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Kymaro Review - Cardi Wrap, Bust Up Cups, Body Shaper, and Bottom Shaper!

Kymaro offers a line of accessories for your body to enhance your natural beauty. You may have even seen their products on TV Infomercials! I had the opportunity as part of the Kymaro Blog Tour to try out 4 of their accessories for myself.

Cardi Wrap
The Cardi Wrap can be worn over 50 ways according to the  Wear it as a scarf, a cardigan, a shawl, a wrap, and so many other ways. It came with a little booklet with a photo and short description for each different looks. There are also notes about how the style accentuates or hides certain areas of your body. Just twist, wrap, toss, or knot for a different look and to highlight your best assets and hide your undesirable bulges. You can also purchase an accessories kit with different hardware to maximize the ways it can be worn. The Cardi Wrap also comes in 7 different colors. The stretchy material is a 100% Viscose, and feels very nice. Basically the Cardi Wrap is a rectangular piece of material with 2 arm holes and sleeves attached, appropriately spaced in the middle. It feels like a normal cardigan when you put it on, with all this material around your neck and hanging longer down in the front. The length hangs perfectly at my hips in the back. 

Now, I'm a slim, tall person (5' 7) and I found that the Cardi Wrap does not work for me. With some of the styles I ran out of material to use. If you aren't a slim person, the Cardi Wrap will not allow you to do most of these styles! I also found that most of the 50 styles are far-fetched, ridiculous attempts to make the front of the style, look good, but if you took a look at the two ends you just tied in the back? Wow, looks horrible. I just found myself with SO much squared material to tie at the end, and no where to put it or hide it with most the styles. Many of the styles also looked bulky on my small frame, and everything just looked like too much or had bulging ends. Also, some of the styles also have you just toss each front panel over your opposite shoulders. Once again, the back just looks like a poor attempt to create some sort of style. I felt a little disadvantaged since I was not sent the bangles that come in the accessories kit, which many of the styles required. However, most of those styles were pretty awful. Out of all the styles, I honestly only found a few that I would maybe consider wearing. 
Wow, these styles are sexy! NOT!

Bust Up Cups
The Bust Up Cups are placed in your bra to increase your bust by 1 cup size. I love this idea since my chest is really small, and shrunk even more after I finished breastfeeding my son. However, I'm SO small that they were still sticking out the top of my bra! They are made of REALLY flexible, sticky silicone material. But it leaves no residue on your skin, or bra. They have a contoured shape, and have hundreds of holes throughout the each cup, allowing for good airflow and for sweat to escape and not un-stick the cup. Although they were too large, I was able to get a good idea of how they look. I LOVED the natural look! I'm a little worried about the material though. It does stink like chemicals, and just seems loaded with more than just silicone. Hmmmm, I couldn't find any further information on that. These would be great for a special occasion when you want to fill out that dress or cute top!

Body Shaper & Bottom Shaper
The Body Shaper and Bottom Shaper from Kymaro are undergarments that will smooth those bulges, smooth your waistline, and accentuate your bust, all at once.

The Body Shaper is my favorite of the two. I was between sizes based on the size chart and now I know I should have ordered the larger size. It's a little tight and could barely get it on as I stepped through and tried to pull it up past my hips! I'm worried about how I'm going to get it off!! Haha! I may be thin, but I do have love handles that tend to bulge out of my tight low waist jeans. I blame it on motherhood. It just doesn't look good and it bothers me! Well, the Body Shaper is really neat. It's made of 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex, and feels a bit stiffer than the Bottom Shaper. It actually holds in my stomach, even if I'm not trying to suck it in! It also smooths my love handles when paired with the Bottom Shaper! Wahoo! Score! You can wear your regular bra with the Body Shaper, which gently pushes your chest up and in, giving you a lifted and full silhouette. I was pleasantly surprised by my new shape! I really wish I had the larger size though, since the Body Shaper goes up just a little too high and onto my bra cups instead of under them. It still looks better than without it though!

The Bottom Shaper is made of 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex, and has a similar feel to pantyhose. They really smooth out your rear and bulges in a gentle way. The one part about the design of the Bottom Shaper that I didn't like is the top of the waist. It's too tight and it's noticeable, even when the Body Shaper is over it. The indentation is there! I might just cut it off and still use it in the future.

The limiting part of both the Body Shaper and Bottom Shaper is the clothing you wear over it. They cover so much of your body that summer clothing is almost out of the question. I wore just a basic v-neck and the Body Shaper was trying to peak out near my shoulders. However, cold winter weather with jeans and long-sleeved shirts are a great options for both these products.

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Price: Cardi Wrap - $39.95, Bust Up Cups - $29.95, Body Shaper - $29.95.
The Verdict: Overall, I had a good experience with Kymaro. The Cardi Wrap fails to live up to it's promises, but the Bust Up Cups, Body Shaper, and Bottom Shaper do work and really enhance your body and give you a boost of confidence. You just have to make sure you order the right size! :)

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