Sunday, August 5, 2012

Circle + Bloom :: Audio Fertility & Wellness Programs {Review & Coupon}

As my journey through infertility continues, I've implemented many things into my daily life to allow my body to naturally heal and return to an optimal pre-conception state. But my stress is simply off the charts. We're currently taking a break from trying for a couple months which has helped tremendously, but I know I've got to find ways to effectively manage my stress when we are trying. That's where Circle + Bloom audio programs comes in. 

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Circle + Bloom Natural Cycle Fertility Program. This downloadable MP3 meditation program is aimed at helping you relax throughout your entire 28-day cycle. Each day there is a different 15-minute audio meditation session for you to listen to. Each session is focused on matching what is going on in your body on that day of your cycle. The idea is that the mind and body are closely connected, and you can heal and encourage your body to maintain it's precise reproduction processes to achieve conception without expensive fertility treatments and so forth. Also, through visualization and stress-reduction (a major conception inhibitor), the goal is to allow your body to conceive easily.

"Each session is different but follows the same basic structure. We first spend time allowing your mind and body to go quiet and enter into a deeply relaxed state. Then we begin our physically-based mind-body visualizations that follow what your reproductive cycle is doing during that time period. Lastly, we proceed through an exercise based on a specific emotional release or understanding."

Some examples of what these daily sessions will cover...
Cycle Day 11: Visualizing and having confidence that hormones are passing through at just the right time and speed, and are gearing up to release an egg.

Cycle Day 12: Luteinizing hormone surge in anticipation of release of egg to the fallopian tubes. Seeing fully developed healthy egg released into fallopian tube.

Cycle Day 13: LH surge, and complete and utter relaxation of all elements of your reproductive system. Seeing complete balance and harmony.

This program is incredibly relaxing, and a good way to start to my day. It was a little bizarre at first, I will admit, but now I really look forward to it. Letting go of my stress and changing my focus to just my general reproductive wellness for at least 15 minutes a day has really helped improve my outlook overall. Through infertility I have felt like I have no control of my body's inability to hold a pregnancy. But this program sort of hands you back some of that control by empowering you with the knowledge of exactly what your body should be doing each and every day of your cycle. In turn you are relaxing, letting go, and trusting in your body. Stress is a powerful thing, and I think if I can reign in the out-of-control stress I generally have had about my infertility and TTC, the better chances I will have at a healthy, successful pregnancy in the future. 

I have conceived multiple times that resulted in miscarriages, but I also don't seem to conceive terribly easy. My last two losses were conceived about one year apart despite using every way possible to make sure our timing was accurate and we did everything possible to increase our chances of conceiving every month. I think my stress is probably the main contributor to this and I'm excited to see how quickly we conceive again. Along with my daily fertility tea regimen and my whole food, gluten-free diet, this program is certainly something I plan on sticking with. It's very easy to implement and maintain, and I definitely like having 15 minutes of guided relaxation to just help improve my mood and optimism about my whole situation. By effectively managing my stress through this program, I'm hoping I can get to the point of completely relaxing and even forgetting what point I am in my cycle.

Price: Natural Cycle Fertility Program - MP3 Download - $59

Circle + Bloom also has a bunch of other audio programs for all sorts of women's health issues. Be sure to check them out!

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