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Zooper :: Bolero Stroller {Review}

 I'm sure moms could all agree that a good stroller is one of the "must-haves" you buy for a new baby. It needs work equally well for newborns and toddlers and also withstand the test of time, terrain, and I'd like to introduce you to the 2011 model of the Zooper Bolero. It has all the bells and whistle, and then some

Zooper has been around since 1999, continuously gaining a great reputation for high quality, safe strollers. They also set the bar by offering "extras" as standard features in their products and not as add-ons. The Bolero is a great example of this! This stroller includes a cup holder, snack tray, bassinet, sleeping bag and sun shade for an amazing value and true convenience. Because of this you can avoid multiple stroller purchase since the Bolero does works great for infants, and young children up to 45 pounds too

Buddy, almost 4 years old, 39 pounds and very tall!
In an effort to bring to you the best parts of the Bolero stroller, I'd like to point out my favorite features.
Construction & Materials
Despite being a bit heavy at 23.8 pounds, the Bolero boasts a tough aluminum frame that promotes safety and stability. Several areas are also made of strong die cast including the handlebar lock release, the front latch frame lock, and the front wheel housings. Thanks to four independent wheel suspensions that feel a bit like shock absorbers, a smooth ride is all you feel with the Bolero. The seat of this stroller is ultra plush with a thick breathable mesh, wide seat, and everything completely cushioned for the ultimate cozy ride for your little ones.

Five-Point Safety Harness
Zooper takes safety seriously! This harness provides the most security possible while still allowing parents to change to a three-point if desired for an older child. It's also simple to raise the straps to a different level if needed. Just re-thread!

Easy One-Handed Seat Recline
You're on a walk with a friend and you don't want to stop. But, your baby fell asleep! No problem! Just use one hand to pull the seat to a fulling reclined, flat position. It couldn't be any easier to do while on the move. It's actually a 4-position recline feature so older children can comfortably rest or sleep in just a slightly reclined position too. Just push the seat up from the back to place it in an upright position or just up a position or two as needed. I love how simple and effortless this is.

All Purpose Canopy & Sun Shade
The canopy in itself has a multitude of features and functions that are really one of my favorite things about the whole stroller! It features a water resistant farbic and several panels to this canopy depending on your immediate need. It has an extra panel to unzip to extend the canopy as well as a zippered opening to reveal the infant safety enclosure that doubles as a way to bring in extra airflow on hot days. A flap of fabric also lifts to reveal a UV net to allow extra light in with extra harmful UV rays. The canopy can practically shut out most light which is great for a sleeping babe! Use the Sun Shade to shield the front of the stroller from additional sun exposure too. I was quite amazed at how well this covered the front of the stroller.

Arm Rest, Snack Tray & Cup Holder
All included accessories and each can be used as suited to your needs. Each side of the stroller has a small latch to remove, switch, or simply open the armrest or snack tray. The cup holder attaches on the right side of the stroller. I wish it was a bit higher, but it's still within easy reach.

Bassinet & Sleeping Bag
The reversible bassinet is part of a growing trend and demand I've seen in recent years. When Buddy was an infant there were no bassinets to be found! What I love about this bassinet is that it's soft-structured and incorporated into the existing design of the stroller. It doesn't require a huge piece of gear and it's relatively easy to convert. The canopy is reversed too so newborns and infants who are still mostly lying down can face mom and dad for complete security.The sleeping bag can be used in the regular upright position as well!

Infant Safety
I've already discussed the five-point safety harness and infant bassinet, but there is more! The included infant headrest, and infant safety enclosure (that's part of the canopy) provide added safety and comfort for newborns and infants. The adjustable leg rest moves depending on your child's age, providing for optimal comfort and safety also. For Buddy we keep it down since his feet reach the foot rest, and for infants up to age 6 months it needs to be folded up and closed using the zippers. As with all Zooper strollers, the Bolero is also car seat compatible.

Simple to Fold Away
The Zooper Bolero is actually a bit heavy, at 23.8 pounds. However, it feels light as a feather to push. It's folds up easily with just two steps, latches together on the side and features a carry handle to place in the car or wherever you need to store it. It will also stand on it's own which is a nice feature! It honestly took me a few tries (and a bit of frustration) figuring out how to fold the stroller, but it's fairly easy for me now.

For a more hands-on look at the Bolero, check out my short video overview below:

We're planning a trip to Disneyland in the Spring, and I'm so excited to bring our Zooper Bolero. It's still very comfortable for our almost 4-year-old, without him looking too large for it and I love pushing it! At a retail of $399, the Zooper Bolero is really the only stroller you'll ever need to buy.

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Ellen said...

Love the cup holders. What a great idea!

Ericka @Nibbles and Feasts said...

Oh wow! This stroller is beautiful!

judi said...

This stroller reminds me a bit of the one I had with my 20 yr. old. That was back before they had the travel systems where the carseat latches into the stroller. It is quite heavy and I'm not sure about that. It weighs as much as my sit n stand double stroller. It looks like it's more comfortable though.

Shauna said...

Wow, I love it and had never heard of Zooper before. I love the sun shade, as our last strollers shade was horrible. Thanks for this post

CinnyBBS said...

Oh, cup holders are essential!

Tiffany: Diva Locks said...

Wow this stroller seems to have it all, I love the sun shade that's awesome! I like the sleek look as well. Man how times and strollers have changed since I had my last child 8 almost 9 years ago.

freebiequeen15 said...

My sister is expecting - I'll have to show her this review because she has been researching strollers lately

Nina H said...

That looks like a really cool stroller! My three year old is really tall and we have the hardest time finding a stroller that fits. We'll have to check this one out!

Mary Gallardo said...

That is a really cute stroller and I love that it isn't too bulky! I would have loved something like this for when my daughter was in her stroller years!

Melanie Schemanski said...

Wow, that is an amazing, rugged stroller. Love how it can work with all ages, and holds up to 45 pounds.

Matt S. said...

Wow! Thi is intense! I want this stroller so bad now. I have a chicco and have loved it, but this makes my chicco look like a toy!

Alex Liz R. said...

This stroller seems so practical. It looks so easy to fold and store! I love the bassinet and sleeping bag too!

DeniseL said...

Wish I had one of these! It seems like they thought of everything. I especially like the one hand recline feature. My little guy didn't like to stroll too much, but when he did it seems like he was out like a light in no time :)

Melanie Schemanski said...

What is great is the safety features on this like the 5 point harness system for little ones.

Debby said...

What a fabulous stroller. It has every feature you could ask for...wish I'd had one like this when I logged a zillion miles pushing my granddaughter around! Hmmm...her sibling is due in the spring!

Jennifer Hiles said...

Wow, it has so many great features. I love the UV net, mine def. does not have that! I also love how nicely it folds up and the easy seat recliner.

Salleefur/Jesselyn/Jesster said...

Wow. that's enough to make me wish we had a baby here! But your review gave me a novel idea:

When our two cats were younger we use to put them on long leashes and let them play out in the yard (only when we were home and could keep an eye on them) But now they are too old and vulnerable. Still they love the outdoors: the sunlight and fresh air - and always sit/sleep in the windows when we have them open.

I bet they would LOVE to curl up in this stroller and then we could still take them out of them on walks with us.

(aisde I entered your Shabby Apple giveaway)

Jesselyn A/Jesstinger