Tuesday, December 30, 2014

28 Week Pregnancy Update + Another Bump Style From PinkBlush Maternity {Giveaway - Ends 1/12}

I received complimentary product for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Am I really in the third trimester already? How on earth did we get this far? I'm dreaming. Someone pinch me!

You know, there's something about wearing cute maternity clothes that makes the woes of pregnancy sort of seem a whole lot more tolerable. The weight gain for instance. I know, I know, I'm thin to begin with. But none of my pre-pregnancy clothing fits, at all. Heck, I've had to invest in size large sweatpants for lounging at home because I carry so low and nothing can put too much pressure on my belly or I get a load of contractions! Every stranger I encounter thinks I'm having a boy with how low I carry. Sorry peeps, it's a girl and I carry low the entire pregnancy. And yes, I have 3 months to go, so please pick your jaw up off the floor.

So, back to maternity clothing. You know, even though this is my second, this feels like my first. Maternity styles have changed drastically in fit, and it's relatively easy to find flattering maternity clothing for every stage of pregnancy. Thank goodness! I have a bit of an obsession with browsing the huge selection at PinkBlush Maternity, specifically.

Here's my latest complete outfit from PinkBlush Maternity! Seriously, it's so easy to achieve effortless style with this brand.

These prices are pretty awesome! For around $100 you can score a budget-friendly maternity outfit that's also versatile and totally adorable. {Through January 4th your can score an extra 25% off your order with code NEWYEAR25}

Everything but the jeans will totally work as non-maternity too. The jeans fit very nicely, with a full over-the-belly-panel which I prefer. Besides the panel, the rear and legs fit like my pre-pregnancy jeans! I do wish I had ordered a size larger though! I didn't take into consideration the weight gain of the rest of this pregnancy, and I was at the end of the size range for size 27. They fit just perfect right now, but a pound or two more and they probably won't!

I love, love, love this scarf! It's not itchy at all, and is super soft and warm. The grey and black go with a lot too. The cami is pretty basic and stretches way more than I expected. When I took it out of the package I thought there was no way it would fit, but it fits wonderfully. The cardigan has 3/4 sleeves and will be perfect for postpartum paired with a nursing camisole. Another fun, functional, and beautiful outfit from PinkBlush Maternity!

And now for the latest events of this pregnancy!!

How Far Along: 28 Weeks

Due Date: March 23, 2015

Weight gain:
+17 pounds

Boy or girl: GIRL!!!! :)

Symptoms: The past few weeks are probably the best I've felt so far! I'm hoping this trend of energy continues for a while before I need to slow down. I think I've just figured out my food needs a bit more so I've lessened those low blood sugar episodes. Nesting is in full force, to the point I'm feeling frantic at times. But hey, that means my house will be spotless and decluttered so I'm not complaining. It's actually a very welcome feeling. My pelvic pain has been okay in general, although I had to waddle through a few days of shopping over last weekend. But I'm okay again? I'm looking forward to my chiro appt next week.

Cravings: Delicious food in general, but chocolate mostly. Surprised? I think not.

What made me cry recently: My little sister (the one in Alaska) had her baby boy on the 17th! It was so hard to not be able to be there with her, but I was able to FaceTime a bit during her early labor, text of course, and FaceTime shortly after his birth. She did AMAZING and I have a new nephew! 

Medical stuff/appointments: I finished my glucose testing this month and will get my results on Wednesday at my 28 week OB appointment. I'm SO glad I had the option of not going the nasty drink route. I can totally relate to this mom here who described what many healthy eaters experience when given such a sugary drink on an empty stomach. It often leads to a false positive if your body is simply never exposed to so much at once. I also have my first chiropractor appointment next week which I'm really excited for! 

Something I am excited about:
With our insurance changing on January 1st, I'm looking forward to transferring care to a very VBAC-friendly OB/Midwife practice. The drive to the hospital will be 45 minutes away on D-day (that's WITHOUT traffic!), but it's really my best shot of being fully supported in my desire to have a VBAC water birth (or at least a gentle cesarean if necessary which is possible at this hospital).

Baby purchases: The crib is coming next Monday (eeek!) and I just bought a second-hand jumperoo, the same one we loved when Buddy was a baby. Every shopping trip I manage to pick up another pair of baby socks, shoes, or something cute. Ah! Girls are so much fun!

Favorite part of the past few weeks: The words that come to mind are just feeling content and happy. Having suffered multiple miscarriages and years of infertility, I finally went through Buddy's birthday on the 19th and then Christmas with complete joy and without unresolved feelings of sadness. Call it a personal pity party if you want, but the joy of knowing what is to come has helped me to not feel sad for my son that he would be an only child, and that's he's growing up so fast. I didn't cry on his birthday this year - shocking, especially since I'm pregnant! 

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