Thursday, August 8, 2013

Visit the NEW Build-A-Bear Workshop at the Galleria in Roseville, CA

I was invited to attend the grand opening of the new store and I received a gift card for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

Last week Buddy and I attended the greatly anticipated Grand Opening of the freshly designed Build-A-Bear Workshop at the Galleria mall in Roseville, California on August 2nd. It was a lot of fun for everyone!

Festivities included a ribbon-cutting ceremony and family-friendly entertainment along with appearances by Build-A-Bear Workshop mascot, Bearemy. Along with several local Girl Scout Troops in attendance, the first 100 guests were invited to make a bear for Roseville Home Start Inc, which will be donated to local children in need.

The ribbon was cut by special guest Roseville Mayor Susan Rohan (assisted by Bearemy!). 

Wahoo!! Let the bear-making begin!

After the chaos of swarming children slowed a bit, we finally made our way into the new Build-A-Bear Workshop. It was Buddy's first visit to one, and I haven't been in over 10 years. While touring the new store, we made Buddy's new bear, "Harry".

Our personal tour with Cindy was fabulous! She helped us through each step of the bear-making process. First, she helped Buddy pick our which bear he wanted and then it was off to fill his heart with his personality. Buddy chose pretty much all of the attributes (like kindness, adventurous etc) which was pretty cute.

After adding a horse sound (yep, Buddy was certainly in charge of creating this bear!) and a yummy mint chocolate scent, it was time to stuff Buddy's bear with fluff. He opted for a strong bear as opposed to a fluffy, squishy one.

Once he was sewn up, this bear needed a bath! This digital bath tub complete with brushes and boats was a hit with all the kids I saw go through with their bears.

Next it was time to dress the bear. Buddy kept it simple with a t-shirt and jean shorts, but there are so many outfits and accessories to choose from!

Buddy was SO determined to dress his new bear without too much help. I guess not having baby dolls at home as practice was really showing here. :)

On to the next area, it was time for Buddy to name his new bear! Plenty of suggestions pop up on the screen, or you can type in your own name. He chose "Harry", one of the suggested names. At this point you also get to "scan" your bear and check out what you put inside (their heart, scent, sound, personality traits) at which point it's declared that you have earned friendship with your new bear!

Time to take him home! After receiving his birth certificate and a Memory Book, Harry was packed in his new home (a cardboard box that you can color) and off we went. Harry is definitely not "just a bear" to Buddy. It's one that he made and created exactly like he wanted.

We had a wonderful time at the new Build-A-Bear Workshop in Roseville. The store is beautiful, the staff was super friendly and great with kids, and the uniquely interactive, personal experience you have each time at Build-A-Bear Workshop will remembered by your kids for years to come. It was certainly a special day for Buddy and me!


Pombo mom said...

It looks like so much fun. Your boy is so adorable. I am so taking my kids to Build A Bear.

Mami2jcn said...

My daughter loves Build a Bear workshop. This weekend we drove to our only local location, only to find it was closed for renovations. My daughter was massively disappointed.

Jennifer Young said...

My girls have never been to Build-A-Bear before, but I am definitely putting it on my list of places we need to go by the end of the year. Both my girls love stuffed animals so much, I know they would absolutely love this!

T said...

I have never been to Build-A-Bear before but I will have to add it to my list for my two boys. They would love all the outfit choices - especially the fireman and policeman outfit!

polly said...

cute pictures! I took our 4 year old grandson a few months ago and he just had the best time! fun experience!

renata said...

Love Build a Bear as it's so interactive and full of fun for children! Great pictures too of your fun time! Thank you for sharing!

Ray said...

Great family pictures showing how much fun Build a Bear can be! Our family enjoys it too!

G said...

Fabulous how much fun the children are having and quality family time is wonderful! Thank you!