Friday, September 6, 2013

Coinstar :: Turn Your Spare Change Into Gift Cards -- Without Fees!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Coinstar. All opinions are 100% my own.

Are you swimming in spare change? Don't want to spend forever wrapping your coins to take them to the bank? Using Coinstar and their Coin to Card feature is a fast, easy way to turn your change into an eCertificate or gift card for a major retailer near you - like JC Penney, Amazon, Old Navy, Toys R Us, Gap, and Starbucks just to name a few. And the best part is, there is NO FEE for this option at all! That's right, you keep the entire value of your coin stash when using the Coin to Card feature!

During a recent visit to a Coinstar Center machine at our local grocery store, we were able to cash in Buddy's spare change for an eCertificate to Toy R Us. He's worked hard to gather extra change and earn extra money for special jobs at home, so this was a very special outing, especially considering the stress of starting homeschool this week. He's been saving for a new Thomas & Friends motorized train!

The Coin to Card process is as simple as it gets. At a participating Coinstar Center machine, simply select what retailer you'd like for your eCertificate or gift card, dump your change into the machine and watch the total add up on the screen as the change is counted.

Teaching your child about money can be fun and easy with Coinstar. By using the Coin to Card option at a Coinstar Center machine near you, helping your child turn in their hard-earned cash and change into an eCertificate or gift card can quickly become a lesson in math, the value of money, and so much more!

Buddy's reward - $20.66 to Toys R Us!
Prior to turning in his change, we helped Buddy sort, count, and learn the value of each of his coins. He's emptied his piggy bank on the kitchen table plenty of times before, but this time it was in preparation to spend it! We're big into teaching him how to save, save, save, but at some point it's good to let your child reap the rewards of their hard work. Our experience with Coinstar was a fantastic way to show Buddy that every penny truly counts. 

Whether it's your jar of change or an old piggy bank, take the time to turn in your stash into an eCertificate or gift card to a major retailer using a Coinstar Center machine near you. Choose the Coin to Card option as a great way to treat yourself, stretch your budget, or teach the value of money to your child, all without fees
Use the Machine Locator on to find a Coinstar Center machine near you!


Diane Cooper said...

I am so in love with Coinstar! It is so much better than the old way of rolling change and lugging it to the bank. For years, I worked as a waitress, and I would throw my change in a jar at the end of every day. At Christmas, I would roll my change, and sometimes, I would have as much as 800. You have no idea how long it takes to sort, stack, and roll that much change - plus getting it to the bank! Coinstar is wonderful!

Stephanie said...

I did not realize they did this, I may just have to start redeeming my coins for gift certificates.