Sunday, September 25, 2011

Guest Post: Cloth Diapers On The Cheap

This guest post is brought to you by Cristina from Tailor Made Momma

So you are going to do it!  You are going to use cloth diapers!

But wait a minute!  $21 for a diaper!  If I change my baby 10 times a day and I do laundry every other day that is $420 just for diapers!!  Not to mention wetbags, pails, etc!!! 

Now what do I do? 

Well we are here to show you that cloth diapering on a budget is possible! 

Cloth Diapering for Under $100 
-3 Wet Bags with Draw Strings from your local dollar store: $3.00
-Set of 2 Snappi clips - $4.50 
Total Cost - $96.40 

Ok so maybe flats and covers aren't for you. You can spend just a little more and get something a little more “daddy/sitter” friendly. 

Cloth Diapering for Under $200 
-3 Wet Bags with Draw Strings from you local dollar store - $3
Total Cost - $173.78 

Additional Costs saving Tips 

-Buy from sites that have rewards programs.  Get “credit” for all your fluffy purchases.
-Enter all the giveaways that you can! There are lots of GREAT bloggers who have lots of diapers they want to giveaway to you!!
-Look for hand-me-downs.  Sites like Diaper Swappers can be a GREAT place to find used diapers in great condition.
-Buy OS as opposed to sized diapers.  They won't be as trim but you will save TONS!
-Don't forget that you can SELL SELL SELL your used diapers when you are done with them!  Take care of your diapers and you can get a good chunk of you money back when you are done with them!
-If you aren't sure about using cloth, there are lots of companies that offer trial programs.  Look one up and make sure you like what you are getting into.

Post written by Cristina of Tailor Made Momma.  I'm a Cloth Diapering, Breastfeeding momma of Three AMAZING little boys!  Find me on twitter and facebook!

Tailor Made Momma


Mommy34567 said...

I would love to try and see what this is about.

Rachel said...

I love that you mentioned blog giveaways. Most people don't even know they exist. My hubby was nervous about the investment for CDing. Over half of our stash was "free" between blog giveaways, the BumGenius AIO promotions spring 2010, spend $___ get a free OS promos at various stores, etc. It can be done!

Attila & Tamara said...

I totally agree with this. We have a stash of around 20 diapers (including BumGenius, Fuzzi Bunz, BabyKicks, Rumparooz, Nifty Nappy, etc) and we've spent less than $200. It can be done!

Fiddlin' Dandi said...

I have spent only around $70 on diapers and I am cloth diapering full time (washing every other day). I have 12 econobum prefolds and 12 flats and 4 econobum covers. It works for me!

Hannah said...

GoGreen OS Pocket diapers are also comparatively affordable!

boyzrule said...

I have built most of my stash thru giveaways. i think it is great advice if someone has the time for it!

debbie m

Samantha Jenkins said...

Sunbaby's are only $5 a diaper! They are a pocket diaper and come with an insert. 12 for $60 and 24 for $108.

That's how I save on CDs!

Becca said...

this is great info for someone thinking about cloth diapering!

yuukiimi said...

thanks for the great info! I was actually getting overwhelmed shopping for cloth diapers (i'm a FTM) and to think about it, though it's a bigger investment now but it's cheaper in the long run.

simplymerry said...

my first stash cost around $200 i think, with giveaways, discounts, used, and specials. now i'm building another - a newborn stash and adding to the original stash, since i will have two in diapers. i'm hoping to spend about $100 this time around. :)

sueparks2003 said...

I like the post very clear and concise.
It takes the OMGoodness it costs what???
out of the subject. Luv that she mentioned second hand and trying it first.
Gladys P

Kaye C. said...

Yes this is true and I wish I would have realized it starting out. Some of my most expensive diapers are the ones I dislike the most!

J. said...

Wow! This is great and shows you just how cost effective cloth is, not to mention green!

Katy D said...

That's incredible. I had no idea it could be quite so cheap!

Leah said...

This is great! I am hoping to start cloth diapering and didn't realize I could start inexpensively! Thanks!

liz said...

That is good news!

S said...

Make your own! With very little sewing skills and some basic supplies you can use free patterns from the Internet to make some of your stash. -Sharon M

lulu said...

Love this post, it's perfect for somebody who is just starting out with cloth.

Christina said...

Great post! I got my first set of GroVia's on as my intro to cloth.

swedEnesefamily said...

I just bought my first "rewards" purchase. It feels amazing, like finding a great deal in your favorite store.

Ps Mamae said...

Great post! It really can be done for little amount. I started with a slightly less than $100 stash and from there the addiction grew but we added on slowly so it wasn't too bad on our pocket.