Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kid Friendly London Museums

Disclosure: This is a sponsored guest post.

With the new Autumn term comes a fresh enthusiasm for learning. With pressed uniform, sharpened pencils and backpacks full of new books with that signature new book smell, there is never a better time to try and encourage learning with your kids. There are so many great resources in the capital, all of which are child friendly and make learning fun. If is well worth travelling to London to visit some of the fantastic museums and exhibits on display here. If you have to travel from out town you may like to book at the Travelodge in Kings Cross to stay within the city and get more from your trip.

Natural History Museum
To give kids a sense of real life size history there is nowhere better than the Natural History Museum. Come for the dinosaurs but discover so much more on the way, with hands on exhibits such as the Darwin Centre that really bring the past to life. You can see a life size Tyrannosaurus, a blue whale, the famous Diplodocus skeleton and a giant crocodile, which are all bound to amaze visitors both young and old. Have a go in the earthquake simulator or do some experiments in the special science lab for kids aged 7-14. Entry is free and you can easily spend the whole day here discovering all aspects of natural history across the ages.

Science Museum
For budding scientists and the naturally curious the Science Museum is definitely worth a visit. There are over 15,000 exhibits including the Apollo 10 command capsule and other objects from the history of science. This museum is not a stuffy hands off experience and kids will love getting involved with all the amazing interactive galleries and experiences. Let their curiosity grow with demonstrations and simulations and become part of the action in the 3D Imax and 4D simulators. There is so much here that it will satisfy even the most inquiring of adult minds as well as children. The whole museum is free to enter and is a great day out for the whole family.

British Museum
The British Museum houses so many artifacts that only a portion can be displayed at one time. For kids, who naturally have gory minds, the starting point should be the permanent Egyptian exhibit and the mummies who reside here. Learn about the mummification process, ancient rituals and the Egyptians fondness for cats. Once you are done here then you can explore some of the other amazing exhibits. Find out all about the Tudors and Stuarts and what life was like for those living at the time. Find out what topic your kids are studying at school and give them a deeper insight to what they can learn in the classroom. For a little light history there is a whole section dedicated to the history of toys, which is bound to fascinate the digital computer game generation.

Young minds are like little sponges, and they love to learn and explore the world around them. Feed their intellectual appetites and have fun whilst doing so, in some of London’s finest museums, during a stay in the capital city.