Friday, November 11, 2011

Ecobubs Cloth Diaper Review & *Facebook Giveaway Opportunity*

Ecobubs wool-blend cloth diapers are very new to the United States. Over a year ago I came across this diaper from New Zealand and hoped they would come here some day so I could try them. That day finally came!
This adorable striped pocket diaper is unique in that it's a wool-blend cloth diaper. It's definitely a new concept for me, and I was particularly eager to try this since I love pocket diapers and have been afraid of the care involved of traditional wool covers. This wool blend, however, can be washed like normal with no added care. These diapers have gained quite a reputation in Australia and New Zealand as one of the best overnight and heavy wetter diapers around. Let's look at the great features of this diaper.
This is a side-snapping, sized pocket diaper with a micro fleece inner, a layer of PUL and wool blend outer material. This diaper comes in small, medium and large sizes. This is a size large, and fits 24+ pounds. Buddy is 35 pounds and this diaper still has room to go to at least 40+ pounds or more. They come in 5 stinkin' cute stripe combinations that to die for! I've never seen a cloth diaper in stripes, and I LOVE stripes! They make for a darn cute fluffy bottom!
 On the left is a super stuffed Ecobubs, ready for night time! On the right you see the pocket diaper, a double-layer insert, and 2 double-layer long inserts that snap at the end. The long inserts are cleverly designed, making for faster drying time and the snap helps you easily stuff the insert without loosing it inside the pocket. I use both of the long inserts to create 8 layers of microfiber for night, and I use one long insert and the single insert for naps. One long insert seems to be fine for daytime, but since were mostly potty trained during the day we really just use this diaper for naps and night time. The diaper definitely has the capacity to hold a thick amount of microfiber layers without causing the middle of the diaper to be higher than the gussets when it's on, which can cause unwanted gaps and leaking. Needless to say, this diaper is great for major stuffing and I can see why this diaper is hailed as a major winner for heavy wetters!
This pocket style diaper's micro fleece inner is extremely soft and thick and the generously sized pocket is located in the front of the diaper for easy access. There's plenty of room for dad to stuff a few diapers too. :) As a sized diaper, I found the width of this diaper at the crotch to be perfectly wide, and not too narrow like some one-sized diapers can be.
Two parts of the waist have elastic. A long stretch at the back, and a shorter part at the front. The elastic doesn't seem to dig into Buddy's skin and this is probably thanks in part to the plush micro fleece casing around the elastic that is absolutely wonderful. There are 2 rows of 3 snaps on the wings, and 2 coordinating snaps on the front panel on each side.

As far as the fit goes, I love it! Here's Buddy in a double stuffed, ready-for-night-time diaper. It literally fits like a glove. I'm really diggin' the side snapping feature of this diaper which eliminates any chance of wing droop. There's no doubt that the materials used to construct the diaper are very high quality, and the craftsmanship are top notch. It has perfect seams throughout and beautifully soft and thick micro fleece on the inside that I can't stop touching! Your baby's skin will love it! This is not a trim diaper in my opinion, but that's because we stuff the heck out of it! If you just add one long insert you would get more of a "normal" fluffy bottom. I love using this diaper at night because we do get a great fit with no leg gaping so unless we've simply just saturated the micro fleece inserts, there are no leaks! Yay! We really like this diaper and it has claimed a spot in our regular stash rotation.

With all this being said, I do still wonder about the purpose of the wool-blend outer on this diaper because it does have an effective layer of PUL underneath. Ecobubs has assured me that the wool outer is not just for show, and it does actually serve the purpose of extra protection against escaping moisture (which is great as a backup of course!). I thought that this diaper's PUL was pretty thick, if not thicker than other brands of diapers I have, thus originally meaning to me that it would be more waterproof and the wool-blend outer would be useless. However, the information from Ecobubs' PUL supplier shows that the PUL is only 1mil in thickness. This is the thinnest PUL commonly used with cloth diapers, and the thickness of the PUL I'm feeling in this diaper is from the Polyurethane being fused with a 100% polyester knit fabric. This fabric gives the thin Polyurethane a sturdier, flexible base, and ultimately the thicker feel I originally noticed (although the PU itself is very thin, and therefore more breathable). I do have some brands that I know also use a 1mil PUL. They probably use a different PUL supplier, and not necessarily of a higher or lower quality, but the 1mil PUL does hold moisture with no issues of not being completely waterproof for me. Other moms may have had other experiences, but I'm not sure if the wool-blend would ever need to be used or if moisture would ever get through a high quality 1mil PUL that Ecobubs uses. Even so, this diaper creates an ultra cute bum that, wool blend outer or not, will offer up a breathable diaper to help avoid "prune bottom" after a long night. If you're looking for a premium pocket diapers made of luxurious materials, get an Ecobubs!

(Please note: Since publishing my review, some parts of my review have been changed to reflect the correct and full information I have since received)
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Price: $32.95

The Verdict: Ecobubs are beautiful diapers to touch and feel, and the stripes are simply to die for! Add to it the night time effectiveness and you have an excellent premium diaper that belongs in every stash. Although I have my thoughts on the wool-blend outer, ultimately it's a great diaper that does the job and offers a huge range of customizable absorbency.

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17sirens said...

Wow! What a great review!
I've never heard of this diaper company, so It was nice reading about a new company for a change.

I love that these diapers are available in stripes! I, too, have never seen a cloth diaper in stripes before, so that is refreshing and makes me want to check them out!

I like that it is also great for bedtime and naps- Squishy is a heavy wetter, so I rely on my bamboo diapers during nighttime. I'm sure this diaper would be perfect for nighttime as well for Squishy- definitely makes me want to look into it more.

The wool outer does seem a bit redundant, but I don't think that it would change my overall opinion of the diaper itself.

Thanks for posting!
You rock!

Kristin said...

I have to tell you, I came across this review and, even though my youngest is 13...I read the entire review. I sure wish I had an opportunity to use these then, but...I wanted to let you know this was the only diaper review that I've ever read in its entirety. Great review, great pictures, and very comprehensive.

Kristin :)

Mandie said...

These are adorable! I need to get some for my friend's baby shower. I think my friend would like the whole Eco approach. I wish they would have had these when my children were babies!


NewlyCrunchyMamaOf3 said...

Thanks so much for a wonderful and very thorough review! I would love to review an ecobubs on my own blog, since it sounds like a fantastic night time option for my babies! I agree, the stripes are to die for, and they give these diapers so much personality. I haven't had any issues with "prune bottom" either, and I have tried dozens and dozens of brands. But I would love to see how the wool/PUL blend fares against the norm. I love your reviews and appreciate the fact that you always give your honest opinions when it comes to the products you're reviewing. While the combination of wool and PUL wouldn't deter me for a second, I appreciate that you made it a point to voice your concerns. Now that is what makes a great blogger! Well done, as always!

Brandy at Newly Crunchy Mama Of 3

Philzendia said...

Thanks for the great review. These diapers sound great and they are cute too! It's refreshing to come across a real review with real photos and real opinions. Many times, it's hard to determine which reviews are really real.

The Spring Mount 6 Pack said...

That is a seriously cute diaper. I am glad to hear it is easy to care for. I would have thought it would have been one or the other, wool or pul, since they are usually seen separate. I tend to agree with you that the wool here is for looks, since pul alone tends to work fine. But since I was all about the cute when Willow was in diapers, I'd buy it.

Amber said...

These diapers are very cute! I wish I would have had one when my little one was in diapers! I completely agree about the PUL and wool....I mean, I used wool soakers and I used pockets that had the PUL...but never needed both...regardless if it works, it works and that's what matters! :)

JamericanSpice said...

I have not read a diaper review in it's entirety before. This is a very thorough review that kept my interest and the only reason I read it is because I'm hoping to do cloth diapering with my next child.

I would love to try these and other cloth diapers to see how well they work for me.

Everyone has different needs.

Great review!

Jen said...

This is such a thorough review! I'd love to try these out. We struggle with nighttime at our house.

I'm glad you pointed out the PUL/wool combo in detail. If I would have ordered this without reading your review, I probably would have been unhappy when I got the diaper. Seeing how it works for you makes me feel more confident that I'll like it, especially now that I know what to expect.

The Clothspring said...

Thanks for your honesty. I use wool exclusively and I love it. But I choose wool to get away from PUL and synthetic fibers. I agree this is not a wool diaper. A wool diaper absorbs the urine alone, there is no need for PUL.
Not to say this is not a high quality and well constructed diaper. It looks like a great idea for those that are afraid of wool and like a side snapping diaper.

Tiffany C. said...

This is one of the best reviews I've ever read. Thanks for the all detailed information.

Samantha said...

that was one of the best diaper reviews i have ever read, it was super thorough- thank you for that!

Shawna said...

Wow! Brazo! Excellent review, so thorough and kept me reading when I actually do not have a need for them but I did finish reading the entire review. Very Well Written! Thanks! :)

Amanda said...

Great review!! This diaper is so cute and most importantly it works :) Thanks for the great pictures.. will have to look into this brand!

Tailor Made Mommy said...

Great review! I have been eyeing these diapers just haven't been able to come up with the funds. I am wondering if the wool helps to prevent leakage around the leg by absorbing any wicking that might happen around the seams?

Chelsea said...

Wow, this is by far the best and most thorough cloth diaper review I've read. I hadn't actually heard of wool diapers before (we use BumGenius exclusively), but I may have to give this a try. I don't have a problem with synthetic fibers and I like the look of the wool here. Those stripes are adorable!!

Gwen said...

Thank you for the review and all the feedback from your readers!
We're having an amazing sale for Black Friday. Our only big sale of the year. It's a great time to try out an Ecobubs for yourself.