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Naturepedic Waterproof Organic Mattress Protector Pad Review

Naturepedic is the maker of organic bedding solutions to let you sleep safely and healthy. They are
a GOTS certified organic mattress and bedding manufacturer offering high quality products made right here in the USA. Naturepedic has also received numerous certifications, recommendations, awards, approvals and memberships that give a highly regarded impression of this company.

I received a Naturepedic Waterproof Organic Mattress Protector Pad to review. We bought a brand new mattress when we transitioned Buddy to his a twin bed, and we knew it would be very important to use a waterproof barrier of some type to protect the mattress from the inevitable leaks and accidents we knew would happen. We also wanted a product that would be free of PVC, vinyl, BPA, Phthalates, and any harmful chemicals. This Waterproof Mattress pad from Naturepedic seemed to be the solution.

First, let me tell you how this waterproof pad works. There are 2 layers of sturdy, absorbent, organic cotton with a very thin layer of waterproof material between them. You can't see this layer, and although the exact specifics of what it is are not on their site, it is apparently a safe, breathable material. Buddy doesn't get extra sweaty laying on this pad so it is definitely nice and breathable! The organic cotton feels similar to canvas to me, but softer. This pad is the size of the top layer of a twin mattress (other sizes available), and elastic straps at each rounded corner secure it down to avoid sliding around under the sheets. It fits quite well and I really like the straps as opposed to a pad that fits like a fitted sheet would. It also doesn't make loud sounds when you lay on it, and it's quite flexible and comfortable.

Well, we used this mattress pad for a few days until Buddy had leaked through his cloth diaper during the night and, as paranoid as I am, I immediately checked the effectiveness of the mattress pad. I was shocked to learn that it had somehow gone through to the mattress. It was not only moist, but it smelled of urine. My brand new mattress was already stinkin' up a storm! I think I got it out, but I can only hope...

I contacted Naturepedic, and they definitely stood by their product and had awesome customer service. I explained what happened and I also made sure to ask if this product was truly waterproof, or just water-resistant. They assured me it is indeed waterproof. They wanted to ensure that I had not received a defective or wrong (non-waterproof) product so they immediately sent a new one. Just to note, we ended up covering the mattress in a polypropylene plastic casing to completely avoid another incident like this, just in case. I placed a couple towels on top of that, and THEN the 2nd new Naturepedic Mattress Pad I was sent. I was determined to figure out what was going on, so the towels were there to absorb any moisture that might get past the mattress pad.

Accident after accident, I would strip the bedding and sheets to find the towels under the mattress pad to be moist and smell of urine almost every time. By now, this had happened around 25-30 times. I washed everything each time and started again. You might be asking why I was still using this product since it was clearly not working. Well, I still liked having the organic cotton from the mattress pad as the top layer (besides the sheets) just under my son. Having a conventional, chemical-filled mattress and a plastic casing (although without vinyl, PVC, or BPA) makes me so nervous, and I hate that 1/3 of my son's time each day would be spent laying on it. The mattress pad is a safe barrier between my son and those chemicals and that's what this mattress pad has become for us.

So, what is REALLY happening to cause the moisture to get past the waterproof mattress pad? I was determined to find out because it was just NOT making any sense. By the time I would find that Buddy had leaked, you wouldn't visually see the ring of moisture (but would feel and smell it) so I couldn't figure it out. Just a couple weeks ago I decided to experiment. 
I took the mattress pad and laid it out on the carpet. I poured about 1/4 cup of water on the mattress pad. Under this same area I had a layer of paper towels to see if it was going through. A paper towel would easily ripple so it would be easy to tell what was going on. I sat there the whole time and watched the water absorb into the top layer of the pad quite quickly. I continually lifted the pad to look underneath, and saw NO leaking! WHAT? I was baffled. This means the waterproof layer between the organic cotton IS effective. I waited longer and saw the moisture spreading out into a larger area. Then it got to one edge. Still no leaking underneath at this point. A few minutes later, it happened!!! I looked underneath and saw that the moisture that had gone to the serged edge of the pad had then transferred to the bottom layer of organic cotton and continued to spread from there. Finally, an answer! The moisture transfers to the bottom layer at the edge of the pad, which explains why the mattress and towels were and are getting moist and smelly. Buddy likes to sleep right up against the wall on one side of his bed, so when he leaks, it's not in the middle, but normally near one side. If he leaks enough it will spread to the side of the pad quite easily, and transfer to the bottom at the side. 

Waterproof? Well, sort of? While liquid won't go THROUGH the pad, it will transfer at the sides to the bottom layer of the pad, thus transferring to your mattress. I wonder if this mattress pad can be redesigned to incorporate some sort of edge that will stop this from happening. I'm hoping my experience will help Naturepedic figure something out to avoid this problem in the future.

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Price: Naturepedic Waterproof Organic Mattress Protector Pad - Twin with straps - $79

The Verdict:
I'm sure Naturepedic's other products that work more effectively than this mattress pad. For me, I can't rely on this product to fully protect a mattress but I do like the water-resistance and absorption I do get to avoid full saturation of the mattress and all the bedding. I just wish it was 100% effective.

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