Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Eating Out Doesn't Have to be Daunting

Disclosure: This is a guest post.

When maintaining a healthy lifestyle is priority, going out to eat can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. You can keep a few basic tips in mind to make sure that the food you have on your plate is beneficial to your health. Keep your plate colorful for optimal amounts of power packed vitamins and nutrients. If you expect a high calorie item to come along with your order, ask to substitute steamed or raw vegetables when you can. Take a minute to ask the server how they are prepared to avoid veggies that are prepared in non-healthy fats or fried. 

Be sure to get plenty of protein with your meal. If possible, avoid the red meats, which have been correlated with a slew of health concerns. Instead, find your protein sources via legumes, soy based dishes, lean white meats or seafood. Calcium can make its way onto your plate without going too heavy on the cheese and other high fat ingredients. Add it in with nutty additions such as with dishes like almond-encrusted fish and various high-calcium produce such as broccoli. Rice and coconut milks are other alternatives while remaining dairy-free. 

As for bread, you don’t have to avoid it completely to keep a healthy plate. Just make sure you opt for whole grain options. To ensure you order a meal that is balanced and doesn't interfere with any health goals you may have, check out the following infographic for tips on dining out healthy. 

10 Ways to Eat Out Right 
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Kelly OMalley said...

I have not eaten in a restaurant (or drive through) in more than 4 years. I happen to have a husband that is an amazing cook, and will make whatever I desire, so we just eat at home. I like to be able to choose our ingredients (no genetically modified foods), and know where most of our veggies (our garden) and meat (our farmer neighbor) comes from. It is such a blessing.

Beth R said...

I always try to substitute. That is a great tip and most restaurants make it easy. We don't eat out much but it is nice to eat healthy when we do

James Robert said...

For some reason it seems everything I really enjoy are the foods that are not good for me at all. Need to put some of this to practice