Monday, September 29, 2014

Cape Verde: the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation

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If you’re looking for a holiday destination that has plenty to offer all the family, Cape Verde could be it. This archipelago of volcanic islands located over 300 miles off the coast of Senegal boasts the ideal combination of relaxation and adventure. The islands are characterized by an intoxicating mixture of West African and Portuguese cultures and, though small, they contain an impressive variety of landscapes.

Whether you want to soak up the sun on a beach, get stuck into water sports or trek through lush forests, Cape Verde is the place to go, with something for all ages. Also, the destination benefits from an array of family resorts complete with pools. With top holiday makers like First Choice, flying out to Cape Verde throughout the year, here’s a quick rundown on what to expect.

Plenty to see and do

In total, Cape Verde comprises ten islands and at the east of the archipelago lies Boa Vista. Translated as ‘Beautiful View’, it is renowned for its stunning coastline. Encircled by white-sand beaches that have a distinctly tropical look and feel, this is a great location to de-stress.

Santo Antão is also well worth checking out. Punctuated by gorges and mountains, it offers some of the best hiking in West Africa. While the south of the island is arid, the north-east is home to pine forests and a plethora of plants. To make the most out of trips to Santo Antão, try to set aside a few days to explore the undulating terrain on foot.

The driest of the islands is Sal and, handily, this is served by a large international airport. The gentle and warm sea than laps this part of Cape Verde makes it the perfect place for wind and kite-surfing, scuba diving and general paddling.

Practical information

There are plenty of hotels to choose from on the archipelago, but for the best experiences, make sure you select accommodation that includes good facilities and services for family groups. Bear in mind that many hotels now offer kids’ clubs.

While the destination is pleasant year-round, it’s worth noting that the rainy season runs from mid-August to mid-October, and between December and March, you may need to pack some sweaters for the evenings. But always remember to pack plenty of sun cream!

As long as you plan your trip carefully, you should enjoy a fantastic break that will leave you and your family with memories to last a lifetime.

Images by Niall62 and, used under the Creative Commons license.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Teach Your Child to Love Learning At An Early Age With Personalized Baby Story Books

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Like most parents, you probably know that the steps taken early in a child’s life can make a huge difference in the child’s outlook on education and learning.

As older kids return to school for another year, it’s a great time to consider the benefits of personalized story books for babies. Although your little one may not be ready for formal education for a few more years, helping your child develop an early love of reading can make a huge difference when that time comes.

Opportunities for Learning

Personalized books can offer unique advantages for babies in particular. Your baby will benefit from the reinforcement of hearing his or her name read in the story, along with new words and ideas. Personalization can also help keep your baby more excited and interested in the story. The inclusion of other personal information, such as your child’s birthday and hometown, can eventually help your child learn these key personal facts. As your child gets older, he or she should even be able to more easily recognize and write his or her name, thanks to its repeated appearance in the story.

Details Kids Will Love as They Grow

Your baby may not initially appreciate the level of detail and customization that personalized baby books offer. However, in a few more years, your child will love noticing that his or her photograph or likeness is included in the book and that all of the information is truly personalized. The use of personal facts and preferences will also help draw your child in and keep him or her returning to the book, even at an older age.

Stories Worth Reading Over

Some personalized books for babies may make personalization the primary focus; however, the best personalized story books for babies will not skimp on plotting, illustration, or other key features. Classic books such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Mother Goose, and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star can stand on the strength of their stories alone. The clever stories and vivid drawings featured in these books should appeal to children even if the novelty of personalization eventually wears off.

A Lifelong Gift

Personalized books are a special gift that can be kept and enjoyed for years. While your children may quickly outgrow some books, they will rarely tire of a book that is so unique. Often, these books remain a valued memento that you or your children will want to keep for years. Plus, in addition to giving your baby a physical keepsake, you can help give him or her something less tangible but more valuable and enduring: a passion for reading.

Helping children discover reading at a young age is often the key to helping them make reading a lifelong habit. This, in turn, can help kids become more educated and gain access to better opportunities. It can be easy to stress about helping your child start learning at an early age and overlook simple solutions, but Chronicle Books’ personalized baby story books, can make have it be fun and engaging for both you and your child.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Advantages of Virtual Health Care Courses

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Nurses who want to further their careers understand that they must obtain the proper higher degree to do so. An associate's or bachelor's degree will be insufficient on which to build a lifelong career as a nurse manager, nursing instructor, or even a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant. When they want to rise through the ranks within this industry, nurses appreciate the value that comes with having a master's degree from an accredited school. They can get this higher education and build their careers when they work on an RN to MSN from a virtual school like UAZ online.

When they enroll in a virtual program, nurses realize several unique benefits that may not be available to their on-campus counterparts. One of the most recognizable benefits comes with the ease of attending classes at their convenience. While they may need to follow a loose lecture and testing schedule, online students have the option of when to log in each day and when to complete the required coursework throughout the week. If they work night shifts, for example, these students could listen to the lectures or attend live classroom sessions during the daytime hours and then go to work afterward.

Likewise, if they work daytimes and weekends, these people can log into their courses during their evening hours or on their days off from work. They can complete the coursework without penalty or fear of being dropped from the class. As long as they turn in their assignments and take their tests in accordance with the course schedule, they have the option of what time of day to participate in class.

Another convenience that comes with online school is its affordability. Many on-campus courses are expensive and drain a person's savings account. Other students have to go into significant debt to be able to afford their higher education. However, online schools generally accept the same financial aid awards that are accepted by brick and mortar institutions. If a person is eligible for grants and comprehensive loans through the state, that person can indicate that he or she wants these funds to be applied to his or her online tuition. Many times, these awards greatly lower the cost of attendance and even free up money for students to live on and buy classroom materials with later.

Online nursing degrees are lucrative and fully accredited. Nurses can further their careers with this higher education.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Have the Power of an Attorney Behind You

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When legal troubles arise, it can be completely overwhelming. There are so many details that need to be attended to and an uncertain future awaits you. You need a first rate Haywood, California lawyer to go to bat for you, someone who is an expert in the legal system, and will be looking out for your best interests. If you find yourself entangled with problems with the law, turn to an expert to guide you through troubled waters. You can expect the best possible outcome when you have a skilled lawyer to offer you the support that you need in this difficult time.

Charged with a Crime? You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer
There are a host of lawyers available, each one specializing in a different area of expertise. If you have been charged with any kind of crime, a criminal defense lawyer is the only answer for you. You need someone who navigates the court system and understands all of the legalities involved when defending you against a crime. Make sure that you choose a lawyer who is truly experienced in dealing with criminal law. You want the best possible outcome when all of the proceedings are said and done. The only way that will happen is if you choose the right lawyer.

Experience Matters
Now is not the time to choose that fresh-faced lawyer who just passed the bar. Your life and your future are in the balance. Be sure to turn to a criminal defense lawyer with a strong record and a long string of past successes. You are looking out for your best interests and your choice in a lawyer is essential. Look beyond dollar signs and convenience to find someone who is highly qualified to assist you.

Know Your Choices
Your criminal defense lawyer is in your corner, someone who cares about you and should inform you of all of your choices. When it seems like there is only a dead end road ahead, your lawyer can show you that there are many paths to choose from in order to help you overcome your circumstances. Your lawyer should be ready to put time, caring, and a repertoire of skills at your disposal in order to guide you in the right direction. A criminal charge is a roadblock in your life. Your criminal defense lawyer will help you to get around it.