Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our Family Night Out at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Circus in Sacramento!

I received complimentary event tickets for our local show. All opinions are 100% my own.

Last night my family and I had the pleasure of attending the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Circus Presents Built To Amaze!, the 143rd edition of The Greatest Show On Earth®. Our evening was certainly full of magical splendor, jaw-dropping moments, and utter amazement that we won't soon forget.

Starting off our night of fun we enjoyed the All Access Pre-Show on the circus floor. Some of the action included a majestic Asian elephant painting a picture, aerialist performances, singing and dancing, a jump house for kids, and plenty of clowning around from the clowns of Clown Alley!

During the show there was a constant flow of performances to keep the audience captivated. One of Buddy's favorite acts was the display of 16 Bengal tigers by Tabayara Maluenda, Ringling Bros. tiger trainer. His intense energy and obvious connection with these tigers was incredible to see! The tigers performed tricks, and even allowed their trainer to get up close to several of them and kiss them on their faces! It was truly a memorable presentation and Taba certainly commands the stage with his presence.

You simply cannot have a circus without a high-wire act! The Danguir Troupe amazed us all with a jaw-dropping performance as they danced, flipped, and even leapfrogged across the high wire. We held our breath as one member jumped from the shoulders of one guy to another, all while on the high wire with no safety cables!

The Human Cannonball was fun to watch as Elliana Grace flew through the air at a G-force of 7 and landed a perfectly calculated finish. It was nail-biting for sure, because this sort of dangerous stunt has to be precise!

The Trampoline Tower Tumblers showed off their impressive acrobatic skills as they tumbled in and out of a 12-foot tower. As they tumbled, flipped and dazzled the audience, their synchronization was proof of the great amount of time and effort put into their routine.

The beloved circus elephants! Just as majestic as ever, these beautiful Asian elephants danced around and has plenty of tricks to show off. Dedicated to saving the endangered Asian elephant species, Ringling Bros. has one of the largest herds of Asian elephants in the Western Hemisphere. Through it's breeding program, 25 calves have been born into the program since the early 1990s. As further evidence of the great care of their animals, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation was established in 1995 as a facility for research, reproduction, and retirement for Asian elephants.

And the grand finale, complete with confetti! This circus is certainly a fun, family-friendly show for audiences of all ages, just as it's always been. My photos represent just a handful of the dozens of performances that went on. The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Circus is a spectacular show featuring more than 110 of the world’s best artists and athletes representing 17 countries, along with 95 exotic and domestic animals. From the King Charles Troupe that portrayed amazing balance and skill as they performed a choreographed basketball routine while riding unicycles, to the two married couples that performed an incredible hand-balancing act of strength and balance, the circus is must-see for viewing a level of talent and performance excellence that is unsurpassed.

Buddy woke up early this morning and put on his clown nose as he proceeded to talk about the circus and ask a billion questions. We all had so much fun!

Don't forget, the circus will be in the area through next weekend! 

Sleep Train Arena (Sacramento) - September 13 -16, 2013
Stockton Arena - September 20 -22, 2013 

**View Show Times & Ticket Information HERE**



Kymi A. said...

I've never been to a circus before, but this one I have heard about and sounds fabulous. Looks like you and your family had a great time. I hope to take ours in the near future too.

Evelyn D. said...

My goal one day is to go to a circus. This looks like so much fun and I want my family to have that experience