Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Made With Love" Event: Calabasas Candy Company Review and Giveaway Ends 7/24 (US)

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About the Designer...
I live in Calabasas (hence the name of my shop!) with my husband, 2 grandkids, father-in-law and our rescue dog. There are all types of wildlife in our neighborhood like deer, rabbits, cyotes, squirrels, hawks and raccoons. I love it!

I make artisan candy which includes truffles, caramel and marshmallows. I started by making candy for the kids teachers as holiday gifts. One of the school counselors told me that I "had missed my calling and should be making candy". So I decided to listen to the counselor and make candy! I get my inspiration from candy that I would like to eat myself. I've been making candy for almost 2 years.

Calabasas Candy Company has taken your classic vanilla caramel and transformed it to create lots of fun flavors for your tastebuds!
I received a bag with several caramel flavors to sample. The packaging is very cute and great for gift giving. Since none of the flavors were labeled, I had to guess what each flavor was. I think I did pretty good though! It was actually pretty fun! All candy is "fresh to order" and the caramels definitely tasted freshly made.
The Banana's Foster Caramel was delicious and had a light banana taste without being too overwhelming. I definitey knew this caramel had banana in it before I even found this flavor in her Etsy shop. It really tastes like a bite of banana's foster dessert!

I also received a couple Dark Chocolate Pecan Caramels and Pecan Caramels too. The soft, creamy caramel with the nutty flavor of the pecans really blended together well to bring out the rich caramel flavor. The texture of these two was especially great. The Pecan Caramel had the classic, creamy vanilla flavor and was perfect!

The Peruvian Dark Chocolate Caramel didn't have a strong chocolate flavor and just wasn't really a favorite of mine.

I also tried the Strawberry Caramel. It's made with real strawberries! Although the flavor is subtle, it was really yummy!

These very sweet caramels will give any candy-lover the sugar fix they desire. Overall, these were really good. My favorite caramels were the two flavors with pecans. The fruity flavors were also fantastic and I loved the real flavors that came out of the caramels.

I was also sent a Blueberry Marshmallow sample. It was very light, fluffy, squishy, and melts in your mouth. It was very fresh! It's made with real blueberries too! Keep an eye out in the fall when chocolate truffles come back as the cooler weather returns!

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Just mention Made With Love and recieve a 1/4lb. bar of caramel with any purchase of $15.00 or more!

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Joy N. said...

Lavender Fleur d' Sel Caramel sounds AMAZING

Simplicity Cosmetics said...

Fleur de Sel Caramel! It sounds sooooo good!

Angie said...

The Lavender sounds really interesting! I am pretty intrigued actually!