Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Making This House Our Home :: Time To Decorate!

Yes, we're finally in a house!! With all this space, I am in for some serious decorating. Because we came from a small apartment, we have very little furniture. This translates to quite a few empty rooms. We are also starting with pretty much zero decorative pieces and accents since we've avoided purchasing much of anything in anticipation for this big move (which we've been planning for years! a long time). Thankfully I'm getting lots of inspiration from DIY blogs and Pinterest.

Source: houzz.com

We're still deciding on our primary color scheme, but I'm pretty sure we'll be going with a neutral tan/gray or possibly a very light gray/teal color to lighten our somewhat dark living areas. Or maybe a bit of both will make it into my color palette. Either way, I'm hoping to start off each space with a main piece of furniture that makes a statement. Personally I'm really into gorgeous wing back chairs that are upholstered in chevron prints or anything whimsical (I think my taste is a bit eclectic!). I think at some point a chevron print will make it in to my home! I think I may spend a few Saturdays at garage sales to find some unique furniture to re-purpose too. From there, I'm probably going to choose my window treatments. To me, curtains seem to really define what style a room will be and there are certainly a large variety of curtains in many materials and styles to choose from. From traditional to contemporary and everything in between, I'm looking forward to continuing my research and finding what style is truly my own and making it fun. I'm excited to transform our new house into our home sweet home!

Give me your decorating tips! Also, what is your favorite home decor blog?


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charychild said...

Pinterest is so addictive. I'm learning from my time on there that if there's anything I love from Pier 1 or World Market that's got a price tag 10x the size of my budget, there WILL be articles referenced on Pinterest that show how to make it at home for pennies on the dollar.