Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lighting Up Your Home

Lighting is a crucial decor element for every home. Providing the right type of lighting is important as it can set the ambiance and mood of your space. 

This past year Hubby and I have been working diligently to update the entire interior of our home, complete with new paint, carpet, furniture and lighting throughout. Just recently we chose new recessed lighting in our kitchen, which has made a world of difference to the normally dark, central area of our home. We have a new chandelier all picked out for over the kitchen table too.

Consider Your Space

When choosing which type of ceiling lights are best for your home, consider the space. A light fixture that is too large in a smaller area will look out of place. But one that is too small in a large area will not provide adequate light. It's also necessary to consider the height of your ceilings, and even the color of the ceiling lights you choose. Be sure to not mix chrome and bronze within the same room for instance, especially for such a large room accent.

Types of Ceiling Lights

From chandeliers to pendants, choosing the right type of ceiling lights for your home can make the difference between dull and awkward to modern and warm. Tracking lighting may be what you need for an elongated office space or dining room. Perhaps a flush ceiling light is appropriate for your bathroom.

Coordinate With Your Decor

It may be tempting to go with the first ceiling fixture you find, but I assure you that proper research is required to ensure your room decor flows. This is especially true when considering a chandelier for a formal space. Choose a chandelier that compliments with your existing decor and doesn't clash due to color, style, or size. Don't choose something too modern for your space either. Instead, choose ceiling lights that mesh well with your existing decor and will give a timeless appearance.

Lighting your home properly can make it a warm, inviting place for your family. With extra time spent looking into ceiling lights options, you can assure your lighting investment is the best choice for your home.



LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Excellent tips!

Kelly OMalley said...

Lighting is such an important part of designing a room/house. We have struggled with this for the past two years. It seems like it is hard to find that certain type of light. Too dark, too light. Great tips.

Mai Tran said...

Thanks for the useful tips. Some household just have unorganized lights all over and it hurts my eyes.

sherry keef said...

I know you are excited as we are for you. Thanks for sharing.

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James Robert said...

Liked this post, especially since after I finish my drywall, my lighting will be next and so while doing it. You gave some great tips here.

Beth R said...

That is one of the things we are working on now. We live in an older house and need to add a ton. We are doing it room by room

Theresa Anne said...

It's so important to have good lighting in the kitchen; You spend so much time in there! Our new apartment has 2 windows in the kitchen, which is 2 more than our old one :) The sunshine makes such a difference in lowering my stress level.