Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lolli and Pops :: A Candy Shop of Sweets from Around the World {Roseville, Ca}

Disclosure: We received a private tour and discount in exchange for posting our experience. All opinions are 100% my own.

Discovering local shops can be a real treat. For my local sweet tooths, Lolli and Pops at the Galleria mall in Roseville, California is one you don't want to miss.

Lolli And Pops is a small family owned business with locations throughout the country. The Roseville location opened in September 2013, and is one of seven stores with more opening this year. Their goal is to make the world sweeter by procuring the best candy from around the world. De-li-cious!

My family received an invitation for a private tour of our local Lolli and Pops. Since we're mall-walkers at heart, we had been to Lolli and Pops a few times prior to this. Our tour included plenty of tastings so it was certainly a sweet morning!

Chris Ruzic is Chief Purveyor of the Roseville store. He is a very passionate individual and is incredibly knowledgeable about every single product in his store. You'll find plenty of unique sweets from around the world at Lolli and Pops. Many are also made in the USA. From old-time soda pops to fair-trade, artisanal crafted chocolate bars and caramels, there is a lot to see, and sample!

The store has an old-fashioned feel, with a Willy Wonka vibe. The selection really caters to anybody since there are a lot of candies that are natural, organic, fair trade, vegan, gluten-free and/or allergen-free.

Delicious handcrafted truffles, chocolates and more grace this grand case of sweet treats. Yummmmmm.

There are four "rooms" in the store that are categorized by candy type. You'll have the option of filling a bag or jar and purchasing by weight from candy bins in each room. Here I am showing off a fair trade Divine chocolate bar in the chocolate library. Chris had quite a few bars for us to sample, and he taught us how to experience each bar as you would a glass of wine. The firecracker bar from Chuao Chocolatier was a favorite. 

The gummies room is also where you'll find your favorite sour candies, from peach rings to sour belts. We loved sampling the individual flavors of gummy bears from Albanese and found that the watermelon is our favorite.

The Wonka room is bright and colorful. Plenty of sweets to be had in here, complete with Jelly Bellys.

The gumball room continues to delight with color and huge variety of gumballs and other hard candies.

Rediscover nostalgic favorites at Lolli and Pops. It had been years since I had last seen a Charleston Chew.

I found my favorite British candies! They carry all the ones my grandma used to come home with after her trips to England when I was a little girl. Although I can't eat them anymore (gluten!), Maltesers were my favorite back then. Cadbury has a wonderful selection that are gluten-free that I can still enjoy. 

A few imported candies and a new-to-me allergen-free brand, Goody Good Stuff (in green packaging). They make delicious natural gummies without gluten, diary, gelatin or artificial ingredients!

More imported candies ! My step-dad loves Japanese Hi-Chew.

Artisan caramels are a real treat. We sampled a goat milk caramel that was heavenly.

Are you tempted yet? Lolli and Pops is just waiting for you to indulge and discover a few new favorites. They want you to try samples and help make your experience exciting and fun. So drop in next time you're at the Galleria! You won't be disappointed.


MikiHope said...

I live in NY and although there is a mall called The Galleria near me I don't know if this store is in there. I am definitely going to try and find out! Oh to be let loose in a store like that!!

Jennifer said...

Wow - This store looks AH-mazing! And delicious too! That truffle display is absolutely drool-worthy! Unfortunately, there isn't one near me, but I'm going to be on the lookout for one when I'm in CA later this month!

Jennifer said...

Wow - This store looks AH-mazing! And delicious too! That truffle display is absolutely drool-worthy! Unfortunately, there isn't one near me, but I'm going to be on the lookout for one when I'm in CA later this month!

Dede said...

I thought you were in Disney World! The storefront is so quaint and inviting. My kids would love to visit here, and I wouldn't refuse a bit of chocolate.

valmg @ From Val's Kitchen said...

How funny you mentioned Willy Wonka, as soon as I saw the photos I thought the dame thing!

Rebecca Swenor said...

This looks like an awesome store to visit. I would love to go there and look at all the different candies. Thanks for sharing.

Theresa Anne said...

wow! looks like Willy Wonkas! Reminds me of my visit to FAO Sweets in chicago when I was a child :)