Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ways To Get Your Child Excited For School & An Opportunity to Help Donate School Supplies to BGCA

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Over the last few weeks, I've been preparing Buddy for his upcoming first day of school. Although we're homeschooling, we will be attending a homeschool program once a week so that will mark our official start! Months ago Buddy was thrilled about starting school, but just recently he sort of lost it and he doesn't want to do school at all. What's a mom to do? 

Finding ways to get your child excited about a new school year doesn't have to be hard, and I've found it to actually be quite easy. For our family, it looked like this:

  • I showed him all his curriculum! He's fascinated by his Exploring Creation With Astronomy science book!
  •  I told him what our school days will look like at home, and at our homeschool program once a week.
  • I ordered Buddy a new backpack - His Elmo one just isn't going to cut it anymore so we're passing it on.
  • I asked him what he's going to wear on his first day of "class".
  • I asked him what his favorite foods are for special lunches with mom. :)

Basically, I involved Buddy in the process of my preparations, and it's starting to pay off. Today, he told me he can't wait for school to start!

Is Your Family Ready For The New School Year?

We're just about ready, with just a few tasks left on my list to accomplish over the next two weeks. One thing I feel thankful about is that we've been able to gather all Buddy's school supplies without breaking the budget, but many families are simply unable to afford the expenses that comes with a new school year

This back-to-school season, Boys & Girls Club of America and long-time partner Disney have launched the Tools for Back to School Supply Drive Game. By simply playing this pop-quiz style game, you can help donate school supplies to local BGCA Clubs which distribute those school supplies to families in need. By answering 5 questions (they're easy!), a donation of supplies will be made!
Knowing that 1 million students fail to graduate high school each year, the importance of supporting our youth is painfully obvious. This back-to-school season, you can make a difference without any cost to you. Play the Supply Drive Game to donate school supplies to BGCA and comment to let me know you did. Thanks for joining me in supporting our youth!


JRFrugalMom and Family said...

We live in an area with a very high poverty rate, and I know many parents who are scrambling to get the supplies ready for the first day of school.

Brittney Minor said...

I played this game last year and I am so glad they are doing it again! Also, my son will be going to a Boys and Girls club after school program starting this Fall, so it is great to give back to something I am a part of!

Jennifer Young said...

Great ideas! We ordered a new backpack and I'm trying to find a lot of new, fun lunch ideas for my daughter as well!

Jean Brinkley said...

My strategy is very similar. Getting my girls involved in planning and preparation makes it much more likely that they will get engaged and invested. It's also just the respectful thing to do to involve your children in decisions that directly impact them.

Sandy VanHoey said...

I did this and played and think it's such a great idea. I now we picked up additional supplies as well to send with my grandson for anyone not being able to have what they needed at school

christopher sorel said...

my son scout troop is gathering supplies to help the kids in school

Olivia R said...

To get the kids involved is key and allow them to choose what they like (within some boundaries). I know its hard on the teachers going back to school and is easier with the you get the kids are. As kids get older, they get nastier to both other kids a d teachers. If we are able to excite them about learning and keep them bully-free...u can hopefully have a leg up on them enjoying their education