Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Better Life :: Ecofriendly, Natural Cleaners {#GreenChristmas Sponsor Review}

At Better Life, your health takes a front seat with the formulation of their natural household cleaning products. Harsh nasty chemicals are no where to be found and yet they perform just as well, if not better than traditional cleaners! You simply can't tell me that those beautifully artificial scents aren't being absorbed by my body when I use traditional cleaners. Not to mention what happens to my skin if I touch those cleaners, or if they leave a harmful residue on my counters that I put food on. Personally, I'd rather feel confident in the cleaners that I use rather that worry and wonder. That's what I love about Better Life. I don't have to wonder! 

Better Life natural cleaners are gluten free, hypoallergenic, safe for waterways and marine life, and are not tested on animals. I love that Better Life fully discloses each of the ingredients on each product so you know what you're using and how safe they really are. The scents used by Better Life rock too! They're just essential oils so I feel safe breathing them. They're safe for kids, babies, adults, pets, and the planet too. I had the opportunity to try almost all the products Better Life offers, and I'd like to give you an overview of my thoughts on each one!

This 16-piece kit is a wonderful way to dive in to Better Live natural cleaners. Perfect for a housewarming gift or for that natural family you know. It includes most of the Better Life collection. Here's a more detailed look at what this kit includes:

WHATEVER All-Purpose Cleaner (Clary Sage & Citrus and Unscented) - This all-purpose cleaner is my go-to cleaners for everything. It's initially how I discovered my love for Better Life! From the bathroom counters, sinks, fixtures, toilet, and baseboards to my kitchen cabinets, table, and other furniture. If you only wanted one cleaner for your whole house, this is it. If you want more specialized cleaners for proper care of certain surfaces, Better Life has those too so keep reading!
SIMPLY FLOORED Natural Floor Cleaner - This it the best hard wood floor cleaner I have found to date. It gently cleans my floors and leaves them shiny without residue and streaks, or leaving them slippery.
I CAN SEE CLEARLY, WOW Window & Glass Cleaner - Streak-free and film-free, this unscented glass cleaner is stellar. It works just as good as the harsh stuff!
2am MIRACLE Nursery Cleaner - I used this to clean a few of Buddy's toys and blocks that are really quite dingy and that he's had since he was a baby. It's definitely better than traditional cleaners and I like knowing it's safe for him to be around. I used to just use regular baby wipes but this is actually much better!
EVEN THE KITCHEN SINK Cleansing Scrubber - I love this for the grimy stuff in my bathrooms and kitchen. It has no scent yet holds great cleaning power and shine for many surfaces, from toilets to tile and more.
EINSHINE Stainless Steel Cleaner - Great for polishing and shining up my stainless steel fridge. It will keep it looking nice and new!
OAK-Y-DOKEY Wood Polish - We only have a couple pieces of furniture that have a little solid wood on them but we've cleaned enough to notice how rich and vibrant their condition can be with this one. The cinnamon and lavender make this one smell delicious too!
TAKE IT FOR GRANITE Stone Surface Cleaner - We use this to wipe down our granite kitchen counters every night. We are new to having granite counter tops and we thought we would just have to deal with them always looking and feeling greasy. We were so wrong! The two cleaners I used prior to this were clearly not working, and not formulated well for granite. Our granite now gets a good clean and stays clean for longer, and without streaks.
DISH IT OUT Dish Liquid Soap (Clary Sage & Citrus and Unscented) - Suds nicely without sulfates and degreases pans well too. Since I hand wash a lot of our dishes, a good dish soap is very important! I approve of this one.
Automatic Magic Dishwasher Gel - I'm picky about my dishwasher cleaners too! So far I haven't noticed any films or residue on my dishes with this dishwasher cleaner. With others I sometimes notice that residue will accumlate and begin to show up later, but so far so good!
NO REGRETS Citrus Mint and GO FORTH & CONQUER Clary Sage & Citrus - These are Hand and Body Soaps in some very yummy scents. I love that these can be put in the shower in a pinch, or used at the sink for hands too! They're not drying at all, and don't even require a full pump to wash so I'm able to extend the life of each bottle. 
COOL CALM COLLECTED Citrus Mint and WORK IT, OWN IT Clary Sage & Citrus - These are hand and body lotions that perfectly compliment the hand and body soaps. A little goes a long way with these lotions! They feel thin yet moisturize very well without being greasy.

Floor Care Kit - $29.99 
The Floor Care Kit is exactly what I've been looking for to clean my hardwood floors. Since wood is what's covering most of my house and we still don't have a lot of furniture to cover a majority of it, I have to clean my floors a lot. The universal extension pole extends as far or short as you'd like, and applying a reusable microfiber mop pads is so easy. The mop pads stick to the mop head with a hook and loop material. They're actually quite universal with other floor cleaning systems. Not only do they pick up dust great, but when wet they are fabulous. Just squirt some of the SIMPLY FLOORED cleaner on the floor and mop it up!

I've been looking for a natural stain remover/pre-treater that actually works and the Natural Stain & Odor Eliminator is great! Buddy doesn't stain his clothes as often anymore, but inevitably he will get messy at meal time on occasion. This has taken out avocado, tomato sauce and chocolate so far. I also received the Scrubbing Microfiber Cloth, Glass & Polishing Microfiber Cloth, and General Purpose Microfiber Cloth too. Usually I just use whatever towel is lying around to clean with, but I've learned through trying out these cleaners that certain materials clean different for different surfaces. The Glass & Polishing cloth for instance makes cleaning fingerprints on the windows so much faster than normal! Better Life also has a new cleaner out called GREEN SCREEN for your computer monitors and television screens. 

I've never liked cleaning my house so much until now. Better Life has made is so much more enjoyable!! I have the proper "tools" (cleaners) to clean my house so it makes the daily maintenance easier, more enjoyable, and safe for my family. Thanks Better Life!

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Jennifer Hiles said...

They sound like an excellent company. I would be very interested in trying their products. I especially like the SIMPLY FLOORED as my kids spend most of their time there! And also the I CAN SEE CLEARLY, WOW since my goofy children like to put their lips on the windows!

Aneesa bint Lewis said...

I love eco-friendly cleaners! I fell in love with mrs. meyer's all-purpose cleaners and also am a fan of dr. bronners products. always looking to add new brands to the list. thanks for sharing!

Debby said...

Thanks for a great review. I only use non-toxic enviromentally friendly cleaners and I'd never heard of this brand before.

freddie said...

The WHATEVER All-Purpose Cleaner sounds like the cleaner I need most. I love that you can use it anywhere. I also love that these products are all natural and are not tested on animals. That means a lot to me. dwelchert@yahoo.com

judi said...

This is a really nice package! I have a mop like that and I love it. I'll never go back to rag mops again.

Sarah Hayes said...

This kit has a cleaner for everything! Sounds great