Friday, January 18, 2013

Ivy Bridge College :: $1,000 Tuition Discount Giveaway! {Ends 1/24}

I've made a lot of goals for this new year. Perhaps too many! Many of them involve learning new skills in the kitchen, getting organized so we can focus on remodeling, painting and decorating our home, and many other areas that involve creativity. What are your goals for this year? Maybe it involves going back to school!
I earned my associate's degree just prior to having my son. Many of the courses I took were online, and I thoroughly enjoyed the flexibility. But because I didn't have a major in mind, I didn't continue and then I had Buddy. Although I'm very proud of accomplishing even my 2-year degree, I'd love to go back for my bachelor's degree some day. Going back to school is always in the back of my mind, lingering there, probably until it seems to be something I can focus on. As moms, sometimes we drop everything we want to do so we can focus on our children, and I think there's nothing wrong with that! However, I think for many of us going back to school is an attainable goal with amazing programs such as those through Ivy Bridge College.

Ivy Bridge College has a large focus on helping moms earn their college degree. In fact, 50% of their students are moms! They offer online college courses with flexible scheduling, a free private online community support service for moms, the ability to each an associate's degree in as little as 17 months, and easy transfers to "name brand" 4-year schools to earn your bachelor's degree. The most appealing part for me about IBC is the ability to easily transfer to a 4-year school since IBC has specific transfer agreements with 150 of these "name brand" schools. Transferring can be a major headache and I think that alone is part of the reason why I stopped going to school. I love that IBC is making is easier to obtain a bachelor's degree!

I know that cost is a big issue that deters a lot of moms from going or returning to school. The great part about IBC is that they cost less than 1/3 the amount of other private school tuitions making it a more affordable decision to go to school. Just think, through IBC you can continue to work or raise your small children and still go back to school! I'm excited to work on this campaign to tell you about Ivy Bridge College, and to also have the opportunity to give away a huge discount to one of you!

Win It!
One winner will receive $1,000 tuition discount to Ivy Bridge College!

 To be eligible for the $1,000 discount off tuition at Ivy Bridge College (IBC), the qualifying individuals will need to be degree seeking, enrolled in IBC a minimum of part-time, and new to IBC (specifically, not someone who has already applied to, enrolled in, or requested information from IBC). Classes at Ivy Bridge College Extension are not eligible for the discount. Limit one per person. 

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Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Ivy Bridge College. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating and a discount on classes at Ivy Bridge College.


jill24295 said...

I've been trying to finish my degree since the mid 1980's. Every time I get close, I've had to drop out because I couldn't pay my bills and keep up with a typical on campus program. I'd love to try to finish on-line!