Friday, April 11, 2014

The Advantages of Dance Classes for Kids

Disclosure: This is a guest article. 

Kids who take dance classes benefit in a number of different ways. For one, dancing helps to build a kid's confidence. A kid who learns how to perfect a particular dance step has a feeling of accomplishment. In turn, he or she can build on that success and achieve even more. Here are some of the other ways that kids benefit from taking dance classes.

Kids who take dance are staying active in a fun way. They are exercising different muscles and building strength in their arms and legs. Kids who take dance are also improving their flexibility. Those who take these lessons are more likely to continue because they are participating in something they love. If they don't like one type of dance, they can try others until they find one that suits them. Jazz, tap, hip-hop and ballet are just a few of the many options for kids who are interested in taking dance lessons.

Another benefit of dance classes for kids is that they get to know other kids who share a common interest. For example, one kid may sign up for a ballet class and get to know another kid in the same class who absolutely loves ballet. This is a great way for a kid to establish solid friendships. Plus, kids who are learning a new dance can learn from one another. They can practice steps together and help each other to improve. It's possible that a life long friendship may be established during a dance class for kids.

Dance classes can also serve to improve a kid's coordination. Perhaps a kid has trouble keeping his or her balance. The moves in a ballet class or a tap class can help a kid to develop better balance. As a kid's coordination improves, his or her self-esteem gets a boost. A kid with high self-esteem has the power to succeed in other parts of his or her life as well as in a dance class. Parents who are interested in getting their kids in a dance class may want to consider a place like Intrigue Dance.

Finally, dance classes help kids to develop the habit of discipline. They know they are supposed to practice a certain amount of times per week as well as attend class. Learning discipline early on helps kids to understand the importance of being responsible and following through with what they are supposed to do.


Sandra VanHoey said...

We put my great niece in a few months ago and she loves it. First few times she was very shy but is loving it now

Janet W. said...

What a great post about the advantages of dance class! I definitely agree that it builds coordination and also teaches discipline!

Gianna said...

They sound like a lot of fun.

Mama Blamer said...

I would put my daughter to a dance class when she got older. my only concern would how the instrutor treats my child because not every instructor is nice to their students. it would be fun for my daughter she loves to dance around.

Christina Chin said...

I think it is smart for kids to start dance early on!