Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rock ‘N Learn: Dance With The Animals DVD Review

Rock 'N Learn audio, book, and video programs were designed to offer kids an educational, fun way to learn. The founders knew that multi-sensory learning programs are enjoyable, motivating and an easier way for children to learn various subjects that are taught in traditional school. These award-winning programs have proven to be great tools in classrooms and homes.

We love educational DVDs in this house. Buddy has learned so much in his short life from them and I credit a lot of his vocabulary and knowledge to DVDs. It's hard to keep his attention when I try to teach him a concept or go through the alphabet, but watching a fun DVD always keeps his attention. I wanted to check out Rock N' Learn and start with a fun, yet educational DVD and see how he liked them. Rock N' Learn sent me the Dance With The Animals DVD.

Here's the description of this DVD from the Rock 'N Learn website:

In this action-packed DVD video, amazing and adorable animals inspire children to learn creative movement, motor skills, listening, and following directions. Delightful songs and exciting live footage of more than 60 creatures captivate children as they learn fun facts about animals-where they live, what sounds they make, how to care for pets, and so much more.

The reason I wanted to put their description in my review is because honestly, we did not enjoy this DVD and I wanted to still provide a fair representation of this particular program since I know that many parents do love Rock 'N Learn. Buddy is just a few months shy of 3 years old. As I mentioned above, DVDs normally keep his full attention, but this one did not. This 45 minute DVD lasted only 10 minutes before Buddy was telling us to put in another DVD. He's never done this before! I sat and watched this program with him, and I can see why it was not interesting to him. 

There are some aspects of the DVD that I did like. The music is catchy, the concept, real animal footage, and use of real kids are great, and it really is educating your child. The use of the rhyming musical lyrics and imagery try to create a learning opportunity. However, I felt that the animation was low quality, and it's bright, unrealistic colors are really harsh on the eyes. For example, the part where animated animal habitats were shown, I can almost guarantee that many kids would be wondering what the heck they were looking at. They just didn't resemble a recognizable, real habitat and I'm sure was absolutely confusing for my son. Also, the music, although professional, sounds a bit mesmerizing and hypnotic. I really wish I could have distinguished the difference between each song too. Each of the 14 songs/subjects throughout the DVD sound very similar and at one point I was totally clueless that 4 or 5 songs had passed. We did not have a great experience with this DVD, but your kids might love it. It just wasn't a good fit for my family. This is just my honest review and constructive criticism.

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Price: $19.99
The Verdict: The video was cute, and Rock 'N Learn has great intentions. They definitely want to provide a fun, educational way to teach kids. However,
as our first Rock 'N Learn experience, I can say we won't be buying any other DVDs from them. We may check out their audio and book programs in the future.

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