are recyclable, perhaps you'll want to consider enlisting the help of Easi Recycling. Sometimes seeking out waste management experts is the right decision to help save your business time, and help the environment in the most effective way possible too.

      Saturday, June 13, 2015

      PacaPod Designer Diaper Bags {Giveaway - Ends 6/26}

      Choosing a diaper bag that is practical, durable, and stylish isn't as easy as it seems. I went through several diaper bags when Buddy was a baby, and never quite found one that I loved. This time around I'm using a PacaPod Sequoia diaper bag, and so far it's working out wonderfully. 

      I received complimentary product for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

      PacaPod is home to an award-winning 3-in-1 diaper bag organizing system. PacaPod was created by mom and designer, Jacqueline Waggett, who saw a gap in the market for beautiful yet practical baby bags. These bags definitely do not look like diapers bags!

      Every PacaPod diaper bag includes a feeder pod, changer pod, a separate section for parents' belongings, stroller clips, key fob, inner pocket dividers and a cross body strap. With many bag designs to choose from, there's definitely one that's just right for your busy lifestyle.

      PacaPod Sequoia

      This is the Sequoia bag, featuring leather, silver hardware and a lovely microfiber weave outer that is totally wipe-able. At first glance it appears to be just a gorgeous handbag. But let's take a look inside.

      Upon opening the large compartment in front, there are two removable pods. The tan pod is your diaper changer pod, and the red one is the feeder pod. Everything is separate, hygienic, and super organized within these pods.

      Every inch of each pod is meticulously planned out for ultimate organization so moms can just grab one and go. This makes it incredibly easy to take just the pod you need without taking the whole bag. The changer pod has labeled areas for diapers, wipes, diaper creams, hand sanitizer, an extra change of clothes, and first aid supplies.

      The feeder pod is insulated and has places for utensils, hand wipes, and bottles specifically. Since I'm breastfeeding and baby girl isn't eating solids yet, for now I'm using it for extra burp cloths and breast pads.

      Each pod has a strap so each can be taken out and hung from the stroller handle or wherever you need it. The changer pod also includes a changing pad, easily stored on the backside of the pod. The feeding pod can be worn as a mini backpack too. I imagine this would work really well for sending young kids with snacks or a lunch to daycare also. Buddy is hoping I'll let him use it for his snacks during his summer classes. 

      The top zipper grants access to "my purse". This large pocket goes the whole depth of the bag, and has plenty of room for my wallet, glasses case, makeup bag, snacks, an extra shirt and plenty of room for more. I love having all my normal non-diaper bag items in it's own section of the bag. No one likes digging around in their bag, right?!

      The Sequoia also has a small zippered pocket on each side. My smartphone fits perfectly in one, and my keys go in the other if I don't have them clipped to the outside of the bag already.

      The stroller clips have been ah-mazing. I use them every time I use my stroller and have found this to be extremely convenient for quick access to the bag when necessary. Since it's also my purse, my wallet is within reach when shopping, instead of down below in the stroller's basket.

      The Sequoia has a clutch handle and removable shoulder strap also. I prefer to use the strap for even weight distribution in the cross body carry, but the clutch handle is really nice when maneuvering the bag in and out of the car. Check out the video below for another look at this unique bag:

      This diaper bag is truly amazing and super durable. The quality is exquisite and beautifully done. I feel a bit fancy owning this bag! Although there is so much to say about the Sequoia, what I love most about this bag is that anyone can quickly access anything inside because it's so organized. Diapers and snacks aren't mixed in the same area, and my wallet isn't hiding in a onsie or a under a burp cloth. Everything has a place!

      PacaPod Samui

      Another beautiful design from PacaPod is the Samui bag, available in two stunning prints. This bag is part of PacaPod’s collection of “travel lite” bags containing super packable pods that fold flat to create even more space for baby gear. The flat pack feeder, changer pods and mat can be easily cleaned and folded away when not in use to provide unrivaled adaptability when traveling with tots. All of this combined with the super lightweight construction and a choice of striking, playful prints, makes it easy to carry baby’s basics in style and with confidence.

      The vibrant Samui prints are inspired by the iridescent colors and prints from Thailand “Koh Samui” adding a welcome pop of color for fashion conscious mums on the move! Casual glamour and a touch of cosmopolitan chic collide to bring forth this beautiful cavernous bag with an organized interior moms really need.

      The Samui features an over-the-shoulder carry handle, top loading section with sippered parent pocket, a flat pack changer pod, flat pack feeder pod, and a changing mat. This bag will also fit most laptops when the pods are removed. Versatility at it's best! 

      Here's a closer look at the Samui bag:

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      Living Benefit Loans from Life Credit Company

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      If your family has been effected by cancer or another serious medical conditional, you know how expensive medical treatment is. Struggling financially during a health crisis is a terrible situation to be in. For those with a life insurance policy, qualifying for a Living Benefit Loan from Life Credit Company may be just what is needed to meet current financial needs.

      What's a Living Benefit Loan? A Living Benefit Loan makes it possible for cancer patients to receive up to 50% of their life insurance policy’s death benefit now, while still preserving coverage for their beneficiaries. 

      Loan borrowers are not be required to make loan payments and don't incur any out-of-pocket expenses. The loan is repaid from the insurance policy’s death benefit proceeds, with the remainder going to the insured’s family. Loan proceeds can be used by the borrower for any purpose, whether it's to pay bills or go on a dream vacation, hopefully reducing the stress of the borrower.

      Do you know someone effected by cancer? Chances are you've been touched by cancer is one way or another, just as I have. There are nearly 4.1 million cancer patients in the U.S. that are suffering financially that could be helped through the Living Benefit Loan program. If you know someone that could potentially benefit by taking advantage of a Living Benefit Loan, perhaps you could tell them about Life Credit Company. I had never heard of a Living Benefit Loan until now, and I'm sure many cancer patients haven't either.

      Life Credit Company is a licensed consumer lender that provides unique financial solutions to the cancer community. The Living Benefit Loan program was launched in December 2012. Since then, over 15 million dollars of funding has been loaned and therefore improved the lives of countless individuals when they've needed it most.

      To learn more about Living Benefit Loans from Life Credit Company, please visit today.

      Sunday, June 7, 2015

      Three Things To Look For In A Baby Sports Clothes Shop

      Disclosure: This is a guest post.

      These days, many parents are interested in buying contemporary, cutting edge sports fan clothing for their babies. If this is the case for you, it's important to note that getting the high quality, long-lasting clothes that you want is contingent upon your ability to locate an excellent, ethical retailer. To ensure that you can realize this objective, look for the following attributes in the company:

      1. Extensive Experience In The Industry
      Industry experience is one of the most important characteristics that a baby fan clothing shop should possess. The longer the company has been in operation, the more likely they are to consistently offer you the customized, detail-oriented services that ensure your 100% satisfaction. When you start looking for the perfect shop, keep the professionals of in mind. Ever since the year 2000, the company has been providing the public with high quality products and services. Whether you're looking for Chicago bears baby clothes or Braves hats, has you covered.

      2. Reasonable Prices
      While you're probably interested in getting aesthetically appealing, durable sports clothes for your baby, this doesn't mean that you want to "break the bank" to make it happen. To ensure that you can get the high quality product you want at a reasonable price, be sure that you're shopping around to see what the average rate is. In so doing, you'll be able to make a cost-effective decision that keeps money in your wallet while simultaneously ensuring that your baby is dressed in the coolest, comfortable clothing available.

      3. Excellent Customer Service
      One final attribute that you should look for in a baby clothing company is excellent customer service. While getting a quality product is important, getting stellar customer service can be equally (or even more) important. When you do business with a team of professionals who are genuinely concerned about ensuring that you find the perfect product, your shopping experience improves exponentially. With this thought in mind, remember that finding a company that offers excellent customer service is important.

      If you're interested in obtaining the most visually compelling, durable sports clothes on the market for your baby, know that the key to realizing this objective is finding a company that operates in excellence and expedience. To put this important process in motion, be sure to look for a company that possesses each of the attributes listed above. Good luck!


      Apex :: An At-Home Treatment for Women with Urinary Incontinence

      This is a sponsored post brought to you by Apex. All opinions are 100% my own. 

      Bladder leakage is no joke! Thankfully I survived natural childbirth just 10 weeks ago without any lasting pelvic floor issues. However, I know that's not the case for many women who experience urinary incontinence, or bladder leakage, when coughing, laughing, sneezing or exercising on a regular basis as a result of a weakened pelvic floor.

      For women who suffer from bladder leakage, Apex is an at-home treatment that can help naturally restore a woman's confidence by strengthening her pelvic floor. And no, it's not a pill, surgery, or simply pads. Apex is an FDA-approved, over-the-counter medical device that is recommended by hundreds of physicians.
      “The new guideline for the treatment of urinary incontinence from the American College of Physicians stressed medical evaluation and management with a focus on physical therapy. Now that there are FDA [cleared] pelvic stimulating devices, like InTone, Apex, InToneMV and ApexM women have the option of intense, effective pelvic floor physical therapy (with or without biofeedback) to treat common forms of urinary leakage.”
      Holly L. Thacker, MD, FACP, CCD, NCMP
      Professor and Director, Center for Specialized Women’s Health
      OB-GYN and Women’s Health Institute
      Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of CWRU
      Executive Director, Speaking of Women's Health

      Cleveland Clinic is ranked as one of the top hospitals in America by U.S. News & World Report (2014).

      When pelvic floor muscles become stretched or weakened, often after childbirth or as we age, symptoms such as bladder leakage can occur. Sure, you could deal with pads for years to come, but the underlying issue is still there. Bladder leakage caused by weakened pelvic floor muscles does not just resolve itself. Considering the cost, inconvenience, and possible failure of other treatments, Apex is a front-runner for treatment. Apex uses gentle muscle stimulation to contract and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, restoring your ability to control bladder leakage, all in the privacy of your own home.

      There are two designs for you to choose from, depending on your specific needs. Apex is specifically designed to strengthen and build muscle in the pelvic floor and stop symptoms of stress urinary incontinence. ApexM is designed to address a broader range of symptoms, including calming symptoms of urgency.

      Other treatments just don't make as much sense. To learn more about Apex and ApexM, please visit To receive a $35 discount plus free shipping enter code MBAR15 at checkout.

      Wednesday, June 3, 2015

      Pouch Pal :: Mom's Less-Mess Solution for Baby Food Pouches {Giveaway - Ends 6/14}

      Shortly after Buddy began eating solids as a baby, I discovered the ease and convenience of squeezable food pouches, especially for busy days on the go. But the convenience certainly did not come without major messes. He LOVED them, but a hungry baby devouring their favorite delicious snack equals a mess, everywhere.

      This post is sponsored by Pouch Pal. All opinions are 100% my own.

      Pouch Pal is a mom-invented solution to the messy food pouch problem. Pouch Pal is a hard case that holds a food pouch inside, preventing it from being squeezed. Simply curve the bottom of the food pouch into a rainbow shape, close the Pouch Pal, remove the cap and hand it to your little one. If you want to save the cap, Pouch Pal leaves enough space at the bottom for storage. Pouch Pal stays securely closed using pinch and push technology, ensuring your clever little ones won't be able to open it.

      Pouch Pal is a genius idea! I love the curved shape, which is perfect for small hands to hold and encourages independence without a huge mess. Pouch Pal would have saved my sanity plenty of times with Buddy and his food pouches six years ago. Now with baby girl, I'll inevitably use food pouches as well, but not without Pouch Pal this time!
      Want your own? You can purchase Pouch Pals through their SHOP page or on Amazon here.

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      Umi Children's Shoes :: Autumn/Winter Collection Sneak Peek Sweepstakes

      It's hard to believe but Umi Children's Shoes' newest collection release is right around the corner! We just finished up the school year but we'll be shopping for back-to-school before we know it. To mark this new release, Umi is hosting the Sneak Peak Sweepstakes!

      This sweepstakes will go from June 1st – 7th, and five winners will receive a $100 Umi gift card!

      CLICK HERE to enter for your chance to WIN!