Monday, November 21, 2011

12 Days of Gifts Galore Sponsor Spotlight: Yoomi Bottle Review

The innovative Yoomi baby bottle and warmer were inspired by a mom and dad who thought there had to be a better way to warm a bottle. The result is the very unique Yoomi bottle and warmer system that provides a warm bottle in only 60 seconds. Whether you're feeding breast milk or formula by bottle, this system will simplify early morning feedings and feedings on the go.
I received a 5oz feeding bottle, slow flow teat, and warmer to review. I was so intrigued by this concept of a bottle simply warming in 60 seconds because I bottle fed Buddy my breast milk for a whole year and remember all the not-so-fun-parts that came with it. I always found it easy to warm a bottle at home under warm running water in the sink. But on the go I would just have to serve a cold bottle of breast milk and hope Buddy would take it. This was okay as he got older and didn't care so much about temperature, but in the early days as an infant he would only take a warm bottle. I definitely would have loved the Yoomi bottle and warmer back then!

Yoomi bottles are all interchangeable, regardless of bottle size or teat used, and each piece can be purchased separately. You can also use the bottle without a warmer which is great since at some point I know Buddy didn't care if his bottle was cold. The warmer needs to be charged before each use, and once charged, it can only be used one time by just pressing the button on the warmer once the bottle is fully assembled as shown above. To charge the warmer, it needs to be placed in a pan of boiling water for 25 minutes, or placed in an electronic steam sterilizer for 25 minutes. Once charged, the warmer must "rest" for at least 70 minutes before it can be used. Although I feel like this is a really long time to charge a warmer for ONE bottle, I guess it would be more effective if you had a few to do at the same time. The concept of the warmer getting charged by boiling water is pretty neat, and I do like that it stays charged until you use it, even if it's not the same day or even days later. To use, just press the button on the warmer that's now under the teat and wait 60 seconds before feeding. This would be so nice when you have a screaming infant and no extra hands to take care of warming a bottle. 

I really like the curved design of the bottle and the breast-like design of the teat as well. The teat itself is firm, but it pushes inward very easily and feels as close to the real thing as you can probably get. Although I don't have an infant to test this bottle on right now, I can tell just by my experience with various bottles that this design would be very effective in transitioning from breast to bottle for whatever reason needed. Yoomi says that their bottles' teat provides for easy latch on, and are perfect for bottle only, combination feeding or transitioning your baby from breast to bottle. This is the best teat design I've seen to date, so I absolutely love their design. The warmer is pretty cool too. :)

Yoomi bottles are BPA free, and the makers have even tested out their bottles on their own children. The warmer will only heat up to a normal breast milk temperature, and won't make it too hot (which isn't good for baby, or for breast milk!). Each warmer can be recharged up to 100 times. Bottles are available in 5oz. and 8oz. sizes. Teats are available in slow, medium, and fast flow.

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Price: 5oz or 8oz feeding bottle with warmer - $32.95

The Verdict: The Yoomi baby bottle appears to be an excellent choice for infants. The shape of the teats look especially great for easily switching between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Charging a Yoomi warmer definitely takes time, but it you plan right and have quite a few, it's a very convenient and easy tool to warm a bottle for your baby.

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