Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Belly Blanket from Belly Armor {Review}

You're pregnant. You're exposed to radiation all day long from your computer, cell phone, and other electronic devices because of your job, hobby, or whatever you do. You want to be informed and take extra precautions to be on the safe side for the sake of your baby and yourself. What do you do? Well, I'm excited to share about Belly Armor. Belly Armor products shield everyday radiation with 99.9% effectiveness, which by limiting your radiation exposure provides you with a practical way to protect you and your unborn baby to the fullest extent possible.

 With me being the all-natural preferring girl that I am with foods and chemicals in health and beauty products, I'm not going to completely ignore the radiation issue. I can't say with absolutely certainty that radiation has no long-term effects so having a way to protect myself from some of it is great. For all you skeptics out there, check out the large amount of radiation information Belly Armor has on their site. These products have been independently tested for efficacy so there is no reason for anyone to say they don't work!

Belly Armor products use a specially made material called RadiaShield in their products. RadiaShield is equivalent to 1/4 inch sheet of aluminum in protection against radiation. The RadiaShield material shields by neutralizing incoming electromagnetic waves of non-ionizing radiation (laptops, cell phones, microwaves, televisions etc), canceling out the ambient radiation and therefore greatly reducing your exposure.

Check out the Belly Blanket Organic that Belly Armor was so generous to send me. This light-weight blanket measures 30 x 35 inches and is made from 100% pre-shrunk Organic Cotton and RadiaShield lining. The tan and cream striped Organic Cotton is very soft and a comfortable resting place for your hands during any point of relaxation during use. The gray RadiaShield lining on the underside is very thin and similar in texture to nylon. Just position the blanket between yourself and the source of radiation to use.

Belly Armor has three products: the Belly Blanket, Belly Tee, and Belly Band. What I like about the Belly Blanket is that you don't have to be pregnant to use and it can just be thrown on your lap at any time without having to physically wear it. One of the main reasons I'm so interested in Belly Armor products is because as a blogger I do obviously end up in front of a laptop quite a bit. No, I'm not pregnant right now, but Hubby and I are going through infertility issues and I can't help but wonder if there is a connection to my heavy laptop usage, radiation and my reproductive system. Call me crazy, but sometimes my lower abdomen feels weird for hours, sometimes the next day if I'm stuck on my laptop for an extended period of time, regardless of how far the laptop actually is away from my body. With the use of the Belly Blanket and limiting my time on the laptop, I'm hoping to reduce my radiation exposure and avoid that funny feeling I get sometimes. Belly Armor has this to say about potential health hazards of radiation:

"The past 25 years of research has evidenced several potential health hazards during pregnancy from radiation, including birth defects and genetic disruptions, miscarriages, autism, childhood leukemia, and cancer.  Because scientists have shown that cell growth and DNA replication are disrupted by radiation, pregnancy and early childhood represent the highest risk for exposure."

Great. So the 4 miscarriages I've had could be linked to radiation. Hmmm, that's a lovely thought. I know that doesn't necessarily mean that's why I've experienced those losses, but at this point I'd like to increase my chances of a healthy pregnancy if at all possible. The idea of all this radiation scares me to a great extent, and a product that claims to reduce the amount of radiation I'm exposed to has my undivided attention. Do I believe it works? Absolutely. Check out the pic I took of my phone's signal before and after covering it with the Belly Blanket.

It was so neat to see that the Belly Blanket actually interfered with my iPhone's signal. You know what else? My husband was sitting a few feet away from me and I had him call my phone while it was covered with the Belly Blanket and the phone actually still had one bar. Guess what? My phone didn't ring! It didn't even show up as a missed call or anything! If that isn't enough proof for you that radiation exposure is being reduced with the use of Belly Armor products, I don't know how else to convince you that it's a product worth having. Even if it doesn't work at all (although unlikely), it does no harm to take the extra precaution to protect yourself and unborn baby from unnecessary radiation. New technology is rapidly developing in our world today, which brings more exposure to radiation. I feel that possible long-term effects on our body just simply aren't known at this point. I'd rather pull out the safe card and not wait to find out. Besides, just feeling peace of mind is enough to calm my nerves or those of a pregnant mama.
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