Saturday, October 27, 2012

20 Ways to Use Mason Jars {With Photos & Project Links}

Pinterest has served as inspiration for me for so many future home projects, craft ideas, recipes, educational activities and healthy living remedies. My favorite types of pins involve using mason jars (or any glass container) to organize, sort, or store something in some way. Using glass for storage and organization is probably one of the healthiest means to do so due to it's non-porous and toxin-free nature. I thought I'd compile a bunch of mason jar-type photos and blog posts from my fellow bloggers to give you a bit of inspiration! Enjoy!

Using mason jars to store nuts, grains and seeds.

More kitchen storage using Mason jars and recycled spaghetti jars {via They're All Of Me...}
Making my own cleaner using vinegar, lemon peels and lime peels.
 Storage and organization in my bathroom drawers.
DIY Glass Jar Luminaries {Via Untrained Housewife}
The World's Easiest Hanging Vase {via Blissfully Domestic}
DIY Mother's Day Centerpiece {via Blissfully Domestic}
Home Cooked Yogurt Recipe {via Another Artful Mama}
DIY Homemade Yogurt Recipe {via MontanaSolarCreations}
DIY Chive Vinegar {via MontanaSolarCreations}
What do YOU do with your Mason Jars?


crunchyfarmbaby said...

Oh - SO many fabulous ideas!! Thanks for sharing my hanging herb garden. I'm definitely using some of these other great ideas!

annie @ montanasolarcreations said...

I love this!! There were so many other ideas for mason jars that I hadn't thought about- definitely sharing and pinning this! Thanks for including some of my posts too :)

Emily said...

Great ideas! I love that there are so many uses. Thanks for sharing. I pinned this for future reference!

Rhe Christine said...

this is amazin! thank you. also, I'm not sure what planet i've been on because I read your blog all the time, but you're from my hometown area! Fair Oaks, and my hubby grew up in roseville! We are in Virginia now with the military! I would have love to have known another blogger in my area! the very big world of blogging is teeny tiny! LOL

Destany Fenton said...

You did a fantastic job! There are a bunch of ideas here I never would have thought of and I am surely going to put to use. I especially like the herb garden attached to the wall.

AimeeKay said...

These are some really awesome ideas! Some I now want to try implementing in my new home!
Thanks for sharing!