Sunday, August 4, 2013

Safeguard Your Kid's Valuables at School with Master Lock

August is here! Perhaps your back-to-school preparations are underway, or your kids have already started school for the new year. Thankfully we have a whole month until Buddy starts homeschool since we're still in the process of getting ourselves situated. While gathering curriculum and organizing our school room are on my list of priorities, families with kids in public school are probably buying school supplies and new shoes. Many parents may also be looking for ways to safeguard their kids' valuables while they're at school or even away at college. Will your kids be taking a cell phone, iPod, calculator or other valuables to school with them? There will be times that a locker won't be available or their backpack will be left alone.

Did you know that 60% of people worry about the security of their belongings while they or their children are at school?*

Did you know that electronics including cell phones, iPods and laptops are the most commonly stolen items on college campuses?**

 There are many things parents may worry about as they send their kids back to school, but the safety of their valuables while at school or college shouldn't be one of them. 

Disclosure: Thank you to Master Lock for sponsoring today's discussion. All opinions are my own and may be different from yours. 

Since 1921, Master Lock has been providing innovative security solutions for your home, car, campus, store security needs and more. They are the world's largest manufacturer and recognized leader of padlocks and related security products on the market today.
As your kids head back-to-school, Master Lock wants to help families live more safely and securely by offering a great selection of stylish, secure, and customizable products to meet your needs. 
Master Lock has a quite a few combination lock options, but the dialSpeed Digital Combination Lock is wonderful choice for safeguarding your child's locker at school. It not only offers ultra fast entry and an electronic light-up keypad, but also an online Backup Master Code option for thhe forgetful student! A sleek, stylish design with a lot of great features.

Leaving your laptop unattended is probably never a great idea, but Master Lock has you covered for those occasional times it's necessary. Whether it's a bathroom break at the library or an overnight stay at the office, your laptop is safe with the SafeSpace™ Laptop Computer Lock. This lock is particularly great for college students, and will secure any laptop, netbook, monitor or projector with a built-in lock slot. You can even set your own combination too.
As technology becomes more portable, security products are becoming more portable also. My favorite back-to-school storage security product from Master Lock is the NEW 5900D SafeSpace™ Portable Safe. This personal safe is small enough to fit in a purse or backpack, but large enough to fit MP3 players, cell phones, cameras, jewelry, keys, passports, sunglasses or other small valuables. The inside is lined with shock absorbing foam, and there's even an ear bud/charging cable access port. A cable wrapped around the safe secures the contents inside, or the cable can be wrapped around a fixed object so no one can walk away with it. The cable also doubles as a carrying handle. This Master Lock product also allows you to set your own combination. The portability is awesome, and the superior security is a huge deterrent for any potential thief.

If I were still in college, the SafeSpace™ Portable Safe would have definitely accompanied me each day. My hubby actually loves this safe for the office too. Since he walks away from his desk dozens of times throughout his work day, he's in need of a secure way to protect his car keys, extra cash, and iPhone. I'm sure the same desire to protect your valuables would exist for every college student, especially living in dorms or with roommates. With a retail prices of just $27.59, the SafeSpace™ Portable Safe is an affordable necessity for your student for back-to-school.

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Participate each week for a new game that features a different animated lock on a unique campus location. By using provided hints, during the game or from the Master Lock Facebook page, players attempt to crack the code for a chance to win gift cards, video games, electronics and of course, Master Lock products! 

There will be daily instant win prizes, weekly sweepstakes, and a grand prize digital SLR camera up for grabs! Just snap a creative picture or video of your Master Lock product and upload it to Instagram or Twitter, use hashtag #MasterCampusChallenge, and show Master Lock how they master any security challenge.

{Twitter Party}
A Master Lock Twitter Party will be held on August 6th at 8pm EST! You can RSVP here if you'd like to attend! Follow along with hashtag #MasterBacktoSchool and say hi to your host, @ResourcefulMom!

*Survey conducted by Survey Monkey from 3/12/13 - 3/14/13 among Americans representative of a National U.S. Census
**According to an ORC International Report 'School/Theft Statistics' prepared for Master Lock April 11, 2012



Olivia R said...

I still have my masterlock from 7th grade. It was such a great number and easy memorize that i hadd it away for several years, pulled it out last year and am current using it.
Didnt even have combo written down. Can't believe all the new products they now have

Pombo mom said...

quite the cool contraption.

Sandy VanHoey said...

I love the portable safe. My grandson could use that when he plays his sports and takes his phone or to leave at school and not worry about it. Plus,he carries a key to his dads house so it would be safe in there without worrying about him losing it

Sarah Hayes said...

the lock for a laptop sounds great. Ive never heard of that but Im sure it would come in handy for some ppl. master lock has great products!