Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 :: Custom Engraved Hand & Footprints from Stone Prints {Giveaway - Ends 12/8}

 I received complimentary product for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

What if you had the opportunity to capture your child's hand or footprint in a way that would literally last forever? I'm not talking about those clay type options that can break and erode over time. What if they were engraved into stone? That's the story behind Stone Prints, the amazing company behind this incredible personalized gift idea.

Each Stone Prints River Rock is handmade by expert artists so you'll get the most esthetically pleasing final product possible. Each stone is approximately 7-12 inches and is size appropriate for children age 3-10 years old. The process to get your own custom rock from Stone Prints is quite simple. When you purchase your Stone Prints River Rock on Etsy, a print kit is immediately mailed to you. It includes an order form, an inkless wipe with step-by-step instructions, 5"x7" paper and a pre-stamped, self-addressed envelope.

The order form includes options such as the color River Rock you'd prefer, and how your child's name should appear. You can collect your child's hand or footprints on their provided paper, or you may mail in a copy of their prints from their birth certificate. I thought the order form and instructions were very thorough and professionally done.

 Once we mailed in our print kit, we patiently waited for our personalized River Rock to arrive, which can take several weeks. I knew I would like it, but what I didn't know that I'd love it.

Absolutely beautiful! Words cannot express how I felt when we opened Buddy's River Rock (and here we reveal Buddy's actual name too). I was speechless at first, and then all I could say was "WOW" a billion times. It's much larger than I expected (and about 9 pounds), and the detail is just stunning.

I opted to have Buddy write out his name and the year since he's writing so well. It's exactly as he wrote it! What a memory! While the engraved name can be personalized, a standard font or initials can be chosen instead.

It's really his handprint! There's no size difference at all, and the engraved handprint does match the ink print we sent in. The engraving is not just a print on top of the stone, it's actually engraved in great depth to reveal a lot of texture in his handprint. All the creases in his palm, and the shape of his fingers show up. I'm going to cry just writing this!

I regret that I've been horrible at writing down Buddy's milestones, or capturing more photos of everyday life. But this, this can't be beat. His handprint, captured just a month before his 5th birthday. Something I'll treasure forever, because he'll never be this small again.

This is by far the most touching custom gift I've ever seen or received. Perhaps I'm bias because it's my son's precious hand, but really, this is a very special thing that Stone Prints is doing.

Some might choose to place their Stone Print River Rock in a special place in the garden or by the front door outside, but I'm keeping mine inside for now. I'll be showing it off to everyone who walks in my door for Christmas gatherings this season! I'm astonished at it's beauty, and what a wonderful memory that Stone Prints has given me. Thank you Stone Prints, thank you.

Price: Stone Prints River Rock - $89
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Jennifer Young said...

I would get my daughter's handprint and give it to my husband!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I love this! I might do my niece and give it to my brother and sister in law.

aperry said...

Beautiful. .. I would love this in our garden. I would like my son's footprint.

latanya t said...

I would get my son's foot and give it his grammy

Jen F said...

I would love to have the Stone Prints River Rock - Custom handprint engraved in stone engraved with my daughter's handprint for our garden.

Kimberly said...

I would love to do my daughters handprint for my husband

Amanda said...

I'd love to get dd's handprints and I think I'd keep this for us!

Mama Blamer said...

The foot print one. I would give it to my mom so she can put it in her garden.

lisa said...

I would get the hand prints of My Son and give it to My Mother!