Friday, April 20, 2012

Wittlebee - Get NEW Baby & Kids Clothing for less than $4 Each, SHIPPED! (New Customers Get $10 Off!)

Wittlebee is the new subscription site for kids clothing! Get a customized monthly box sent to your door for just $39.99/month! BUT, sign up through me and get $10 off your first box. That's just $29.99 for 8 items, which comes out to about $3.75 per item!! There's no obligation to continue each month if you choose to cancel or place your subscription of hold either. Customizing your box and style is super easy too.

Order your box today!

Wanna see what was in my box!?! 

2 shorts, 5 tees and a pair of cotton pants! Totally a killer deal for sure at just $29.99! Three tees were from American Apparel and I love them so much. The shorts are nice and lightweight for summer! Some items were no-name brands, but the quality is excellent so it doesn't matter to me anyway!

With the $10 off your first box, this is a great opportunity to see if a service like Wittlebee can make your life easier! It was so easy to get my order in without having to leave the house. At this price, I'm fine with them picking the clothes! I also love that I was able to specify to my stylist that I didn't want any underwear or socks, or anything with skulls and crossbones on them in my order. And they totally listened and none of those things were in my box! You can also let your stylist know if there is something you do want in your box too.

What are you waiting for? I don't know if they'll be offering this $10 off for too long, so get your first box and start saving now!