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Union Diamond :: Diamond Earrings Giveaway - $899 RV! {Ends 3/31} US/CAN

Welcome to the Union Diamond giveaway event, sponsored by Union Diamond and hosted by Happy Mothering! During this event, we’ll be giving away a beautiful pair of 14kw Princess Cut Diamond Studs 1/3ctw (valued at $899.00) to one of our readers! Diamonds are a girl's best friend, right? Yep, I don't know anyone who can deny the beauty of some shiny diamonds!

About Union Diamond

6  RING-2 
Founded in 2001, Union Diamond offers the highest quality certified diamonds and impeccable customer service, a vast selection of settings and competitive prices. They can even take your vision for a piece of jewelry and make it into a beautiful piece that you will treasure forever! Union Diamond’s mission is to be the absolute best place to buy diamonds on the internet, and they take their slogan, “Just Expect More” to heart. Their educated staff has a strong focus on customer service, and they pride themselves on returning phone calls, answering emails and providing a superior product. In addition, all of their diamonds are conflict free. Union Diamond has been rated Forbes “Best of The Web” and have an A+ rating with the BBB. They even offer a 30-day return policy. If you’re shopping for a beautiful piece of jewelry backed by excellent customer service, visit the Union Diamond website.

You’ll find gorgeous pieces like these:

  Diamond Ring Set


Diamond Ring

Win It!
One winner will receive these beautiful princess cut diamond earrings from Union Diamond, valued at $899!
princess cut diamond earrings

DownEast Basics :: Enter the Spring Styles Pinterest Sweepstakes! #spring #style

The weather seems to be warming a bit here in California and my daffodils are even blooming already! That means it's time to freshen up your wardrobe and get ready for spring! Last night I attended a DownEast Basics "Blogger Mixer" in Roseville, Ca, and had the opportunity to check out lots of fun spring styles and fun accessories. I ended up getting a really fun cardigan and a beautiful Heart Scarf while I was there! I'm totally inspired to go through the rest of my wardrobe now to see what I need for spring!

To get that new look this spring I thought I should share about the new Spring Styles "Pin to Win" Sweepstakes from DownEast Basics and maybe YOU will be the lucky winner of a $500 shopping spree! Be sure to check out all the details on how to enter, and don't delay! This sweepstakes ends March 5th!

Disclosure: I received a gift card for attending this event. No other compensation was received and no expectation of writing about it was expected.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Alive & Radiant Foods :: Delicious Kale Krunch & Veggie Krunch Raw Snacks! {Giveaway Ends 3/10}

Alive & Radiant Foods are the makers of raw, gluten-free snacks that feature organic vegetables, superfoods, and organic spices together for perfectly nutritious, guilt-free snacks. They are a brand that is part of Kaia Foods, where you can also find healthy granola and sprouted seeds too. If you're looking for nutrient-dense, flavorful and satisfying snacks, look no further! Alive and Radiant Foods has what you need to fuel your body without all the junk in other snacks.

Kale Krunch and Veggie Krunch are the two snacks I received for review. Ingredients are sprouted, mixed, and low-temperature dehydrated to preserve the wonderful superfood nutrients in Kale and other organic ingredients used. I could eat this stuff ALL DAY. I'm not kidding. These snacks are deliciously raw, flavorful, crunchy and so hard to resist! Even my anti-veggie hubby (he'll pretty much only drink green juice), LOVES the Kale Krunch and can't keep his hands off it. He'll consume a whole bag in one sitting! The bags do feature a zip-closure just in case they last longer than that (don't count on it!).
Kale Krunch is made using made using raw and organic veggies, fruits and nuts. Kale is of course the main ingredient in Kale Krunch flavors, and are covered in other organic ingredients to create their 7 flavors. They are light textured, crispy kale chips at their absolute highest quality. Each flavor is raw, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, and full of flavor and fresh crunchy texture. Each bag is 2.2 ounces and all but two flavors carry the USDA Organic seal (the Quite Cheesy and Cheezy Chipotle do not). Cashews, chia seeds and sesame seeds make their way into many of the flavors. Some flavors are nut-free, while some are not, so be sure to inspect each ingredient panel before you buy to meet your specific dietary needs. Here's an example of the wholesome, healthful ingredients used by Alive & Radiant:

Kale Krunch (Perfectly Plain) Ingredient List: Organic Kale, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Himalayan Crystal Salt.

If you've never tried kale chips before, you're in for a real treat! The ruffled kale leaves covered in delicious spices create a brittle crunch that is truly unique. They're definitely addictive! Here are my thoughts on each flavor I received (I received all flavors except for Tarragon Dijon).

Southwest Ranch - This is the first flavor I grabbed to try. I have a thing for ranch flavors and this one does not disappoint! It has a little kick of spiciness as the bag suggests, but without being too overwhelming (I can barely handle mild salsa...). It's almost like eating a salad with ranch dressing.

Perfectly Plain - Actually more tasty than you might think! I wasn't expecting the rich, salty flavor of this one. I know it's a stretch to say this, but the taste reminds me of sourdough bread, which I miss so much since going gluten-free! 

Quite Cheezy - A creamy, cheesy flavor that's probably the most subtle flavor of them all. Probably the best choice for young kids, and especially for those that are dairy-free and craving some cheesiness!
Cheezy Chipotle - Deliciously cheesy with a smoky undertone that richens the overall flavor. Not really spicy (in case you're wondering), but still a yummy and satisfying.

Chockalet Chip - A lightly sweet, chocolatey flavor. The crunch is a little more strong since the chocolate coating is thicker than other flavors. The cacao isn't super rich, but more subtle to satisfy most sweet palates.

Hibiscus & Pink Peppercorn - Definitely the most interesting flavor, this one has a floral aroma and flavor undertones with a touch of pepper. I like it more than I thought I would but there are others I like more. The pinky purple color from the hibiscus flower is really neat though!
Veggie Crunch is also made using raw and organic veggies, fruits and nuts. They are the new snack line from Alive & Radiant Foods that are also gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan. I received the Sweet Onion and Teriyaki Greens flavors, but they also make an Arugula Cabbage flavor, and a Roots Confetti flavor. Each bag is just 2 ounces, and all four flavors are USDA Organic. 

Veggie Krunch offers the same benefits of being raw, and also the same awesome all-important crunch factor as the Kale Krunch. But the crunch lasts a little longer with these since the two I sampled seem to have chunkier ingredients involved other than just Kale (actually, there's no kale in the Sweet Onion flavor at all!). Because of this I feel like Veggie Krunch is a little more satisfying in my tummy, but both are equally flavorful and amazingly delicious.
Teriyaki Greens - Features kale, collard greens, ginger, coconut, carrots, tamari and other organic ingredients. It's a little reminiscent of my favorite teriyaki asian flavors that I'm very fond of. The ginger really stands out with just a hint of coconut in there adding a bit of sweetness.

Sweet Onion - Features onions, sesame seeds, tamari sauce, olive oil and other organic ingredients. You might be shocked by the intense onion flavor of this one! Simply incredible. I like onions, but never imagined I'd enjoy eating them as the main ingredient.

We have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing for Alive & Radiant Foods and will be replacing our love for potato chips with raw snacks like Kale Krunch and Veggie Krunch a lot more often!

Price: Kale Krunch - $5.99, Veggie Krunch - $5.99

Buy It: Shop now and use code thereynoldsmom at checkout for 20% off!!
Win It!
One winner will receive one bag of Quite Cheezy Kale Krunch and three bags of Veggie Krunch (one of each flavor)!

Winners Announcement!!

GFree Connect winner...Rafflecopter Entry #391 Eloise C.!

Pocket Cell Phone Shield winner...Rafflecopter Entry #69 Leann L.!

Safeway Gift Card winner...Rafflecopter Entry #1523 Heidi!

All winners have been contacted by email! Congratulations to you all!

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GreenDeals & GoGreen Marketplace :: Daily Deals & Online Shopping with a GREEN Twist! {Coupon & Giveaway - Ends 3/5}

Before I was a green and natural mama, I was big into coupons, deals, sales, and of course my favorite, daily deal sites. As time has gone by it's become more difficult to find deals on daily deal sites to reflect my more eco-friendly lifestyle, let alone a great selection at any one time. But alas, an awesome GREEN daily deal site, GreenDeals, will be my new best friend!

GreenDeals offers hot discounts and deals from local and national green businesses that are approved by Green America. That means green consumers can shop with confidence knowing they are buying deals from real green businesses that truly value social and environmentally-friendly practicesOnline deal shopping in my pajamas, and all green deals products that are right up my alley. Score!

At GreenDeals a new deal will show up every 24-48 hours, and currently I see 17 deals available! I love the variety I've been seeing over the last few weeks and that so many deals are up at once. From jewelry to organic pillows and yoga tote bags to everything in between! Also, if shipping is included in the deal it is noted in the title of the deal, which means I don't have to fish through the fine print to find that all important little detail! This makes it a lot easier to browse and make a faster decision on whether or not to buy (for me at least!). Here are some current deals!

25% off Organic Cotton Travel Pillow (Shipping Included)
28% off Loose Leaf Herbal Tea 4-Pack: Men's Tea, Women's Tea, Defense Tea, and Detox Tea; Includes 1 FREE Jaggery Sweetener from eSutras (Shipping Included)

21% off Libre Tea Glass Traveler for Loose Leaf Tea On-the-Go
18% off Yoga Mat Wrap - Lavender Microfiber Mat Wrap (Shipping Included) 

But green deals isn't all! If you don't see a current deal you like, just head on over to the Go Green Marketplace that offers thousands of green products for green consumers like you and me. For mamas in particular that means an awesome online marketplace to buy from great green brands (and my favorites!) like Earth Mama Angel Baby, Green Toys, Dr. Bronner's, Yummy Earth, Happy Baby, Better Life, Ecover, and so much more at competitive prices. You can also score free shipping on orders over $50!

Save even more! {Coupon}
Use coupon code reynolds5 for $5 off any GreenDeal or Go Green Marketplace purchase! Shop Now!
Win It!
One winner will receive a $25 credit to GreenDeals!

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Larsen Toy Lab :: Wood Block Sets {Giveaway Ends 3/3} #MadeInAmerica

Larsen Toy Lab is all about plain and simple wood blocks and making them better and more exciting. No batteries required, wood blocks are a classic toy that is great for all ages and truly gives plenty of educational value through the cultivation of problem solving, critical thinking, and social skills. Add to that a company that seeks to lessen their environmental footprint and keep everything made in the America, and you have Larsen Toy Lab! Yep, that's right. A hard to come by phenomenon these days, but here today I have the privilege of sharing our experience with a truly American made toy company.
We received the Building Bridges set which includes 24 blocks and the Building Bridges book. The blocks are made from unfinished maple, and the darker cherry wood blocks have a light beeswax finish. They are all so unique just due to their beautiful simplicity and obvious attention to detail. Each one is hand-sanded and individually beveled for the best product possible. Again, all made in America with great regard to responsible wood harvesting practices, wind energy and local production as part of their environmental strategy. With personalized engraving available, this is sure to be an incredible set of heirloom quality wood blocks that any child will enjoy. The quality is so great that I can imagine my son passing down this set to his children since they are practically indestructible! I have certainly enjoyed looking them over intensely and I have even been caught playing with them also (not kidding!). See, there's just something about blocks that all ages can enjoy.
The Building Bridges book features a boy named Leif whose curiosity and imagination of his new surroundings help him dream up new buildings and taller structures to build while making new friends and facing new challenges. It's really a lovely storyline. At first I think Buddy was a bit disappointed that many of the illustrated structures on each page spread involved far more blocks than included in this set. However, he quickly thought up a new way to build what he wanted using the blocks he had and I think that's the point!! The Building Bridges block set and book together offer kids a chance to learn how to explore, create, and imagine with the blocks given and then beyond. Buddy started including his toy trains and cars while playing with this block set and he's been "building" plenty of things with anything he can find now. I definitely approve of the imaginative play that Larsen Toy Lab has helped push my son to enjoy a bit more.

When I come across a toy product of such a quality and that's made in America, I really treasure it much more than a plastic toy set coming from China. I can see the love and passion reflecting through the beautiful craftsmanship. You simply don't see such precision and quality from toys made elsewhere.

 Years ago it honestly never occurred to me where the products I was buying actually came from. When Buddy was born though, this mama bear went into serious research mode and stumbled upon so many ideals of natural, greener living that I really wanted to implement into my family's life. Through my journey of living a more natural, green life, I've really made huge strides in buying American made products, and local whenever possible. Naturally, toys are one area that were really concerning to me, especially when it seems like there's constantly a report coming out about toxic levels of lead or other toxins being found in this toy or that baby formula. By buying American made I feel like I have more control over what I'm buying and receiving due to the strict standards and testing that are more controllable when made here in the USA. I'm supporting my local economy, my country, and American families. I'm keeping money here on our soil. For all these reasons I can say that this wood block set will be treasured greater than others we have, and if you know me at all, that should say everything!
Grand Opening Sale!
  • Use code 15GRAND for 15% off all orders
  • Free Name Engraving
  • Free Limited Edition Block

Price: Building Bridges set - $46
Buy It: Check out for this set and more!
Win It!
One winner will receive a Building Bridges set (with personalized name engraving too)!

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Thanks Mama :: Onya Baby Carrier & $50 Gift Card Giveaway {Ends 3/12} Open WW

It is amazing how popular babywearing has become today and rightfully so. It keeps everyone happy - baby, mom, siblings. The convenience of having your hands free and your baby content makes the daily tasks of mothering much more manageable. We are excited to have partnered with Thanks Mama to give away the Onya Baby Carrier to one reader so that you and your little one can savor the joy and convenience of babywearing as well! In addition you will get $50 to spend on anything you please - cloth diapers, potty training pants, wooden toys, bedding, baby care items, or nursing essentials, to name a few.

Thanks Mama online baby store features a selection of twelve baby carrier brands, among them the versatile Onya Baby Carrier. The unique feature that we love is that it doubles as a baby carrier and a baby seat for when you are out and about. It comes in beautiful, modern colors and two different materials. The soft cotton is suitable for most situations and climates and the rip-stop nylon with mesh lining is perfect for hot weather, hiking, and active outdoor enthusiasts.

Our Favorite Features of the Onya Baby Carrier: 
  • Can be used as a baby carrier and chair harness, perfect for travel
  • Padding at the leg openings for baby's comfort
  • Can be worn on the front or back
  • Attached sleeping hood that can be tucked away
  • Available in either soft cotton or rip-stop nylon depending on your lifestyle and needs
  • Fits babies from 15 to 45 pounds
Our Favorite Features of the Thanks Mama Store: 
  • Large selection of 28 brands of cloth diapers
  • Over 15 options of reusable potty training pants
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic baby care solutions
  • Classic and modern wooden toys
  • Non-toxic mattresses for the whole family
  • Eco-friendly furniture for baby and kids made of rubberwood
  • Free shipping on all U.S. orders over $60 and Worldwide shipping rates available
  • Earn rewards dollars with every purchase

Buy It: You can purchase the Onya Baby Carrier at Thanks Mama. Use code CARRIER for 15% off!

Win It!
One winner will receive an Onya Baby Carrier (winner’s choice, subject to availability) and a $50 gift card to Thanks Mama online store ($199 ARV)!!

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Tropical Traditions :: FREE Shipping on USDA Organic, Soy-Free, Cage-Free Eggs! {Through 2/17 ONLY!}

Tropical Traditions chickens are cage-free and fed a coconut-based, soy-free feed mixture that is called Cocofeed, in addition to being allowed to freely roam and eat bugs etc. These eggs are certified organic, high in Omega 3 and contains no GMOs! Score!!!! It's nearly impossible for me to find eggs near me with all these qualities, so this is quite exciting!

USDA Organic Seal for Soy-free Eggs
  Organic Soy-free Eggs 1 dozen Carton photo

Now through Sunday February 17th, get FREE shipping on 4 or 8 dozen eggs! Yes, get eggs SHIPPED to your front door! They're already on sale too, meaning HUGE savings. {4 dozen - $30.99, 8 dozen - $55.99}

Disclosure: This post contains my referral link.

Exercise YOUR Freedom of Speech! #NoMas

In our country I think we often take our various freedoms for granted. Sure, our country is far from perfect, but when you take into consideration the oppression, censorship and other tragedies that others face around the world, I'd say we have it pretty good. Our freedom of expression is one freedom that I'm sure many of us forget how blessed we are. Like this blog for instance. It's where I exercise my freedom of expression and speech by giving my opinions of various products. I take this job very seriously and let you know my honest opinions because everyone deserves to receive and hear authentic feedback before they buy. In the grand scheme of things, this is just a measly little example, but I have the right to my opinions, and YOU have the right to yours also and that's what's important.

Over the last few years especially, I have learned from others (who were also expressing themselves thanks to our freedom) to question the norms, to question what is politically correct or acceptable, and to develop my own beliefs and opinions. There are many, many things I could say "No Mas" to as a result, like No Mas Abortion and No Mas Circumcision. These are hot button issues that I feel strongly about all the time, but recently this one really struck a cord since I'm on a daily journey towards better health through my diet.
No Mas Junk Food - by that I mean all the artificial crap in our foods that slips by despite being filled with toxic chemicals. And that could mean lots of things for different people, but for me I would start with No Mas GMO's, and all artificial ingredients, flavors and colors. I feel like I'm dodging bullets when I walk into a grocery store! We have to start somewhere and our health is worth it, right? I hope to live to see the day where our food supply is far better than what it is today for the sake of my son and future generations.

Because of our freedom of expression, I can say something like No Mas Junk Food without fear of getting locked up for instance. And just as I showed my support for a Yes on Prop 37 to label GMOs this last election, I can continue to voice my opinion because of that same freedom of expression that we all have in our country. Unfortunately that can't be said for every person around the world. Just take a quick look at why these individuals are in prison:

Nabeel Rajab is serving time for posting anti-government comments on Twitter in addition to instigating and participating in peaceful gatherings considered to be illegal by the Bahraini government. He is a prominent Bahraini human rights activist whose freedom has been compromised. Bahrain is fighting words with weapons by imprisoning citizens for tweeting!

Marcos Máiquel Lima Cruz is in jail because a song’s lyrics criticized the lack of freedom of expression in Cuba. He was imprisoned with his brother who was recently released. 

I can't even begin to imagine being locked up for such silly reasons. But can exercising our freedom of expression still be called silly? To me this shows the power that freedom of expression can have and what a right and privilege it should be to say what we want, whenever we want. Through organizations like we can speak up for others who are living in nations that silence any opposition to the establishment. Together we can stand up for the freedom of political expression by signing petitions to set these victims free.

Sign the petitions today to help set these victims free!

{Click here if video is not working} 

Our world has evolved thanks to the words “No Mas" and the individuals and groups that have stood strong for their right to express themselves. Be sure to check out the video above to see how these iconic protests have impacted our world. We can impact the lives of these victims if we stand together too!

More Ways To Get Involved...

Create Your Own "No Mas" Badge - I'd love to hear what you would like to say No Mas to. You can even create and share your own badge! It can be serious, silly or light-hearted - whatever comes to mind in the name of freedom of expression. Leave a comment and tell me what you would like to say "No Mas" to!
Join in the Conversation - Every Monday in February at 11am PST you can join @TakePart for a live Twitter chat with celebrities, experts and activists as they explore the issue of free speech. Follow @TakePart and use #NoMas to ask your questions.

Instead of silence, let us speak up and turn our hopes into action for a better tomorrow. Let us not be silent!

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Linqia. This is my completely honest opinion above and may be different from yours.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Safeway :: Introducing the NEW Fast Forward Debit Card {PLUS $50 Gift Card Giveaway - Ends 2/24} #SafewayFastForward

Safeway is rolling out their NEW Fast Forward Debit Card! This new card has some amazing features that allow you to rack up those gas rewards points from your purchases, and even allows you to shop cardless. Yep, that's right. Go grocery shopping at Safeway without your debit card!

I know what you're thinking. Why the heck should I open a new credit card? That was my first thought but I was totally wrong. Actually, the Fast Forward debit card is NOT a new credit card to open, and is just connected to your existing debit card/checking account! The new Fast Forward Debit Card has lots of cool features:

  • Big Rewards — You earn 2X Gas Reward Points when you pay for your groceries with Fast Forward. That’s a 20¢ per gallon Reward for every $100 spent.
  • Cardless Checkout — It’s the easy way to pay. Just enter your phone number and PIN. No more fumbling with your purse, wallet or cards.
  • Safe and Secure — Your personal information is kept completely confidential. Use your own computer to sign up through a secure, encrypted website and choose a PIN that only you know to keep your transactions protected.
  • Sign-Up Bonus — Get a voucher good for 3X Gas Reward Points on a single transaction paid for with Fast Forward when you sign up.

What I really like about the Fast Forward Debit Card is that you can sign up in the comfort and security of your own home, and it's attached to your Safeway Club Card making for a super easy checkout. Of course the cardless features is super appealing also. My only concern about going cardless would be a potentially sneaky teenager who knows his moms phone number and watches her enter her pin at checkout...and chooses to dishonestly use her Fast Forward debit card at another time. But, my guy is only four so this would totally not be an issue for me! I would just suggest Fast Forward users make sure to protect their pin number as they would an actual card in their wallet. Don't get me wrong, I think the Fast Forward card is an awesome convenience for many Safeway shoppers, especially moms with small children who feel flustered at check out (I remember those days!).
Although the Fast Forward Debit Card is currently only available for Sacramento area Safeway shoppers, this giveaway is open to everyone!

Win It!
One winner will receive a $50 Safeway Gift Card!

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Cellular Deflector :: Protect Your Health With The Pocket Cell Phone Shield {Ends 2/20}

Cell phones are practically a necessity for most folks these days. I know I tend to keep mine near by so I don't miss a call or so I can browse pinterest during a spare moment. But have you ever considered the potential harmful effects of cell phone emissions on the body? The scientific evidence seems to be mounting, and every magazine and media outlet seems to be talking about it. In particular, the dangers for men are coming to light.

Most women carry a purse so their phones are not glued to there body while in transport. But what about men? Typically the most logical place is in a front pants pocket. And what's very close to that area? Yep, the male reproductive system. It's a sensitive topic, but one that desperately needs to be addressed.  Guys, your fertility is important! I personally know the devastating effects of infertility. For me, there is literally no action I can take at this point to help protect my future fertility due to a condition I was recently diagnosed with. No, it wasn't caused by cell phone emissions, but it's the reason I'm so passionate about protecting our bodies and fertility as best we can. For men, that means protecting those all-important little swimmers and the entire male reproductive system. The Pocket Cell Phone Shield is an easy way to guard against those harmful cell phone emissions that are likely causing many men to experience lowered sperm count, decreased sperm motility, damaged sperm DNA and other disheartening diagnoses.
The Pocket Cell Phone Shield by Cellular Deflector, Inc. is a pocket insert made from advanced metalized fabrics that slips into your pocket and deflects cell phone emissions away from the body. This patent-pending, discreet design offers five layers of protection against heat, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic transmissions. It weighs just 0.3 ounces, is only 1/8" thick, and no one will ever know it's there. It does not interfere with your cell phone at all, and you can still receive calls and texts like normal.
I personally have no doubt that cell phones are a major danger to male fertility. I think the Pocket Cell Phone Shield is a fantastic solution to the growing infertility problem in our society and such an effective way to protect yourself. Let's face it. Most men aren't as proactive about their fertility as my husband (ummm, I think it took me months to train him!) and need a quick, simple, inexpensive solution that takes no time to learn or fuss about. Slipping a Pocket Cell Phone Shield in your pocket along with your phone is no. big. deal. It's worth it, and the astounding scientific evidence from studies regarding cell phone emissions will convince you that cell phone emissions are not something to mess around with!

Here's just one of the three performance videos for the Pocket Cell Phone Shield. Compelling enough for you? I think so! The shielding effects of the Pocket Cell Phone Shield are clearly very effective

How to Protect Yourself

The following tips will help YOU reduce your exposure to heat, magnetic fields, and microwave transmissions generated by your cell phone:
    1. Keep your phone out of your pocket as much as possible. Put it on your desk, in your bag, in your car's cup holder, or anywhere other than your pocket or lap whenever possible.
    2. Try to limit your phone usage when in low signal areas such as basements, moving cars, etc. The fewer bars you have, the more power your phone is forced to use to communicate, exposing you to more emissions.
    3. Use WiFi whenever possible to transmit data instead of the cellular network--the lower power usage will reduce your exposure and extend your battery life too.
    4. Never use a Bluetooth earpiece to make calls with your phone in your pocket--the phone will be sending data almost continuously during a call. Hold the phone in your hand or put it on a desk or table.
    5. When you need to put your phone in your pocket, make sure to use a Pocket Cell Phone Shield.
    Buy your Pocket Cell Phone Shield now for the launch introductory price of $39.99!
    Win It!
    One winner will receive a Pocket Cell Phone Shield!

    Thursday, February 7, 2013

    {Clean Spirited Giveaway Event} Win a $30 Gift Card to Clean Spirited - 10 Winners! {Ends 2/28}

    Welcome to the Clean Spirited Gift Card Giveaway Event, hosted by the Green Moms Network! We’re excited to bring our readers the chance to win a $30 gift card to Clean Spirited – we’ll have 10 winners! If you haven’t shopped with Clean Spirited yet, you should check them out! They are a woman-owned business committed to offering cleaner alternatives to the things you already buy. They offer eco-friendly products for women, men and kids as well as products for the home, bath and gift ideas. Clean Spirited rates each of the products on their site based on a 5-Point Clean Rating so you will know, at a glance, exactly how green their products are. They evaluate products on these 5 key factors: Natural, Recycled, Local, Fair Trade and Humanitarian. 

    Wednesday, February 6, 2013

    GFree Connect :: Win a Gluten-Free Care Pack! {Giveaway Ends 2/17}

    For many folks like myself, eating gluten-free is not just a diet trend, it's a lifestyle. But thanks to the huge increase in gluten-free awareness that's going on right now there are likely tons of gluten-free food options popping up at your local grocery store. Heck, there's even a gluten-free section at a few stores near me. However, which ones are worth trying? 

    GFree Connect aims to connect gluten-free consumers with gluten-free brands and helpful information through their gluten-free Care Packs which are sent out just three times per year. It's February which means a new Care Pack is just going out and is apparently getting rave reviews! Just go check out the contents in the February Care Pack to see all the goodies for yourself. I see lots of awesome gluten-free snacks and food staples, and plenty of coupons (and some freebie coupons too!). It's a $110+ value, all for just $29.99 (First-timers get their first Care Pack for only $19.99 + shipping!).  

    With GFree Connect, you can sample and discover plenty of gluten-free foods and companies without the risk. Whether you're on a budget or not, it's disappointing when you buy a whole bag of gluten-free chips or entire loaf of gluten-free bread, only to find that they're horrendously tasteless and a waste of money. Right? Been there, done that! There's so many new GF brands out there that you really don't have to be a gluten-free newbie to enjoy a Care Pack. Anyone eating gluten-free would absolutely love to open one. It's seriously like Christmas morning!
    This was my GFree Connect Care Pack that I reviewed in October. It was fabulous! Lots of food samples (some were even full-size), plenty of awesome coupons (I used almost all of them!), and great resources from awesome organizations too. I know the February Care Pack will be just as great! Keep in mind that each Care Pack that goes out has new brands, samples, coupons and resources than the prior mailing, so you'll discover something new with each mailing!

    Order your February Care Pack today! ------> Subscribe Now!

     Connect with GFree Connect on Facebook and Twitter

    Win It!
    One winner will receive the February GFree Connect Care Pack!