Friday, July 11, 2014

Christening Gifts for Triplets and Twins

Disclosure: This is a guest post submitted by Kira B.
It is very honorable to become a godparent to one child! But what if your friends or relatives have asked you to be a godparent to twins or triplets? You should not panic in such situation, just check out these great ideas of christening gifts for twins and triplets.

Classic christening gifts will always be appropriate

For twins it would be better to choose personalized traditional gifts with slightly different changes. For example, as christening gifts you can buy two blankets of different colors or the identical ones but beautifully embroidered with their names. Light blue or navy blue blankets can be used for twin boys and pink or red shades for twin girls. Besides blankets you can also buy beanies or christening gowns.

In some Catholic religious communities there is a tradition to present a baptized child handmade or retail ceramic jar with a child’s name written on it. These jars usually serve as keepsake boxes and that is why they should be personalized. In these jars grown-up twins will be able to hold all their christening gifts like jewelry, beanies or crosses.

Religious christening gifts are another great option

Two bibles for children would be a great gift considering the occasion but they should better have a personalized touch like different fronts or engravings of children’s names. Personalized rosary beads or crosses could also become a great gift. Bracelets with pendants of different colors for each baby will be also appropriate. 
A christening gift basket filled with keepsakes to make both parents and kids happy

Many online and regular shops offer guests or godparents invited to a christening party to buy original gift baskets. Christening gift baskets for twins should contain two special keepsakes instead of one. Keepsakes are practical items that parents can use, for example blankets, stuffed toys, bibs, T-shirts, socks and crocheted booties. Each piece of clothes should be personalized with a child’s name on it. You can also make such basket by yourself.

Whatever gifts you want to buy just remember to choose them with twice (or even trice!) more love.


Courtney B said...

i've actually had this issue before... personalized gifts are always the best..

Shelly Peterson said...

I have not been in that situation to need christening gifts for more than one but these are good ideas, I like the blanket idea.