Friday, September 13, 2013

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Cat Litter for Your Furry Friends {Review}

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cat’s Pride. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Early this summer my younger sister got married, moved to Alaska with her Coast Guard hubby, and brought home a pound kitten. Like any new endeavor, this little kitty has proved to be challenging in many ways. Good thing he's cute.

Meet Kosta! He's just four months old, and as all kittens are, he's very curious. He enjoys chasing his tail, loves going outside, and acts a lot like a dog apparently. So far he's chewed through three wire cords, clawed through some curtains, and recently learned how to jump on counters. Oh joy! Kosta is very dependent and loves being wherever my sister or her hubby are. He's a cuddly kitty for sure, but he's a handful now that he can climb up on anything! 

This kitty has a hilarious personality. So fluffy too!

There's enough to worry about and learn with a new kitty, and cat litter shouldn't have to be one of them. Who knew there were so many choices? As my sister continues to care for her new kitty, she's been getting an unfortunate lesson on which cat litters just don't work well. Today I have the opportunity to share her experience with Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Litter.

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Litter is a scoopable clay litter that is low-dust, quick-clumping, and provides total odor control in both fragrance-free and scented options. It's also up to 25 percent lighter than competitors, and is the only litter recommended by the American Humane Association. 
My sister received a 15-pound container of the Fragrance-Free Odor Control and the scented Quick Action litter. Here's what she thought...

I definitely dread emptying the litter box, and perhaps I don't change the litter as much as I should as a result. The smell is just awful no matter what, but Cat's Pride has definitely made an overall difference. 
The Fragrance-Free and scented Quick Action varieties have both controlled the litter box smell well, and it's just a matter of preference as to which one you like best. The Fragrance-Free is my favorite - I learned that I don't like any strong scents at all to remind me of what it's covering up! It does have a light "cat litter" smell (that's really unavoidable no matter what cat litter you use), but it's not as strong as the fragrant scent that the Quick Action litter has.

Cat's Pride doesn't track around the house like larger, pebbly litters we've tried. With our old litter, we would instantly know when Kosta had used his litter box because he smelled like his litter and, well, cat poo too. It would stick to his paws, and get tracked around the house which is just not okay. With Cat's Pride, we don't have that problem because this litter has a light, sandy texture that doesn't stick to Kosta's paws and get tracked around. Since he doesn't smell like his litter anymore, we also don't smell his poo either.

My sister was quite happy to find that they carry Cat's Pride Fresh & Light at their local Safeway in Kodiak, Alaska. She's decided to switch to Cat's Pride!

Need a new cat litter? Check out Cat's Pride Fresh & Light to find a retailer near you and discover the difference for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great cat litter! Been thinking about switching! I'll check out my Safeway! Thanks!

Olivia R said...

Love his eyes. I dont have a cat, but my sister does and they track that kitty litter! Yuck. I asked what all the pebbles were on her's lie tracking in poop kindof because you don't know if they got some pee or poop on it and then to walk on furniture. yuck again. I will tell her about this and hopefully she can switch

Mami2jcn said...

What an adorable cat! My brother in law has 2 cats. He'd be interested in this.

Cassandra Huber said...

I have extreme issues breathing among other allergy issues when my husband changes the litter. I have been researching litter that won't send my allergies into overdrive. This is definitely one brand I have not tried yet just may.

Dee said...

We have two cats - I will definitely check it out!

Amber Hale said...

I have four cat in my house and I and going to try this litter out. I hate doing the litter boxes so I make my boyfriend do it because I hate that smell and I like I always have to gave my cats baths because the smell like the litter boxes.

Amie said...

My mother has two cats. I'll have to suggest this to her and see how she likes it. I love cats, but little box upkeep is the #1 (and #2) reason I don't have cats any longer. :(

Rebecca Parsons said...

How adorable is that cat.. It is a challenge keeping a liter box from smelling up the house. We have two cats and I am always trying different types of liter to find what works the best.

jenmalonee said...

I think I would like the fragrance free too. I think I need to try this and maybe I wont dread cleaning out the litter box as much either.

Jennifer Marie

lilnursejen at yahoo dot com