Friday, December 20, 2013

Cord Blood Registry :: Important Facts About Cord Blood Banking

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for the Cord Blood Registry. I received promotional item to thank me for my participation.

When I was pregnant with Buddy (over five years ago now), I remember receiving a pamphlet or two on cord blood banking. A new concept to me, I brushed it to the side and never heard a word about it from my doctor. Since then, I wish I had looked into it further for Buddy. Thankfully he has been healthy up to this point, but as an infertility mama, the precious, delicate state of life is incredibly magnified. As a parent, I can't imagine what I would do if something tragic happened to my child and I didn't have any more options.

As the world’s largest family cord blood bank with over 500,000 cord blood and tissue stem cell units stored, Cord Blood Registry offers the collection, processing, and long-term cryopreservation of stem cells found in the umbilical cord blood of newborns. These newborn stem cells have the potential regenerative ability to improve and cure common health issues including autism, cerebral palsy, pediatric stroke and traumatic brain injury. Cord Blood Registry is also the first and only family newborn stem cell bank to help establish FDA-regulated clinical trials using cord blood stem cells in regenerative medicine. The medical strides that are being made with newborn stem cells are just astounding.

To see an incredible story of cord blood stem cells at work, view the short video below. 

I love that this mom calls cord blood banking "insurance". When you put it that way, it does make sense to have that safety net that might be needed some day for your precious child.

While I don't know of anyone who has personally benefited from banking their child's cord blood, there are plenty of amazing stories from clients of Cord Blood Registry. With cord blood banking comes peace of mind that in the event of a devastating diagnosis or accident, there's hope that perhaps you wouldn't have if you didn't save you child's cord blood. We will always have many what-ifs and worries as parents, but I can tell you that if we are blessed with another little one in the future, we will likely opt for cord blood banking.

5 facts about cord blood banking that expectant parents should know:
  •  Cord blood is collected immediately after birth and the collection is painless, easy and safe for the mother and infant. The whole process is simple!
  • Cord blood stem cells have been used in the treatment of more than 80 conditions, including certain cancers, blood disorders, immune deficiencies, and metabolic disorders.
  • Cord blood banking isn't as expensive as you think. With financing, your monthly payment can be as low as $55.
  • There are three options to choose from. Family banking - Your baby's cord blood is stored for a fee for exclusive use by your family. Newborn Possibilities Program® - CBR offers cord blood and cord tissue collection, processing and storage at no cost for five years when a family member has been diagnosed with a condition that can be treated with stem cells. Public donation - Your baby's cord blood is donated anonymously for potential use by a patient who needs a transplant. You must give birth in a participating hospital.
  • Family members that are a suitable match can also benefit from using cord blood stem cells, so banking can potentially benefit more than just the child if needed.

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Lisa Weidknecht said...

Science is amazing. It makes me feel old though because this didn't even exist when mine were babies.

A. Beniot said...

wow this is amazing! thanks for sharing

Kristy Figueroa said...

I am really wanting to do this if we have another baby. Thank you for all of the info!

Betzy Carmona said...

WOw! I love all the tech we have now adays

Sharon Martin said...

This is new to me aswell, its amazing how much we can learn now. When my children were born this wasn't an option but I would have definitely considered it. Thanks for sharing x

Cheap Is The *New* Classy said...

I knew nothing about this when I had my daughter. I will definitely keep this in mind, though, if I ever have another kid.

Tara F said...

We thought about this with our 1st child, but all test pointed to healthy and we had no medical history that would prompt us to worry, so we opted out.
It seems like a good idea if you feel like there could be a reason for it further down the road.

Debi Gerhart said...

I never even heard of this. I wish i would have though.

Beth R said...

I never realized that there is more than one choice when choosing cord blood banking. Thank you and definitely looking more into this