Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Starting out on the right foot with Pediped {Review}

I'm really careful when it comes to buying shoes for Buddy. At just 3 1/2, his feet are a ginormous size 13! I feel that much more compelled to be cautious about buying shoes that will encourage healthy growth and development because his feet are growing as such a fast rate. Thankfully there are plenty of stylish options from pediped, a premium shoe company for babies and kids that offers the "next best thing to bare feet."
We received the Flex Jett style which were hand-selected by Buddy. Who knew a 3 1/2 year old would start getting picky about his shoes?? These were "big boy" shoes in his mind and he was adamant that these were the ones. In an effort to stay ahead of his seemingly rapid foot growth, I went with a size EU 31, which is equivalent to a 13-13.5. They are actually slightly large on Buddy, but I knew that wouldn't be an issue! Pediped has an amazing Flex Fit System™, which allows you to adjust the fit of their shoes and prolong the length of wear. Just add the extra insoles that are included and you can effectively reduce the size of the shoes by almost half a size!

The Flex Jett is made with an all natural rubber sole, a suede upper, faux blue laces, and velcro strap for closure. This sneaker style is the perfect all day shoe for a busy boy. They are incredibly well-made and the attention to detail is fabulous! The tred on the bottom of these shoes grip the ground very well, but are also non-marking on my floors which is an added bonus. There upper back of the heel is cushioned well to avoid blisters and hold the foot in securely. I've noticed that pedipeds seem to fit Buddy's wide feet too. No squishing toes! In fact, he seems to have extra room so as he steps his toes separate properly. This is, or course, very important for proper foot development.

One thing about pediped that I love is that the soft rubber sole is thin, yet supportive and very flexible when you try to "fold" the shoe in half. I have full confidence that these will move with his feet, and not the other way around. With pediped, Buddy has NEVER tripped over his shoes, something I simply cannot say for any other brand we've had to "break in" (and we've gone through a lot of shoes!). With pediped, you should never have to "break in" their shoes because they are designed with your child's foot health in mind. Check out more about proper foot health from pediped.

Prior to this pair, we had the pediped Adrian style. Similar, but a younger looking style. In fact, we bought that style TWICE because we loved them so much. They were Buddy's "space shoes" (this kid is very imaginative!). That's how much we LOVE pediped and will be shopping with them for a couple more sizes until Buddy's feet won't fit in pedipeds anymore (that will be a sad day!).
Aren't they just so darn cute?? Buddy loves these shoes and so do I. They seem to be wonderfully comfortable and we haven't had any issues whatsoever! I know I'm giving his feet the best start I can possibly give with pediped. Style, comfort, and proper foot health. That's pediped!

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Price: Flex Jett - $49

Buy It: Check out pediped.com for this style and lots more!

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product(s) to facilitate this review for free. No other compensation was received. This is my completely honest opinion above and may be different from yours.


Our Muddy Boots said...

We just bought our first pair of these and I had never heard of them before! My 5 year old is so prone to blisters. I was worried because summer (flip flop season) is over. We have had these sneaks for three weeks and not a blister to be found!

(I do wish I had seen this style- they are way cute!) We have the trainers which are super-cute in their own way.

Becky Elmuccio said...

We just got our little one her first pair of Pedipeds. She loves them and they seem super supportive and comfortable.

The Frugal Greenish Mama said...

Mine loved this type of shoe with the flat bottoms. It was the only type that they would wear when they were this little!

Melanie Schemanski said...

I had never heard of this brand before. I will have to check into them for my 5 year old. I am tired of buying shoes that wear out in a couple of months!

Marysa said...

I have yet to try these, but I have always heard great things about this brand of shoes!