Friday, August 16, 2013

Our Drazil Kids Tea Adventure {Review & Giveaway - Ends 8/29}

Do you have a juice family? Do you send your kids to school with juice boxes? Perhaps you're okay with your current choices, but many of you may be on the search for a better alternative to traditional juice boxes. With back-to-school season, it's time to check out a new option.

 To be honest, we're not juice people. Well, we like fresh-squeezed juice, but most juice boxes are often filled with junk ingredients and added refined sugar that create a sugar high and total crash after that just isn't worth it. And Buddy? He's a crazy water-lover which I'm totally okay with. I think it's easy to go overkill with juice in general anyway. So juice boxes, aren't typically in our house at all, but occasionally Buddy gets one when we're out if it's an option at a restaurant. Buddy will go gaga over apple juice boxes but he'll only drink half because he soon realizes they're too sweet. Imagine my delight when I was introduced to a juice box alternative that's a much better option to what's popular on the market today.

I was invited and compensated by Drazil Kids Tea to participate in a Drazil Kids Tea Adventure. All opinions are 100% my own.

Introducing, Drazil Kids Tea. That's lizard spelled backwards, and their company mascot! These single serve boxed drinks contain a blend of healthy herbal teas and are infused with real fruit juices. They're naturally caffeine-free, and a great alternative to juices, sodas and sports beverages because each box has 35% less sugar, no added sugar, and plenty of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The herbal tea is the main player in these boxed drinks, and instead of added sugar or artificial sweeteners, you get a touch sweetness from the
natural sugar of real fruit juice. 

These boxed drinks are available in four flavors, which I generously received for our testing adventure one afternoon last week with Buddy. He loves testing out cool new products with mommy! The four flavors include Fruit Passion, Tropical Burst, Grape Bliss, and Yummy Berry.

Here's the nutrition content and ingredients of the Yummy Berry to give you an idea of what's in Drazil Kids Tea. There are usually around 100 calories in a regular berry 100% juice product as opposed to only 50 calories in Drazil Kids Tea. Also, the sugar content is much lower at 14 grams of sugar compared to 23 grams in a regular berry 100% juice product. Little did I realize just how much sugar is in 100% juice boxes! A quick google search and I found plenty of evidence that shows the same size apple juice box will have about 23 grams of sugar as Drazil Kids Tea shows. I'm still a bit shocked at the 14 grams in one 6.75 ounce boxed drink, but it's natural sugar from fruit juices, so it's certainly a better choice than juice box options on the market today.

On to our sampling adventure! Buddy was patiently waiting for mommy to just hurry up so he could try them!

Starting off with Yummy Berry. He was hilariously precise with this simple decision.

A swig of another new flavor.
Carefully deciding his favorite as he inspected each box. It's a visual thing too of course!

And we have a winner! Buddy's favorite is the Fruit Passion.

Of course, mom got in on the action and tasted each flavor also! My favorite is the Grape Bliss, but I'd have no problem blindly picking one of these to drink - they all taste great. If you're not big on a lot of flavor, the toned down Yummy Berry might be your pick. Out of all four, the Tropical Burst has the strongest flavor.  

What I noticed is that Drazil Kids Tea doesn't have that heavy, sugar-filled syrup taste you'd find in juice boxes, so they're a nice choice for tea-lovers and juice-lovers alike. And since they aren't sickly sweet, I could tell by Buddy's facial expressions that he actually enjoyed these boxed drinks more than a juice box.

Drazil Kids Tea boxed drinks are HFCS-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and pretty much a great natural choice for kids. My first choice will always, always be water, but that can get boring sometimes. On days where we're exerting extra energy with sports or hardcore playground play dates, the boost of nutritional content from the herbal tea and infused real fruit juice is helpful in replacing lost fluids.
If you choose to provide your child a juice product, I challenge you to switch things up and test out Drazil Kids Tea and see what your kids think!

Price: $4.99-$5.99 / 8 pack
Buy It: Drazil Kids Tea is currently available in the Northern California region (in stores like Nugget Market, Wholesome Goods, Oliver's Markets) and on Check the store locator!

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Dorothy Teel said...

how cute the name of the company is lizard spelled backward - drazil - I believe that my granddaughters favorite will be the Yummy berry one

Anonymous said...

I think the kids would like grape bliss or passion fruit.
Dawn Monroe

Julie Lynn Bickham said...

I think my kids would like the Tropical Burst.

Brittney Minor said...

My kids would love all of them, especially yummy berry!

Ray said...

Yummy Berry definitely!

aperry said...

the yummy berry

renata said...

Yummy Berry would be great for summer!

Renee Addison-Hutchinson said...

I think my son would like the berry

G said...

Yummy Berry! Yum!

T said...

yummy berry!

latanya t said...

yummy berry

Kristen said...

Tropical Burst sounds good.

Vera Khule said...

I think my son would go for Grape Bliss.

Vanessa said...

Grape Bliss sounds good.

Anonymous said...

yummy Berry
Lori H

Elena said...

I think my son would like the Yummy Berry.