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Conscious Box :: Discover Eco-Friendly, Natural Products Every Month! {Giveaway - Ends 5/7}

I love discovering new, sustainable, all-natural products but I hate the risk of paying the sometimes hefty price for full-size and then hating the product (and regretting my expensive purchase!). A great way to try new products without emptying your wallet is through Conscious Box – the monthly subscription service that delivers the purest, most natural products on the planet, right to you doorstep.
Each month you'll learn about healthy, organic, sustainable, and purpose-driven businesses through samples and full-size products shipped right to your door. What's inside your Conscious Box changes every month, with 10-20 products that are certified organic, fair trade, vegan, cruelty free, or more. Only most socially responsible companies are included—so you can be sure they're putting people & the planet first! Each monthly box is just $19.95/month, and you can choose which box suits your needs: Classic, Vegan, or Gluten-Free!

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One winner will receive a FREE monthly box from Conscious Box!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Cleaning :: 4 Ways To Get Rid of Your Old Stuff

Okay, so Spring is on it's way out soon. Have you accomplished all your lofty spring cleaning goals? Ummm, I'm still working on it to be completely honest. But, I'm making progress each day, de-cluttering and making our storage of possessions smaller with each step. Now comes the fun part. I've got a bunch of crap stuff that I don't want anymore, but surely someone could use or re-purpose. I hate feeling wasteful so here are my top 4 suggestions on what to do with that stuff before you just throw it away.

1) Give It Away. Rather than tossing that gorgeous jacket that's too small, why not give it away? I always check with extended family, friends, and neighbors first to see if I can help fill a need they have. It's a win win.

 2) Goodwill, Salvation Army, Thrift Stores etc. Yes, this is still giving your stuff away (by donating), but it's not free for the person buying it so it's certainly not my first choice. However, these places support jobs for your local community, and of course offer great bargains and finds for the deal hunter. Simply dropping off your bags and boxes of stuff is super easy, and a total no-brainer. No asking around your friends and family to see if your stuff is something they need either.

3) Garage Sale. Quick, easy, and just a Saturday morning sipping on coffee, garage sales are an effective way to get rid of your stuff and make some money too. Just like the first two options too, you're helping your local community by selling your neighbors your stuff that they may need, all at a bargain price. Have plenty leftover? See option two and do some more good.

4) Sell Online. If you just want to make some cash NOW and forget the first three options, then selling online is for you. There are lots of sites to sell on, including auction sites eBay, ThredUp for kids stuff and many more, but a new one I discovered is Music Magpie. This service takes your old CDs, DVDs and Games in exchange for cash in your hands and it's very simple. With Music Magpie you simply type or scan in the barcode to get your item's value, send in your stuff with the free shipping service label, and get paid cash!

What do YOU do with all your old stuff?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by The Reynolds Mom. This is my completely honest opinion above and may be different from yours.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Winners Announcement!

Dandelion Baby winner...Rafflecopter Entry #45 Joana A!

Planetshoes.com winner...Rafflecopter Entry #1831 Melissa S!

  Both winners have been contacted by email! Congratulations to you both!

Celebrate Crayola's 110th Birthday at the NEW Crayola Experience!

Crayola is celebrating their 110th birthday!! The 8 original crayons are throwing a birthday bash at the new fun-omenal Crayola Experience, the world's only interactive Crayola family attraction. Right now, they're out on a colorful adventure to spread the news, and you're invited to join the fun!

The new Crayola Experience features four floors of new interactive exhibits and one-of-a-kind attractions that will bring the magic of color and your child's creativity to life! The winner will be among the first to experience the fun, along with a three- night, all-expenses paid stay. It's an experience your kids will never forget - and neither will you!

How can you join in on the fun? You can FOLLOW the crayons on their adventure, LEARN more about each color and enter to WIN a trip for 4 to celebrate their birthday and the Grand Opening of the all new Crayola Experience this coming May, 2013!

Visit the Crayola Facebook page and click "enter now" for your chance to be first in line when the Crayola Experience reopens.

Disclosure: This information was provided to me for posting by Crayola.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Everest Nutrition :: Krill Oil {PLUS Giveaway - Ends 4/28}

Are you taking any natural supplements to improve your health? One that I recently learned about is Krill Oil from Everest Nutrition. Derived from krill (little shrimp-like crustaceans) living deep within the waters surrounding the Antarctic, this 100% pure cold pressed Krill Oil boasts plenty of health benefits and is apparently a superior source of omega-3s compared to fish oil.

Everest Nutrition reports that krill oil can promote heart and joint health, lower cholesterol, improve moods and even comfort during menstruation. Their Krill Oil even provides 54X the antioxidant power of fish oil! As the industry leader in high quality and purity standards for krill oil, Everest Nutrition is proud to show off the high content of nutrients in their Krill Oil supplement, including plenty of Omega-3's DHA, EPA and the antioxidant Astaxanthin. It's even safe for kids to take (recommended for age 6 and up), although if you are pregnant or are allergic to shellfish or seafood it is recommended that you speak to your doctor before taking Krill Oil.

There are many reasons you may choose to take supplements, but for me, I take certain ones to make sure I don't have any "holes" in my diet. I've tried taking fish oil everyday but I just can't seem to bear it at the moment. After researching Krill Oil a bit, I'm considering giving it a try, especially after reading so many articles stating that it's better than fish oil anyway! In fact, according to this article from Mercola, krill oil is vastly more beneficial than fish oil, and will even help lower your triglyceride and cholesterol levels and increase your energy production. Yeah for good heart health and more energy!

Disclaimer: This information is not to be construed as medical advice. Consult a physician before using using any vitamins or supplements.
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One winner will receive a bottle of Krill Oil! {RV $29.95}

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Bona Dea :: All-Natural Women's Fertility Support {Giveaway Ends 4/30}

Bona Dea wants to help you achieve your baby dreams through their all-natural liquid herbal supplement. You see, conceiving and carrying babies is not easy for every woman, including myself. In order to give our body's the best chance of conceiving and carrying as naturally as possible, our reproductive health needs to be in tip top shape.
Through a quick dose in the morning and at night, this "full-spectrum women's health remedy rejuvenates your reproductive system by strengthening and toning uterine tissue, therefore enhancing menstrual, fertility, and menopausal health." Simply put, it's a twice daily, female reproductive support tonic featuring red raspberry leaf that increases uterine health for conception, can help with cycle regulation and menopause, and just increase your overall reproductive well-being for better health. It's all-natural and contains just purified water, alcohhol, agave syrup and Rubus Ideus (red raspberry leaf).

Hormone imbalances, poor reproductive function and other irregularities can contribute to a whole host of women's issues. The graphic above is a great example that shows how poor uterine health can be the unfortunate cause of conceived embryos not implanting, miscarriages, and other issues, therefore resulting in long waits for a BFP for many families. When a women's reproductive system is out of harmony, it can spell disaster for how she feels during her menstrual cycle too. In fact, awful periods and unresolved pain can be a sign of an unhealthy un-toned uterus that's producing too many prostaglandins. Interesting, huh?

As a mama plagued with a diagnosis of unexplained recurrent miscarriage, I find hope in Bona Dea as an opportunity to increase my chances of conceiving and carrying to term. In recent months you may have noticed the slow pace of new posts and up until now, I have not shared my recent plight publicly. To make a long story short, in early December I learned I was pregnant and in late January I had surgery to remove what turned out to be a tubal (ectopic) pregnancy. Since then I learned that my right tube (which consequently had to be removed) had a devastating disease, and recently I learned that my left tube is clear and looks healthy. With this green light we are going to try to conceive again, although still try to avoid unnecessary medical interventions.

What we consume on a daily basis holds more influence on our overall health and well being than I think we all realize. For instance, since going gluten-free last summer, I've had so many health issues that have improved and I feel better than I have in years. With this in mind, I have full confidence that I can positively effect my fertility through natural means, and specifically, the health of my uterus. I know my body struggles with inflammation, and I'm quite positive that my uterus' health is a huge factor in my body's (in)ability to hold a pregnancy once conceived. Given my fertility history, I know that one thing I can help with is the health of my uterus through the amazing benefits of red raspberry leaf. It doesn't taste great, but the convenience of just taking just 10 drops of Bona Dea in the morning and night really frees up my mind. I often forget to make my fertility tea that contains RRL, sometimes it's just too time consuming when I'm busy and other times I simply don't have the desire for it. I know Red Raspberry Leaf is so good for me though! With Bona Dea, getting those amazing women's health benefits from Red Raspberry Leaf is super easy and convenient. For women like me who actually have permanent reproductive system damage, the results will be more limited, but still no doubt, helpful.
I experienced a surprisingly quick recovery from my surgery in January (compared to both my hernia repair and c-section) and since then I've felt rejuvenated, alive, and pretty healthy in comparison to most of last year. I hope to contribute that in part to taking Bona Dea twice daily shortly there after, taking my whole-food prenatal vitamins consistently now, and really trying to focus on eating more healthy again. The removal of my damaged, diseased fallopian tube has also probably helped boost my struggling immune system, which was not allowing me to recover from little colds, inflammation and other small, unexplained health issues. In fact, this Spring my allergies have been the easiest to deal with in years!! To summarize, it's hard to pinpoint Bona Dea as the only reason I've feeling really great lately. However, using Bona Dea as a way to prepare the environment and tone of my uterus and get my female hormones in better balance is priceless and well worth continuing.

Bona Dea has been described as "positively life changing" by those with success stories.  Many women struggling with TTC use Bona Dea and get pregnant within just 4-5 months of use! As I continue to take Bona Dea, I hope to be one of those success stories one day too! If you or someone you know are having trouble conceiving, are going to start TTC soon, or are suffering from menopause, I recommend looking into Bona Dea as a way to get your reproductive system in the best condition possible.

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT : Use code TRM25 at checkout for 25% off your Bona Dea order! (code never expires!)
Buy It: Check out BonaDeaWorks.com to buy today!
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Two winners will each receive a 2-month supply of Bona Dea!

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{Giveaway Event} Win an Eco Living Bamboo Sheet Set from Ettitude! Ends 5/14 - Open WW - #ettitudeEco

Creating a safe sleeping environment for the family can be a challenge today with toxins in nearly all mattresses and bedding. One material that is a great choice for your bedroom is bamboo, it is grown without pesticides and is a rapidly renewable resource. It's the perfect solution for adults and kids with sensitive skin as it is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. 

In addition to bamboo sheet sets, Ettitude has a vast selection of bamboo comforters, duvet covers, crib sheets, pillows, mattress protectors, and towels to name a few. Ettitude was founded on the simple idea that all home and family essentials should not only be practical but also be unquestionably safe, Eco friendly, beautiful, and convenient. 
Our Favorite Features of the Ettitude Organic Pure Bamboo Sheet Sets
  • Available in six beautiful colors (white, sand, coffee, gray, aubergine, blue nights)
  • Equivalent to around 1000 thread count in cotton, luxuriously soft and silky! 
  • Naturally antibacterial, great for sensitive skin and allergies
  • Wicks sweat away from body, cool in the summer, warm in the winter
  • Made from bamboo, a pesticide free, sustainable, and rapidly renewable resource
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Easy care - cool wash, line dry

Purchase: You can purchase Ettitude Organic Bamboo sheet sets directly on their website.

Win It!
Ettitude is generously blessing one winner with an Organic Pure Bamboo sheet set in your choice of size (twin, full, queen, king, or California king)! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hilary's Eat Well :: Real Food Veggie Burgers {Review}

Hilary's Eat Well makes delicious burger patties made with organic and non-GMO ingredients that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater. Perfect on a bun, as a compliment to a delicious salad, or alone dipped in a homemade sauce, these burgers have far surpassed my personal guidelines. For wholesome, real ingredients, and Always 100% Real Food, don't pass by these burgers on your next grocery store trip.
Okay, I'm not even close to being vegetarian, but I have a big thing for wholesome, real, convenient food. Really, these veggie burgers rock my socks off!! I generously received a few free product coupons to try them out for myself. At my local Whole Foods Market I was able to find the Worlds Best Veggie Burger and the Adzuki Bean Burger, although there is a new flavor that just came out, the Hemp & Greens Burger. I'm definitely looking forward to trying it soon!

Hilary's Eat Well burgers are: Certified Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Corn-free, Egg-free, Soy-free, Yeast-free, Nut-free, Non-GMO verified and Certified Vegan!
YUMMY! Here they are up close after popping out of the toaster (which takes two cycles since they start out frozen). The outside is not only crispy, but the inside remains moist and full of texture and flavor. No mush at all! Both varieties are unique but equally delicious. The Worlds Best Veggie Burger has more of a mild, earthy flavor and the Adzuki Bean Burger has a bit of an black bean taste and texture with a tiny spicy kick. Both are packed full of wholesome ingredients like quinoa, coconut oil, sweet potato, apple cider vinegar and so much more. I also love seeing that Hilary's Eat Well products include mostly organic ingredients, and are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Perhaps one of the best parts about these veggie burgers is how you cook them. I prefer the ease and speed of the toaster, but you can also use the grill, oven, or a pan on the stove if you wish. A microwave is not recommended, which I think is great. Any time I can avoid the microwave and still enjoy a healthy frozen food is just wonderful. 

If you have a food allergy, chances are you can indulge in one of Hilary's veggie burgers. I love that they are gluten-free but include millet, which isn't a grain I consume often so I don't have to fret about getting too much of it (I've been getting too much rice lately!). I'm also not a fan of soy, corn, or GMO's (of course) so I'm a huge fan of these veggie burgers. The wrappers are also biodegradable which is evidence of their commitment to the earth also.
I enjoy these burger patties plain, dipped in ketchup, and in chunks on a salad instead of my usual chicken. They're so delicious that even my picky 4 year old and husband will both eat these. Whether you're just starting out or are eating like a champ on your real food journey, I high recommend at least giving Hilary's Eat Well a try. Quick, wholesome, real food food doesn't get any better.

 Price: $3.69 per 2-pack
Buy It: They are available at many health food stores nationwide in the frozen section. I found mine at Whole Foods Market but be sure to check the store locator to find them near you.

Connect with Hilary's Eat Well   
Website - Facebook - Twitter 

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product(s) to facilitate this review for free. No other compensation was received. This is my completely honest opinion above and may be different from yours.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stand Up for Organic Food :: Sign This Petition & Tell Congress to Promote Organic Farming

I'm very passionate about real, organic foods for my family, especially produce. Why? I don't care for all the toxic crap and GMO's that conventional produce are loaded with. They are just totally unnecessary and the threats to our current health and future health are real.

 Last Fall I had the pleasure of attending the National Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa, Ca. While there I certainly revived that passion upon learning of the many threats to organic farming, which now include a new farm bill. Fortunately, we live in America and can come together to tell our government what's important to us.  
National Heirloom Exposition 2012
This very important new farm bill will soon be voted on by Congress which will have the greatest impact on the food we eat. Currently, our tax dollars go to highly profitable agribusinesses that don't need the help and to people who don't live anywhere near a farm. The government does very little to help farmers grow organic fruits and vegetables, presumably because there's less profit involved and Big Ag has too much pull. Sadly, it's all about money. I know I'm not the only mom out there that would rather pay the extra cost to feed my family organic produce that's much, much healthier for us, but I also believe we should have a say in where our tax dollars go too!

National Heirloom Exposition 2012

By standing up for organic farming... 

I'm saying NO to Monsanto and GMO's. 

I'm supporting the future of my local and organic farmers who don't receive the subsidies like those that don't need them do.  

I'm saying NO to harmful, toxic chemicals that don't belong in our food!  

I'm saying YES to using my tax dollars to promote organic farming, support real working farm families, protect land and water and help feed children.

If we don't stand up for organic farming, what will the future of food look like for our children?

Let your voice be heard.

Will you stand up with me? Simply take a moment to sign the petition below!

By signing this petition, you are telling Congress that you want your tax dollars to go to programs that help families gain greater access to healthy, affordable food in the new farm bill.

This petition will be sent to Frank D. Lucas, Chairmain of the House Committee on Agriculture and Debbie Stabenew, Chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry.

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by TakePart.com. This is my completely honest opinion above and may be different from yours.

Monday, April 8, 2013

PlanetShoes.com :: El Viajero Mary Janes from El Naturalista - Review & Giveaway! {Ends 4/22} US/CAN #HonorEarthHop

Honor the Earth Giveaway
 Welcome to the Honor the Earth Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering and Brittleby’s Corner. Members of the Green Moms Network are excited to bring you great prizes to celebrate Earth Day, all valued at $25+. After entering my giveaway, be sure to visit the other blogs listed under the Rafflecopter form to enter more great Honor the Earth giveaways. Happy Earth Day!
For this event I bring to you a review and generous giveaway from PlanetShoes.com. With over 160 brands to offer, a CarbonFree® Shipping option, and partnerships with charitable organizations, PlanetShoes.com is a fantastic, eco-conscious online shoe retailer that I'm happy to share about. They've been around since 2001 so if you enjoy shopping online for shoes, bags, and accessories like I do, make sure you check them out!
PlanetShoes.com was so kind to send me the El Naturalista El Viajero style to review. Although Spring is already here and warm weather is quickly approaching, I find that I'm always in need of at least one pair of shoes that go with everything year-round. You all know I have a thing for ballet flats, but I also enjoy mary jane styles with that little strap since they have a similar silhouette. It was hard to choose with style I wanted from this unique brand, but these ones from El Naturalista are just gorgeous and I couldn't wait to try them!
With an earthy feel and versatile style, the El Viajero is just what I've been looking for as my new pair go-to pair of flats. They are made from premium leather and a thick rubber sole for the ultimate in durability. They aren't a heavy shoe, but you can feel the weight of the materials used and instantly be able to recognize the premium quality. These will easily last for a few years of regular use due to the high quality construction and sturdy materials which makes their price absolutely worth it.

The slightly square-toed look, classic black color with silvery-grey flair, and dot cut-outs give plenty of personality, but can easily be dressed down with jeans, or paired with a flowy cotton knee-length skirt or a maxi skirt too for a comfy day outing or event. The strap uses strong velcro all the way across and can be adjusted as needed. I didn't find that the strap was needed to hold my foot in at all, but merely more of a cute addition that I have no complaints about! 

 These are incredibly comfortable and support my feet very well, but the low arch support isn't anything to rave about for my needy high arches. However, I'm happy to report that my feet aren't leaning inward despite this (a problem I find with a lot of flats). My feet are loving the spacious toe box that seems to be perfectly formed for slightly wide feet like mine and the footbed is supportive and firm with perforations in the leather to provide breathability. Although I think they're already comfortable for all-day wear, I think that these will only get more comfortable as the leather materials form to my feet as time goes on. And since these are a bit on the casual side, I love that I can run around town in them every day if I wish and know I won't have to worry about sore feet or blisters.
These mary janes were made in the shoemaking region of Quel, Spain, at one of El Naturalista's three production sites. Using real leather, hand stitching techniques and sustainable materials to honor the earth, this is a shoe brand I'm happy to support and love wearing. Just a note on sizing -- I'm usually a size 9 (sometimes an 8.5), and the EU 40 (women's 9.0-9.5) is perfect for me!   

Price: El Naturalista El Viajero - $125
Buy It: Check out PlanetShoes.com for these adorable maryjanes and so much more! Shipping is free on orders over $49 and return shipping is always free too!
Win It!
One winner will receive their choice of ANY El Naturalista style!

Winners Announcement!

Brittanie's Thyme winner...Rafflecopter Entry #261 Gigi C!

Simply Straws winner...Rafflecopter Entry #1455 Lauren R!

doTERRA winner...Rafflecopter Entry #111 Mary Beth!

All winners have been contacted by email! Congratulations to you all!

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Tropical Traditions :: FREE Shipping, 50% Off Organic Raw Honey & FREE Gift! {Through 4/8}

Have you ordered from Tropical Traditions yet? With free shipping code 813344 through Monday April 8th, a free book for new customers, and plenty of great deals on coconut oil, grass-fed beef, raw honey, coconut oil hair oils and more, NOW is a great time to order!
50% off Organic Canadian Raw Honey
Tropical Traditions Organic Raw Honey comes from the frontier areas of Canada, and is only harvested during a 6-week period in the summer. Almost all honeys on the market are pasteurized in high heat and filtered, removing many of the beneficial nutrients and enzymes, but this one from Tropical Traditions has not been subjected to the heat of processing, only warmed enough to flow (same temperatures the honey would see inside the hive). It is raw and contains pollen because it has not been filtered—merely screened.

Image of the best selling book, Virgin Coconut Oil. Learn about the health benefits of Coconut Oil, read over 100 testimonials from Virgin Coconut Oil users and do not miss over 85 coconut recipes.
FREE Gift!
First-time customers will also receive a FREE gift, the book "Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people's lives and how it can change yours!" This book is packed with testimonies and solid research showing how healthy coconut oil is, and it also includes over 85 recipes showing how people can incorporate coconut into their diet. Purchase through one of my links and this book will automatically be added to your order!  

Disclosure: This post contains my referral link.

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Dandelion Baby :: The Pom Pom Rail Pull Toy from Maya Organics! {Review, Exclusive Discount & Giveaway - Ends 4/14}

Looking for unique toys, apparel, gear and accessories for your little ones? I invite you to shop online at Dandelion Baby. With so many online baby and children shops out there today, I enjoy the European feel and stylish selections that Dandelion Baby has to offer. Their focus is on products with a story, whether it's eco-friendly, fair trade, or made in the USA. With high quality standards and your child's safety in mind, I'm sure you'll appreciate the many fun brands and unique finds you'll discover.

We received the adorable Pom Pom Rail Pull Toy from Maya Organics. This is a brand I had not heard of before this, so it was great to find out more!

"Maya Organic (MO) toys are made by lacware artisans of Channapatna in Karnataka, India. MO assists artisans and worker co-ops to develop and market high quality products and services, supporting skill development of workers. MO ensures access to health and education facilities for all workers and their families, while promoting independent businesses that do not employ children. Buying MO products contributes to the growth and betterment of these workers."

It's nice to see a toy company use such ethical business practices when it comes to their workers! It seems that far too many toys are mass produced in factories in China these days. Maya Organics toys are handmade using sustainable wood sources which makes them an excellent choice if you prefer eco-friendly toys for your children. They are also hand crafted and colored using safe, natural dyes such as Tumeric powder for the yellow to ensure a high level of quality and safety.
The Pom Pom Rail is a pull toy with one engine and two wagons. It is intended for age 18 months and up and measures just over 10 inches long. The wooden connectors between the engine and wagons allow the toy to bend quite easily. The smooth wooden wheels stroll along easily as well and I've yet to see any issues with movement or anything else with this toy for that matter.
The Pom Pom Rail has a black string attached to the front for pulling along that measures approximately 22 inches long, but is in three pieces that connect by little velcro circles. This is an important safety feature that prevents the risk of strangulation by such a long string. I absolutely adore the deep, natural colors used and the unique style of this little train. The detailed, high quality craftsmanship is evident as well. It's not only a safe, fun toy to pull around for any little toddler, but I think it would be a wonderful baby shower gift for new parents to display in a nursery until the child is old enough to play with it too! 

Price: Pom Pom Rail Pull Toy from Maya Organics - $29

Exclusive Discount: Use code reynolds40 to receive 40% off all Maya Organic toys at Dandelion Baby! {Code expires 4/30/13}
Buy It: Check out www.dandelionbaby.com for more Maya Organics toys and lots more!
Win It!
One winner will receive a Maya Organics Pom Pom Rail Pull Toy, a $29 RV!