Wednesday, December 5, 2012

TRM's Christmas Gift Guide :: Heirloom Quality Wood Puzzles By Artifact Puzzles {Review}

Unique gifts that will last for years to come are always loved, appreciated, and talked about at holiday gatherings. If you still haven't found that perfect gift for someone special, this next gift idea may be what you're looking for!

At Artifact Puzzles you will find a great variety of beautiful wooden jigsaw puzzles. Taking art from every century and mixing them with unique puzzle piece designs and heirloom quality offers a different kind of gift-giving experience this holiday season. Artifact Puzzles are laser-cut from 1/4" thick eco-friendly plywood, printed using soy-based inks, and are made right here in the USA (in Seattle, Washington) for a truly special gift. These wooden jigsaw puzzles are a much higher quality than thin cardboard puzzles, which means they'll last for years with proper care.
Artifact Puzzles offers an amazing selection of artistic images that they've turned into puzzles, most of which feel a bit "old world" to me but still hold that classic, timeless appeal. The actual puzzle piece designs are created by local and international artists which have been carefully and thoughtfully designed to represent what the puzzle image reflects. I've never such unique puzzle pieces in my life! You can shop by puzzle designer, by artist, by category, by difficulty and more.  

Due to the intricacy of the puzzle pieces, small sizes, and overall difficulty, Artifact Puzzles are recommended for kids age 7+, teens and adults. These puzzles are quite challenging with very unique features and puzzle shapes. However, I know some kids are just darn good at puzzles earlier than seven, so it really depends on your child's abilities. Buddy at least enjoyed sorting out colors for me. :)

We received this incredibly fun puzzle called Creature Ladder, painted by Justin Hillgrove and designed by Maria Berg. These whimsical monsters are stacked up like a totem pole and create an interesting and fun picture to recreate as a puzzle. Growing up I was a huge puzzle fanatic and enjoyed puzzles as a family activity. We'd pull out a 1,000 piece puzzle and work on it for a few days in the evening together. Being the competitive family that we are, it was very fun to race and finish each area and image of the puzzle we decided to tackle! It's been a while since I've even touched a puzzle, so I was thrilled to check this one out.

Creature Ladder contains 187 pieces, measures 5" x 15" and is recommended for ages 12+. The pieces are pretty small and feel very light. They fit together differently than cardboard puzzles I remember, but I like the sturdiness of the wood better. I found this puzzle to be extremely fun and yet perfectly challenging for me. I completed it by mostly by myself in a little more than an hour. I think based on the very different puzzle pieces this puzzle has, I could easily pull it out in the near future and have an equally challenging time completing it again. Which is a good thing! I got stuck quite a few times at the beginning and resorted to sorting by color and getting the edge done first (even the straight edge pieces were hard to find!). I love a challenge, and this puzzle definitely left me feeling accomplished once completed!
This puzzle has many "whimsy pieces" like all Artifact Puzzles. For instance, we discovered a little teddy bear, rabbit, octopus, duck, lobster, various monsters and a ton of other pieces that had our minds imagining figures and shapes that may or may not have really been anything intentional. It was fascinating to pick up each piece and really get a good look at all the intricate grooves and designs. I'm so excited about Artifact Puzzles and I hope to collect more as time goes on. 

Artifact Puzzles brings on a whole new dimension of puzzles I've never seen. Unique puzzle piece shapes, sturdy wood, and breathtaking images creates a truly memorable and thoughtful gift for the holidays. I feel like the prices are very reasonable considering the exceptional quality and effort that goes into making each puzzle too. Creature Ladder is just $45 and all orders over $25 ship free! Check out Artifact Puzzles today to cross off a few more gifts on your gift list and to support a wonderful small business this Christmas.

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