Monday, July 14, 2014

GREAT Kids Snacks Box :: All-Natural Snacks Delivered Monthly

Choosing all-natural, nutritious snacks for your kids can often be a challenge. In my house we tend to get stuck in a rut and don't branch out to try anything new. Snacks then get boring and the great hunt for new healthy snacks can get costly and wasteful when anything doesn't get a pass by the kiddos. How 'bout a convenient way to try new snacks without buying a whole box of one type of snack?

I received complimentary product for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

GREAT Kids Snacks wants to help you take the guesswork out of snacking, especially for the health-conscious, on-the-go mom. Although I wish I could be kitchen extraordinaire and make every snack myself, that's just not practical. Moms, your time and sanity is worth the convenience of pre-packaged, healthy snacks.

As a health-conscious mom, I'm very, very picky. GREAT Kids Snacks vision of providing healthy snacks to kids in a convenient way really resonates with my personal health goals for my family. Yes, fresh snacks are better for anyone, but the truth is that we may not always have the time to prepare everything we eat. GREAT Kids Snacks recognizes this, and even included fresh snack suggestions for when you have time to prepare them at home! Yogurt, cheese, fruit, vegetables and other quick finger foods would be my top picks. 
So, consider this your new monthly delivery service of delicious individually wrapped snacks for your kiddo! Monthly snack boxes come in 3 options: 15 snacks, 30 snacks, or 30 gluten-free snacks. Each box is full of kid-tested, tasty nutrition with nutritionist-approved ingredients. You also get FREE, convenient home delivery and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Buddy received a GREAT Kids Snacks monthly box with thirty snacks inside. Perfect for a new snack each day of the month. It was even addressed to him, which you have the option to do also. I know how fun it is to get mail - can you imagine how thrilling that is for your child?! Buddy was SO excited to dig in and check out his new snacks.

Each month your GREAT Kids Snacks box will vary, but here's what was in Buddy's...

Thirty snacks. What impressed me most is that so many of these snacks are totally new to me. I actually only recognized half of the brands included in the box, which is really saying something since I'm a self-proclaimed product lover and critic. I immediately noticed the wide variety included too.

This box made on-the-go snacking super easy and convenient for me, but even at home it's nice to not have to answer the "I'm hungry, what can I eat?" question at snack time or any time between meals. I typically have a snack bin in the cupboard just for Buddy so these new snacks just went in there and replenished the boring, untouched stash we had. But before I did that, I made sure I get photos of all the snacks for a closer look!

Savory Snacks, Chips + Popcorn: Dried beans and veggies, yes please! KettlePop is always great, and the plaintain chips were a nice change. The ips were quite tasty too (of course I asked for a tiny bite of everything).

A Variety of Bars: Buddy is a granola bar kid! He loved every single one of these. Bars are especially great for eating in the car since they typically aren't too crumbly. Some great new brands here, and I've since bought some 18 Rabbits bars and Earnest Eats bars.

Fruit Leathers + Fruit Snacks: Fruit pouches? Always a hit. Buddy wasn't a fan of the Rawr Bars, but everything else got a good review.

Cookies + Crackers: Late July and Annie's are both Buddy's favorite cracker brands already. Buddy LOVED the Enjoy Life cookie. We're just discovering more of their products which are allergen-free (yay!). Sweet snacks are fine with me, but in great moderation. Glad to see the ones included are some of the most natural kid-friendly ones I've found also.

There were only a few snacks Buddy didn't like, but that wasn't a big deal. The fact that he was adventurous and actually tried so many new snacks (and wholesome at that!) was enough for me! I love that this box of snacks exposed him to new flavors and textures.

While the majority of this box was gluten-free, it's exciting to know that they actually have a  gluten-free snack box option. It's $6 more, but a wonderful option for any gluten-free kiddo.

Overall the snack selections in our box were excellent. There was a great balance between a little sweet and savory, and also lots of organic/vegan/gluten-free snacks. So forget the sugary snacks filled with refined white sugars and little to no nutritional value. Make better choices for your active kids that provide energy and real ingredients. With a subscription to GREAT Kids Snacks, you truly have no excuse. Make snack choices healthy, convenient and FUN!

Subscription Options
Subscriptions are $20.95 (15 snacks), $39.95 (30 snacks), or $45.95 (30 gluten-free snacks) a month and include free shipping. Subscribe today at!

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Literary Winner said...

I think it's pretty cool that they offer a gluten-free option to help those that must eat that way find good snacks. I am really interested in the egg white chips!

Lisa Weidknecht said...

Wow, that box is loaded with goodies!!!

Maria said...

YUM!! Kids? I think I would love some of these brands as well.

Rebecca Swenor said...

This is what every kid would love to receive every month. Kids dream and it is healthier for them too. He is so adorable with that huge smile. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Martin said...

A great idea to get the kids excited about trying out new healthy products, just like Christmas every month.

Shelly Peterson said...

This is a pretty neat idea. They get to try new healthy snacks each month and everything is a surprise.