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Monthly Subscription Boxes :: Goodebox Review

Goodebox is a monthly subscription service that sends you healthy, sustainable beauty products to your door each month. Recognizing the concerns and preferences of many consumers today, this company curates a box of products that are non-toxic, innovative, effective
beauty and personal care products, and wellness goods. They appear to prefer eco-friendly, vegan, and fragrance free products too. June's box was even expertly curated by natural beauty expert and professional "natural" make-up artist, Jessa Blades.

What's Inside?
Each month your Goodebox will include 6-7 (sometimes more) trial-size products and also exclusive discounts from each included brand so you can purchase full size products if you choose. There is a tri-fold card inside with full details of each included product, and even a bio of the boxes' curator.

  • Cleansing Milk & Make-up Remover by Dr. Hauschka - I didn't even open the box after reading the ingredients. This one includes fragrance, an ingredient I do not want on my skin and was very surprised to see.
  • 100% Organic Argan Oil by Kahina - I've never tried Argan Oil before, so this was definitely a new type of product for me. It's rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants and actually absorbed pretty well into my skin after washing my face.
  • Antioxidant Mask by Kahina - I love a good, gritty mask and this is definitely an effective one! My skin was very soft and refreshed after using this. I also love that many ingredients are organic and overall it's quite natural. Smells great too!
  • Petal Fresh Original Aburatorigami by Tatcha - These oil-absorbing little sheets are AMAZING and worked like a charm! I tend to get a bit of a greasy face by the end of the day. Rather than putting on some finishing powder to absorb it this is a much better option for my skin and I'm not adding any more make-up. Made with 100% Abaca Leaf and gold flakes, these are completely natural and even handmade in Japan!
  • Solar Translucent Bronzer by Vapour Organic Beauty - This moist bronzer feels similar to a lip balm as you apply to your face. It didn't look fake or orange-y like many bronzers I have tried before. Since I have very fair skin, it's hard for me to find a bronzer shade that looks natural, but this one was quite close despite how dark it looks in the photo below (the middle one)!
  • Eyeliner Pencil by Zosimos Botanicals - This full size pencil came in Larkspur Blue, a very deep, dark blue shade (apparently). I have tried and tried to see the blue, but it looks almost black to me! This is good since blue is a color I'd never even consider wearing, so I can enjoy this one! It's vegan, pretty natural, and goes on smooth.
  •  Acai Berry tea by Zhena's Gypsy Tea - Healthy bodies make healthy skin, so antioxidant rich teas such as this are a wonderful way to start the day. Rich flavor and 100% biodegradable couture corn silk sachets.
  • UpCycled Bear Naked Pouch by TerraCycle - Very cute little makeup bag! It zips at the top and is made from Bear Naked Granola wrappers. With this bag they are kicking off their Beauty Packaging Recycling program. You can earn points for sending in your cosmetics and beauty packaging and when you accrue enough you will earn an extra bonus sample in your next Goodebox!
My box actually had 8 items inside, and to my surprise, not all were just trial-size! The Petal Fresh Original Aburatorigami oil-absorbing sheets came in a full-size package of 30, which is a $12 retail value. The Eyeliner Pencil was also full size and retails for $15! These two are definitely products I will use to the very end, and if I continue to see the same results I've seen so far, will buy from the companies when these are gone.

As far as the healthy aspect of Goodebox, I love the concept. I'm all about natural, safe, eco-conscious beauty and skincare. But I also feel that the Cleansing Milk & Make-up Remover by Dr. Hauschka that I received did not belong in the box. As I mentioned above, this product contained "fragrance" as an ingredient, something that I try to stay away from completely. I don't find synthetic fragrances to ever be healthy and don't feel this was a wise choice for Goodebox at all. I'm also surprised to see this product in here because even on the Goodebox site it says "fragrance free for my sensitive skin" under the Expertly Curated & Customized For You area. I'm hoping that Goodebox will be more diligent about ensuring nothing with fragrance makes it into their boxes in the future.

Goodebox members are entered to win full sized products each month. The exclusive discount was 20% off regular-priced items from these brands on the little card in the box. This is a clever way to really help these brands gain some new customers and I appreciate the chance to purchase anything I received at a decent discount! The tri-fold card describing the products and how to use them really created a thorough experience and a wonderful representation of each brand and product.

 For $16 I feel that this box was an awesome value. Although I didn't enjoy all the items I received, there were plenty that I did like and just the 2 full size products together far exceeded the cost of the box. If you enjoy beauty products that are on the more natural end of the spectrum, I'd consider Goodebox a good choice.

Subscription Options: $16/month, Month-to-month, no long term obligation

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Celebrate Woman said...

That's a nice care package to receive each month. Great way to learn about products and decide what is there for you!

SkYLan said...

I agree with Celebrate Woman! What a fun care package! I love small sample sized items to help me make decisions!