Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mama-To-Be Gift Guide: BabyBriefcase Review

The BabyBriefcase is an awesome idea I recently saw in a maternity shop while I was with my sister-in-law. I picked it up and thought, "Ohhhhhhh, that's too cool." With my Mama-To-Be Gift Guide coming up soon, I knew I wanted to include this awesome organizing tool for new parents.
 There are many baby organizing products out there, but none quite like the BabyBriefcase. I know I have 2 small clear plastic boxes full of papers, test results, insurance bills and lots of other important paperwork from my pregnancy and also from the birth of our son almost 3 years ago now. There's MOUNDS of it. Who would have thought that having a baby would come with so much paperwork you feel like you can't/shouldn't throw out!? A few things I have are memories and I'd like to keep them with everything else. For instance, we kept the newspaper from the day Buddy was born (so interesting to go back and read by the way!). We also have his hospital bracelet and footprints taken at the hospital, among lots of other fun things from his birth. Oh gosh, here comes a flood of memories!

BabyBriefcase Features:
  • Frosted plastic briefcase with sturdy click-and-snap closure
  • 9 unlabeled plastic folders in frosty periwinkle, mint green, and peach
  • 6 labeled plastic folders: Immunizations & Vaccinations, Birth Certificate & Social Security, Child Care Search, and Pediatrician Visits
  • Thank you note tracker
  • Filing labels in light periwinkle
  • 6 baby information wallet cards for mom, dad, grandma, and other caregivers
  • Photo pocket with vintage frame; handy pen slot (pen not included)
  • Name tag side pockets to easily retrieve from a filing cabinet or bookshelf
  • Fits into standard file cabinets
  • Accommodates many standard letter-size file folders
  • Dimensions: 11.75” wide x 10” tall x 1.75” deep

Now, BabyBriefcase seems to cater to just the "baby" part of parenting and not the pregnancy. However, because nine of the fifteen folders are unlabeled, they can easily be whatever you'd like them to be. For me, I had a lot of obstacles that prevented a totally smooth pregnancy, and I landed in Labor and delivery a few times among other things. Well, I saved the discharge papers! There you go. I'll label one with "Pregnancy Issues" or something lame like that. Those memories I kept when Buddy was born? I'd make a folder for those. As you receive gifts that have a "How To" manual, I'd file those in another folder to keep those all together too!

The BabyBriefcase will help any new, sleep-deprived parent (that's trying to just survive) quickly and easily file away those important documents like the birth certificate and social security card information, and medical information like shot records and pediatrician visits. I also love the Thank You Note Tracker too. Genius! Again, everything baby related is all in one spot and it's wonderful!

I try to be an organized packrat saver-of-everything but sometimes if I can't figure out the best way to organize something, it goes into a box and I label it. Let me tell you, the BabyBriefcase is SO much more convenient, and you can easily find what you're looking for without taking up a ton of space.

The pregnant Mama-To-Be's perspective (my sister-in law!): 

This is one of the best gifts me and my husband have received! There are so many things to keep track of when you are expecting a baby and when you've been diagnosed with "pregnancy brain" it proves to quite challenging! The BabyBriefcase is going to be a lifesaver! I have my birth plan in there for D-Day, as well as birthing techniques. There is plenty of room to keep notes from the hospital, footprints, immunization records, lactation materials from the hospital and more. This has been such a great organizational tool! I would definitely purchase it for baby showers in the future. 

Price: $29.95 and includes free shipping from

The Verdict:
Talk about an awesome shower gift! Now the new mama can track all her thank you cards even in her sleep-deprived, loopy state of mind! I really like that everything is in ONE place, and can still fit into a normal-sized file cabinet with everything else so this isn't just sitting out with no spot for it!

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