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Emmy's Organics : Gluten-Free, Raw & Vegan Goodies {Review}


As I continue to seek out fabulous raw food companies that offer comparable (if not better) tasting sweets, treats and snacks, I stumbled on Emmy's Organics. Gluten-free, raw & vegan food are their passion, and you certainly see that reflected in the high quality of their products. They pride themselves on quality, creativity and sustainability of the products they offer. As a way to show their commitment to the environment, they have also joined the 1% For The Planet organization. Their packaging and sustainable practices are admirable and make their already-delicious goodies that much better. If that all doesn't sound good enough, Emmy's Organics even went through the process to become Non-GMO Project Verified. Even as a small business, they recognize the importance of giving back and also selling the best products possible.

Emmy's Organics sent me 7 flavors of macaroons and 3 granolas. Everything I received came in compostable packaging, and each product is vegan, raw, and gluten-free of course. They also have some yummy Chocolate Sauce, Samplers, Trail Mixes and other goodies so go check out their site!

Emmy's Macaroons are 98% raw with the only exception being a small amount of almond meal (which is 100% non-GMO). Although I'm not a hardcore raw foody, I love that information like this can be clearly found and is fully disclosed on Emmy's FAQ page. The macaroons have a wonderful texture and, of course, include all the healthful benefits of Organic Raw Coconut Oil. The Organic Raw Shredded Coconut used is not as fine as many similar macaroons I've tried, and I actually prefer it in this larger cut. They are very soft and incredibly fresh too. Because of the larger coconut, these don't quite melt-in-your-mouth, but require a little chewing instead. Personally, I like chewing my coconut so these work out great for me. Each bag has 3 macaroons, which is the perfect amount for an indulgent sitting! I think it's pretty neat that a lot of these (for some reason) were very familiar flavors or aromas from my childhood. I thoroughly enjoyed sampling the selection of flavors. Let's go through each of them!
Coconut Vanilla - Tastes just like a classic blonde macaroon should, which in other words means it's absolutely divine. You can see tiny bits of vanilla bean throughout and the aroma is just fabulous. This is the flavor that highlights the actual coconut as a flavor out of them all. 

Dark Cacao - Rich chocolate flavor and with the ingredients brings great antioxidants. Delicious all around and a completely classic deep chocolate macaroon.

Mint Chip - You can smell the peppermint right upon opening! This one definitely leaves a cool sensation in your mouth that is light and not overwhelming. There are organic raw cacao nibs in these which adds a bit of crunch, but I didn't actually taste the nibs at all. Still good and definitely a unique flavor.

Chai Spice - The aroma reminds me of a gingerbread cookie! As far as the taste, I wasn't sure what to expect since I've never tried anything "chai" in my life. I was pleasantly surprised and wish I had more of this one! The combination of spices is a great blend that seem perfect for a cold day with a warm cup of hot chocolate. I love the cinnamon and nutmeg in it!

Lemon Ginger - I'm not a big fan of ginger usually so I didn't think I'd like this one. However, with the lemon it has a perfect balance of both. This one also reminds me a cookie from when I was a kid. Maybe it was a lemon girl scout cookie? Surprisingly delicious! 

Choco Chili - I love chocolate, but I don't like chilies or anything super spicy. I just can't handle it! Give this one a sniff and you get a little hint of spiciness. Moments after biting into it, one might think it's just a rich chocolate macaroon, but the chili sneaks up on you and appears out of nowhere! It reminds me of red hot candies as a kid actually. It's tolerable for someone like me who doesn't tolerate heat too well. This flavor is a great way to limit the amount of macaroons you could eat in one sitting, because one was enough for me! 
Choco Orange - Mmmmmm, love this combo. I've always loved chocolate and orange together, and both flavors really come out well in this one. The aroma is heavenly too. It's quite strong!

Emmy's Granolas are 100% raw, and are definitely different in what they are made of. When I think of granola, I think of it being super crunchy, baked, sweet, and made primarily of oats. Along with that can often bring artificial ingredients, too much sugar, and a product that isn't the best choice for a healthy snack and especially not for breakfast. These were much different in taste, texture, and ingredients making them uniquely refreshing and appealing. Organic Raw Buckwheat is actually the first ingredients in each of these, and, along with other organic raw ingredients, are sweetened with Organic Raw Agave and dehydrated raw fruits. I received a single serving bag of each of the 3 flavors to sample. On the back of each bag, it says this:

"An energizing mix of protein rich nuts and seeds, luscious fruits & raw agave nectar with a hearty crunch. Our raw granola is soaked, sprouted, & dehydrated at 115 degrees making it one of the healthiest foods your body could ask for! Delicious, energy-enhancing foods, packaged sustainably with love & care, that's emmy's!"

 These are jam-packed with fabulously healthful ingredients for great protein and fiber content. Here are my thoughts!

Apricot Flax - Crunchy, slightly chewy with a nice balance of many flavors. Love the cashews in it - gives it a rich flavor with the sweetness of the apricots and raisins. This would be great by itself as a snack for a quick recharge.

Peanut Butter Banana - This one has an crunchy, more earthy taste and aroma. I really couldn't taste the peanut butter and the banana chips' flavor weren't very noticeable either although they were crunchy. However, this (and all the granolas actually) have healthy written all over them and would be a great compliment to yogurt for breakfast or a snack.

Walnut Ginger Fig - If you enjoy ginger, you'll love this! Definitely not lacking in ginger flavor, it's subtle spiciness adds a welcome change to what I normally go for in terms of flavor. Again, crunchy, and I love the walnuts in this one. This flavor also has the least amount of sugar at only 5 grams compared to the other two.

As you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to try some amazing goodies from Emmy's Organics. I highly recommend them if you're looking for healthier alternatives to conventional treats that are loaded with artificial, unhealthy ingredients. These not only taste fabulous, but they are fabulous for you!

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Price: Macaroons - $2.95/bag (3 macaroons per bag), Granolas - $8.49/12 oz Container

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Everything looks absolutely delicious! YUMMMMMMMM!

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Oh wow, the coconut vanilla and lemon ginger look amazing! *drool*