Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Amy's Kitchen & a Quick Bean Dip Recipe

Amy's Kitchen is all about creating natural, organic, nutritious meals for busy people. After all, Amy's Kitchen began in 1987 by Amy's busy parents who still wanted to provide their young daughter with healthy, organic meals. There are now over 170 products offered, including soups, pasta sauces, and frozen entrees, pot pies, cakes and lots more. They also offer gluten-free, dairy-free, low sodium and vegan options too!

Amy's generously sent me 2 free product coupons to choose what I wanted to review. I chose one of their frozen pizzas, and a can of refried beans.

The 3 Cheese Pizza with Cornmeal Crust is fabulous! This amazing frozen pizza is made from 77% organic ingredients. It's size is equivalent to a small pizza at a restaurant and is a perfect light meal for me, Hubby and Buddy with a side salad. This is BY FAR the BEST frozen pizza I've EVER had and Hubby completely agrees! The flavor is unique, and tastes like a yummy appetizer you'd find at a fancy event. My favorite parts are the crunchy corn crust with cornmeal, and the tangy goat cheese chunks. This pizza doesn't have a bunch of mozzarella or parmesan cheese but it doesn't need it. I confess, I don't eat pizza crust. It's usually lacking some serious flavor, and it's just a big bite of bread. This pizza, however, has a thin crust and it tastes divine. This pizza is so full of flavor and seasonings and offers a unique experience that even a plain cheese pizza lover like myself will enjoy. I will be buying this pizza time and time again. It really is that good!

The Light In Sodium - Traditional Refried Beans are also delicious! They're vegan, organic, and don't have any horrible ingredients or preservatives to speak of. They are seasoned (something I didn't notice when I bought them!), all while being less than half the sodium per serving than their regular Traditional Refried Beans. Seriously, you would never know they were lower in sodium! They are full of flavor, and really add some extra pizazz to my Quick Bean Dip recipe.

Quick Bean Dip

1 Can Refried Beans
8 oz Cream Cheese, softened
8 oz shredded Pepper Jack Cheese

Simply layer the beans, cream cheese, and shredded cheese in a 9 x 9 glass dish,  or 9" glass pie dish. Microwave for 3 minutes, or toss it in the oven until the cheese is completely melted. Serve with tortilla chips and enjoy!

We LOVE this easy, quick bean dip at our house. It doesn't get any easier than this! The refried beans from Amy's Kitchen really add another dimension to this already great recipe. Because they are seasoned already, you don't need a ton of other ingredients. However, this recipe could easily be adapted to create a 7-layer dip by adding a variety of other ingredients if you choose. You could try diced tomatoes, salsa, olives, green onions, avocado, shredded lettuce or anything else you can think of!

Connect with Amy's Organic on Facebook and Twitter!

Price: The pizza was $8.99, and the can refried beans was $2.69.
The Verdict: Amy's Kitchen is one of my favorite frozen meal companies. I've tried quite of few of them now. They are nothing like a "TV Dinner" and contain healthy, organic ingredients to make for a flavorful, quick meal. They have a long-standing reputation as an industry leader for natural frozen meals and ready-to-use jarred and canned foods, and certainly deserve plenty of praise.

Buy It: Check the store locator to find an Amy's Kitchen vendor near you!

Disclosure: I received free product coupons to purchase the above mentioned product(s) to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. This is my completely honest opinion above and may be different from yours. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

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*HOT* $15 for $40 to Ecomom.com! Natural & Organic Products for the Whole Family!

You all know I've professed my LOVE for shopping at ecomom.com many times before. They carry a huge selection of products including Plum Organics, Revolution Foods, cloth diapers, Melissa & Doug toys, natural skincare, baby gear, toys, non-toxic cleaning products and tons of natural, organic brands for the whole family. Well, now it's time to score an awesome deal at my favorite place!

$20 for $40 to ecomom.com for baby and kids' gear, accessories, and more!

BUT, if you're new to Living Social, this deal gets even hotter!

FIRST, sign up HERE and get your $5 sign-up credit! Then, sign up in the top right corner to create an account. (Please note: some people are reporting that they are not receiving a sign-up credit, but should be. I've contacted Living Social and am hoping to figure this out soon!)

SECOND, come back to this post and click to go directly to the deal HERE (to make it easy for you to find!) and apply your $5 credit, making this deal only $15 for $40 to ecomom.com!

Details: Limit 2 per person • Limit 1 per person per transaction • Voucher valid for free shipping on orders over $50 • Other conditions apply

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(Closed) BottlesUp Review and Giveaway Ends 9/10 (2 winners!)

BottlesUp is one of only a few glass water bottle companies I've found. Not only do they have an extensive background of over 30 years in art glass, they also have an immense concern over the health dangers associated with plastics and the impact plastic has on the environment.

I think we all know by now that pre-filled, disposable plastic water bottles by the case are no longer the way to go. Using a reusable bottle and filtered water from your tap is a better, cheaper, and healthier option. Glass gives you the peace of mind knowing you're drinking from a safe, toxin-free material. Because they're reusable, you aren't adding more plastic to the landfills either.


I've very excited to share with you my experience with a BottlesUp glass water bottle! This 22-ounce glass water bottle has some great features.
  • Bottles are more than 75% post-consumer recycled glass and are recyclable
  • No plastic and no BPA or other harmful chemicals
  • Food grade silicone cap and rings in interchangeable fun colors
  • The cap creates a leak-proof seal (I tested this and yes, it's true!)
  • The wide mouth allows for various ice shapes to easy fit through, and the lip creates a comfortable drinking experience
  • Sturdy, comfortable hand grip from the silicone rings
  • Each bottle is distinctly unique, with slight character differences caused by the production process
  • Bottles and accessories can be customized with logos, monograms or designs
  • The bottles are crafted by skilled glass workers in Mexico. The silicone accessories are made in the USA

I love knowing exactly what I'm drinking out of with my BottlesUp water bottle. I don't have to question the type of plastic used, or the process. I know it's glass, and it's completely safe! That in itself is helping me WANT to drink more water with it. I'm horrible at getting enough water each day, so if I can make it fun and different, that's even better. This water bottle certainly is fun, and very different!
The BottlesUp water bottle has a really unique design, it's original, and eye-catching. I also like that it's glass opposed to stainless steel because I can see through it to ensure it's completely clean. It holds up in the dishwasher just fine, but I prefer to just handwash it really quick. I usually use it for water, so it really just needs a quick rinse most the time.
BottlesUp has some well thought out features. However, the bottle is still glass so I'm a little paranoid when I use my BottlesUp glass water bottle. It's really only because Buddy is fascinated with it, and likes to grab it off the counter!! It hasn't taken a tumble yet, so I have no idea how well it will hold up. The glass is thick though, and the silicone cap and grips do provide a small amount of protection. I'm excited to see the fleece accessories they are in the process of developing though. Some sort of bottle sleeve would help ease my nerves a little. :) Just like plastic and other materials used for water bottles, it will inevitably sweat from a cold beverage. This doesn't really bother me at all, but it does bother my hubby who prefers an insulated water bottle. The silicone rings are flexible, and grip really well even when wet.

If you're curious about the process that a BottlesUp water bottle goes through, you'll want to check out this fascinating video! 

Price: $33.95 each

The Verdict: I really like my BottlesUp water bottle! It's unique, and thoughtfully designed. I love their commitment to recycling, and to a safer, high-quality water bottle. This is certainly a great choice for any Eco-conscious person too.

Buy It!
Check out BottlesUpGlass.com to buy yours today!

Win It!
Two winners will receive their own BottlesUp water bottle!

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Deal Of The Day: $1 for Two Invaluable Money Lessons from Dave Ramsey! That's 95% off!

I've seen a lot of great reviews about the Dave Ramsey programs, particularly from couponing sites that recommend them for those trying to achieve a debt free lifeestyle! This is a great way to try a couple out for CHEAP! This is a $21 value!

 For just $1, you’ll receive a kids’ book and an adult lesson (both audio) to help you and your kiddos understand, manage, and save money. In “The Super Red Racer”, kids will learn about the merits of hard work and saving for what they want. In “Cash Flow Planning”, you’ll learn how to live within your means, pay off your debt, and have enough extra cash for saving and entertainment. Listen at home, in the car, or at the gym.

  • Two audio downloads from the industry’s top finance expert
  • Learn to manage, save, and spend money more wisely
  • Teach kids the importance of saving for things they want
  • Includes: "Cash Flow Planning" and "The Super Red Racer" audio MP3's
  • Downloads only compatible with broadband connections & can be burned to CD (up to 10 times only)
  • Limit (1) voucher per transaction
  • Expires February 28, 2012

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Photo/image credits from Mamapedia.

BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper Winner!

The winner of the BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper giveaway is...
Rafflecopter Entry #170, Little I's Mama!

Congratulations! You have 48 hours to respond to the email I've sent, or I will have to draw a new winner.

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*HOT* FREE $10 Credit to The Clymb through August 29th!

This is HOT! Get it while you can! 

The Clymb is a private sale network (similar to Totsy, HomeSave, MyHabit etc) that will give you access to insider pricing from an amazing group of outdoor brands for men and women. If you climb, hike, run, ride, paddle or ski, you’re gonna love this! Even if you don't, they even have New Balance today, so you can get a nice pair of walking/running shoes! I've seen Teva flip flops and brand-name water bottles before too!

  • Membership is FREE
  • Deals are around 50-70% off retail 
  • Sales last for 3 days, or until sold out (there are 9 sales today!)
  • GREAT deals for birthdays, Christmas etc. Start shopping NOW!
  • $10 sign up credit is available ONLY through 8/29 and credit expires 11/30

Here's a couple EXAMPLES of what you can get with your credit today!

Get this Burton Women's Zip Tote FREE with your credit, and just pay $7.98 shipping! This tote regularly sells for $35! Cute!!

Get this Imperial Motion beanie (lots of styles available!) for FREE with your credit and just pay $7.98 shipping! This beanie's retail is $22!

Let me know if you score GREAT deal at The Clymb!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Photo/image credits from The Clymb.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BalanceBikeTrainer.com: Kinderbike Laufrad Review

There comes a time for every child to learn how to ride a bike. There was a part of me that used to dread this eventual rite of passage for my son. I thought of it as a grueling process that would involve fall after fall, with a bloody lip and a few scuffed knees. But, I've been proven wrong! Learning to ride a bike no longer has to be scary for kids and parents. And remember, Buddy is only 2 1/2!

I have the extreme pleasure of sharing with you BalanceBikeTrainer.com, where you'll find a large array of balance bike brands in various styles, colors, and sizes for every child. Keep reading to find out more about our adventure with a balance bike from Balance Bike Trainer.
BalanceBikeTrainer.com sent me the Kinderbike Laufrad balance bike in Red for this review. 

The Kinderbike Laufrad is a very effective way to teach youngsters ages 1-5 to ride a bike. Balance bikes ride and glide along just like a normal bike, but without pedals. Learning to steer, pedal, and balance at the same time is not an easy task. By taking out the pedaling and allowing the rider to use their feet to move the bike, young children have total control the first time they ride. They learn the "balance-first" method and will never require training wheels in the future. I'm totally sold on the concept! 

Here is the list of fabulous features for this bike (taken directly from BalanceBikeTrainer.com. I couldn't have said all this any better!):
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - The best warranty in the industry!
  • Extremely lightweight and sturdy, 6061 Aluminum alloy frame (roughly 9lb)
  • Dual-plane (up-down/foward-back) adjustable handlebar on twin bearings for smooth pivot
  • Linear-pull, rear V-brake! The best braking system for young riders.
  • Aluminum rims, supported by 16 radially spaced spokes
  • Ball bearing 12" wheels with grip-tread, tube replaceable tires
  • Sleek, angle (tilt) and height adjustable saddle with four point support; approximate seat range of 12"-16"
  • Quick-adjust Allen collar, for easy adjustment of the saddle
  • Three color choices: blue, red, green
  • 95% assembled! Simply insert the handlebars and tighten.
  • Low center of gravity for optimal control and maneuverability
  • Certified compliant - ASTM F963, HR4040, Prop 65, CPSIA
  • European styled, deep step through design for small riders
  • Full range of motion steering, essential for your child’s transition to standard bicycles
  • Easy and quick assembly; all necessary tools included

Easy Assembly? Yes please! The bike arrived in a sturdy box and appropriate packaging to protect it. You know those late nights you've spent assembly the hottest toy for your child before their birthday or Christmas? You'll be in bed before you know it with the Kinderbike Laufrad!

I was so happy to see that this wouldn't take me an hour to put together. In fact, Buddy was checking out his new bike in just a few minutes! Watch this short clip about how easy this bike is to assemble.

The Kinderbike Laufrad balance bike is beautifully sleek, and offers so many desirable features in a bike. It's very well made, and high quality materials were clearly used. The handlebar and seat are fully adjustable, making it easy to comfortably fit any small rider. It has a classic handle brake that is perfect for small hands, and even has a little bell that Buddy loves to ring! It's also very lightweight, and Buddy can easy pick it up off the ground if needed. This bike's size is designed for small kiddos but fully functions like a standard bike. Without the pedals of course. As Buddy gets taller, he'll be able to transition to a standard bike without using training wheels since he's mastering the balancing aspect right now. 
 I seem to remember a bloody lip or two when I was learning to ride a bike. I was probably 5 or 6 years old? I remember having my feet on the ground a lot, and I was always scraping up the back of my ankles on the pedals. Balancing is probably one of the hardest parts to learn. With a balance bike, the pedals aren't in the way and the rider can glide (or run like Buddy!!) with their feet, and lift them as they wish to practice balancing. Because the rider has more control of a balance bike, they are safer, and easier to learn on. I think the proof is also in the fact that balance bikes can used for very young children, like Buddy.

Buddy is only 2 1/2, and he started picking up his feet while riding down a small incline during his first ride on his new balance bike. He LOVES his new bike, and is so eager to get out and ride every single day. Actually, make that multiple times a day! After a few weeks of riding (with his helmet and all his gear of course!), he's doing amazingly well. He speeds down the sidewalk without hesitation and enjoys every second of it! I haven't had to push him on his bike to get him going AT ALL. He rides all by himself, without any help. He has so much control by having his feet touch the ground, and has avoided any big crashes or falls. Every time we take him out, someone asks about his bike and are so impressed at how well he does for being so young. I'm very impressed too! The Kinderbike Laufrad is amazing, and will put your youngster on the fast track to learning to ride a bike.

So, what do you get from a bike with all these features?

A super confident 2 1/2 year old that is completely in control and loves his new bike. He has all the older neighborhood kids asking where his training wheels are! Check out my little rider in action!

Connect with Balance Bike Trainer on Facebook and Twitter!

Price: $119, but get it today on sale for only $99!! PLUS, get FREE shipping within the Continental US!
The Verdict:
I am SO excited about the Kinderbike Laufrad from Balance Bike Trainer! It's the BEST investment I think any parent could make. Forget the tricycle, the bike with training wheels, and all the ride-on toys for your kids because you think they're too young for a real bike. A balance bike will easily prepare your child for a standard bike-riding success at a very young age. I would also like say that the owner, Kenneth, has superior customer service and communication. I believe that is just as important as the products you are selling. You will receive nothing but absolute professionalism and care when you make a purchase at Balance Bike Trainer.

Buy It: Buy the Kinderbike Laufrad Red today from BalanceBikeTrainer.com!

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product(s) to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. This is my completely honest opinion above and may be different from yours. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

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NOW OPEN! Back To School Giveaway Hop Event! Ends 8/31

Welcome to the Back To School Giveaway Hop, hosted by Sarah's Blog of Fun! Each participating blog (listed at the bottom of this post) has a back-to-school themed prize package valued at $25 or more!

With a new school year approaching (or already here) for your younger kids, college students, or even you, I wanted to find a sponsor that could cater to every age! With that in mind, I'm really excited to have ECOlunchboxes as my sponsor for this event. They carry a fabulous selection of eco-friendly, reusable lunch products for the whole family! Be sure to check out my Sponsor Spotlight to read more about my sponsor and this great prize!!

Win it!
The winner of my Back to School Giveaway Hop prize will receive an ECOlunchette Kit in winner's choice of color! ($45 value)

Includes a zippered-top lunchbag, stainless steel container (oval or rectangular), a matching napkin and a bamboo spork!

Household Traditions Winner!

Rafflecopter Entry #275, Sherry!

Congratulations! You have 48 hours to respond to the email I've sent, or I will have to draw a new winner.

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Sprout Change & Artisana Winners!

Rafflecopter Entry #1293, Leslie!

The winner of the Artisana giveaway is...

Rafflecopter Entry #202, Brittney!
Congratulations to you both! You have 48 hours to respond to the email I've sent, or I will have to redraw.  

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Frogs, Spiders & Bugs, OH MY!

This little guy somehow made it into our home a few mornings ago. Buddy was trying to gently pick him up so I grabbed the camera to capture the moment. This boy is so sweet with creatures!

Sometimes I think I have developed a creature-phobia of some sort over the years. Maybe now I'm just overcompensating for all the gross things I played with as a child. I should dig up all the photos I have as a young girl where I'm posing with snakes, bugs and critters. Even more interesting is that I had a mating pair of corn snakes as a teenager. I think I starting freaking out around that time!

I can handle little frogs, rolly-pollys, ants, and ladybugs. THAT'S IT! Anything else, forget it. I'll be down the street, screaming like a little girl. I definitely get freaked out by reptiles, spiders, and creepy crawly insects. I'm more of a warm-and-fuzzy puppy dog lover for sure.

For 5 1/2 years we lived in a 3rd floor condo, where we rarely saw a pest of any kind. Just the yearly tiny spider if anything. Then, we moved in March to a bottom floor apartment. I have NEVER seen so many bugs in my life!!! Somewhere in the time of having a lack of bugs, to an overload of them, I'm developed this extreme dislike.

First, we've found lots of millipedes. I'm now tormented for life from my first encounter with one after we moved in to our new place. I had no idea it wouldn't squish like other bugs! The hard, crispy "shell" under the tissue I was trying to squish it with was a bit too thin. I cried, screamed, and was trying to avoid complete hyperventilation at the hand of a stinking bug! I was probably hilarious to watch (I know my hubby thinks I was!), but I was literally shaking over this thing! I don't know exactly what they are. I'm too grossed out to look them up and find out. All I know is about 20 of those darn 2-inch-long things have made there way into our home (that I know of....), and I've had to catch them. 

We've also had TONS of spiders. Most of them aren't small either. Their bodies are the size of a dime, with thick, fuzzy legs, and are super speedy. They've been found in every area of our apartment, and even IN Buddy's diaper caddy that was by our bed!!!! I even found a spider crawling on my back the other day too. Luckily that one was small enough to squish and I didn't squeal too loudly. Apparently size matters when it comes to creepy crawly creatures.

We've had many species of bugs and critters since we've been here, but the millipedes and spiders have been the absolute most disgusting. As much as I'd love to have our apartment maintenance crew spray for bugs, I won't let them. With a kid, an organic garden on the patio (although my black thumb is killing it anyway), and a loathing for harsh chemicals, I just won't. Dangit! I'm totally in a pickle here. Any advice is certainly appreciated!

Oh, please don't get on my case for squishing bugs. I'd rather do that than let them find their way back into our place! :P

Sunday, August 14, 2011

$15 for $40 to TinySoles: Shoes and Accessories for Babies and Kids!

Ready for back-to-school?

Right now through Sunday night, you can score $40 to TinySoles.com for as low as $15 at Plum District! Just sign up HERE for Plum District to get a $5 sign up credit, making this deal only $15 for $40! You can't pass this up! AND they offer free shipping over $20 making this an even better deal!

TinySoles.com carries all the big footwear brands for kids and babies including Robeez, Stride Rite, Umi, Pediped, See Kai Run, Sorel, and KEEN. They also have accessories from brands like Klean Kanteen, Babylegs, No Sippy Hair Clippy, Hatley Rain Boots and Rain coats, and Itzy Ritzy reusable bags too!

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Made With Love Giveaway Hop ~ November 8-13! Sign Up Today!

Made With Love Giveaway Hop
November 8th-13th

Hosted by: 

We're inviting up to 150 blogs to join us in this handmade giveaway event! Each prize item must be handmade by the sponsor. Think Etsy or Artfire (or whatever!). Please read the basic event info below (full details will be emailed to you after sign up).

To participate, you must:
  • Sign up your blog in the linky list below.
  • Offer at least one handmade prize/prize package value of $25 or more specifically for this event.
  • Post the event button on your blog once you sign up.
  • Include the event button and linky list in your main event post.
  • Consider joining the Facebook group that was created for this event to easily communicate with other participants and hosts.

Rules & Information:
  • Up to 150 bloggers will be allowed to participate.
  • Sign up order is first-come, first-served.
  • Early entries will not be allowed for this event.
  • There are NO fees to join in this hop.
  • All bloggers must comply with FTC guidelines and Facebook rules regarding giveaways. The Reynolds Mom and Seventeen Sirens will not be held reliable or responsible for those who do not comply.

Want to be a handmade sponsor in this event for my blog? Have questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact the hosts (Ashley and Aly) at:
aamadewithlove11 @ gmail.com

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(Closed) BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper Review and Giveaway Ends 8/24

BabyKicks has been creating high quality, natural and organic cloth diapers and accessories since 2000. I had the opportunity to review one of their very unqiue pocket diapers!
The BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper is a one-size pocket diaper with many unique features and lots to talk about. It's designed to fit from 7-40 pounds, has 4 rise settings, and offers some really fun colors. This diaper is very different from other pocket diapers I've seen and tried for several reasons.
First, there are fleece gussets at the leg openings, allowing for maximum airflow to your baby's skin. I was really skeptical about these gussets. I've never used fleece covers so I didn't know a lot about this material in cloth diapers, but have found that they do in fact hold in wetness and mess just fine.
Second, this is a side-snapping pocket diaper. It has two rows of 4 snaps on each tab, and two snaps on each side of the front panel to snap onto the tabs. The side-snapping feature helps prevent any major wing-droop. This also allows the diaper to get extra tiny for a newborn. I really like that the front panel is so wide. This helps avoid any folding of the front panel under chubby baby bellies, and just creates a very comfortable look. There is a small section of elastic in the back of the waist to create a snug fit.
Third, the inside lining is quite different than most pocket diapers that have just one material as the lining. This diaper has a contoured area in the middle (shaped like the insert) which is 30% Certified Organic Cotton and 70% Rayon made from Bamboo. Micro fleece lining is around the rest, to wick moisture away from the skin. The cotton/bamboo portion pills quite a bit from the first wash, but seems to calm down a bit after a few more uses. It's very soft though, and a quite cushion-y for sensitive baby skin. I think it would be a great texture to help keep runny infant poo inside too.
Lastly, the pocket for the insert is located in the front, as opposed to most pocket diapers that have the pocket in the back. Apparently this helps avoid inserts sticking out in the back, but I've never had that problem so I'm not sure if it helps or not.

This pocket diaper includes a One-Size Joey-Bunz insert. This very thin insert is made of 55% natural hemp and 45% certified organic cotton. The very thirsty hemp is naturally anti-microbial, grown without pesticides and is not bleached like synthetic fibers. The insert can be folded as necessary into the pocket opening, depending on the rise setting you are using. There are sewn markers to help you determine where how far down to fold so they've made this step easy. 

I found this diaper to be extremely well made and very soft, but it was hard to actually get the insert in the pocket quickly because the diaper is so flexible. I would have liked to see a little more sturdiness in the diaper itself. Also, the pocket is small, and perfectly sized for the inserts. This makes it hard for larger hands to fit inside, and also difficult to get the insert to lay flat. By the time you stretch out the diaper to fit all the insert inside, the section in the far back is already rippling and not laying flat. This was honestly really frustrating for me because I know this can hinder effectiveness if not properly placed inside.
While I love the natural fibers as extra absorption when needed, I've discovered that I actually prefer microfiber as the primary insert in the pocket under the lining. As much as I'm all-for natural, Natural, NATURAL, this is simply because my super soaker pees SO fast and, although highly absorbent, the hemp just can't absorb it all fast enough like microfiber can (even if I use more than one hemp insert). In fact, while I was taking the photo of Buddy lying on his tummy, I noticed a wet spot on the couch. As he got up, a river poured out the top of the diaper!!! The back side of the insert wasn't wet at all. *sigh* He was in that diaper for 2 minutes before this happened! Not really the diaper's fault. It's just an issue I deal with often. It's also one of the issues we're having with potty training. My son will still "go" in diapers if he's wearing one, and he's usually been holding it until he really needs to go. So, when he has to go, it's A LOT. And underwear right now is a diaper to him too......which means he's naked A LOT at home right now (glad it's summertime!)!!
At 35 pounds, Buddy is already on the largest setting for this diaper. At this point, it's a great, snug fit so I'm somewhat doubtful that this diaper can go up to 40 pounds and still fit well. However, we do get a really nice, trim fit with no gaping in the legs or tummy. It's probably one of the trimmest diaper I have and it seems comfortable to wear.

Price: BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diapers retail for $20.50. Really a great price for a diaper with a natural fiber insert.

The Verdict: 
This diaper has a great concept and I like natural fibers for their absorption and trimness. This diaper was hard to stuff, but overall is a great-fitting diaper. We just need better absorption. I like the side-snapping feature, and it's probably the best one I've seen. About 90% of their product line is handmade in Maryland which is awesome as well.

Buy It!
Check out BabyKicks.com to buy now, or to find an online retailer!

Win It!
One winner will receive a BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back To School Giveaway Hop Sponsor Spotlight: ECOLunchboxes

At ECOlunchboxes, you'll find safe, eco-friendly, reusable lunch products that are great when considering your families' needs this school year. They offer options that are appropriate for all ages, and certainly make a fashion statement at the same time!

I LOVE ECOlunchbox products because they are...

100% Plastic-free 
Waste free 

ECOlunchboxes has generously offered the winner of my Back To School prize an ECOlunchette Kit in winner's choice of color! (ARV $45)
 This kit is beautiful! It has everything you need to go eco-friendly at lunch time. It's stylish, cute, and easy to care for. Here's a bit more about the kit from ECOlunchboxes' website:

Our ECOlunchette Kit includes the ECOlunchette purse lunchbag, a stainless steel food container of your choice, one matching napkin and a bamboo spork.

• The lunchbag's lining is loose and can be easily spot washed at the sink for easy overnight drying or machine washed/tumble dry.

• The lunch bag, which measures 8 inches tall, 13 inches wide & 5 1/2 inches deep, is handmade from textiles that are traditionally block printed by artisans in India and sourced fair trade.

• The matching lunch napkin measures 16 inches by 12 inches and is designed for use as a placemat or napkin.

• The spork is made of sustainably grown bamboo

Be sure to check out ECOlunchboxes on Facebook and Twitter!

This prize is up for grabs on my blog during the Back To School Giveaway Hop! Be sure to come back to my blog between August 22-31 to enter for a chance to WIN this awesome prize!