Monday, May 16, 2011

Have You Seen Heartsy Yet?? $5 Signup Credit!

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you know by now how much I LOVE the new Etsy Daily Deal site called Heartsy! Etsy is the huge community shopping site for handmade sellers to sell their goodies! I've bought quite a few deals from Heartsy already. Some baby deals, purses, banners, soaps, jewelry and more! LOVE it!

Heartsy - Daily deals on fabulous handmade items, at least 50% off.

Heartsy is offering a $5 signup credit for providing your email! Every morning, you'll receive a short overview of the deals for that day. Sign up today and hang on to your credit until you find the perfect deal you want to spend your credit on!

Here's the one I bought yesterday. It was extended to today so HURRY if you need a great baby gift! Stefanie is super swe tooet! ONLY $5 with your signup credit to get $24 to the Stefanie Kay Design Etsy Shop!

The site is relatively new and started in February this year. Each day, they have 5-6 new deals. Each one is an offer from an Etsy shop to purchase a store credit voucher for 50-60% off the regular value! This is an awesome way to try out a new handmade shop and get a great bargain. 

A Few Facts about Heartsy:

-Some deals are extended to continue the following day, but you won't know until the following day!

-You can use your voucher immediately after purchasing!

-You can also use your voucher towards shipping costs!

-The Etsy shop seller sets the amount of vouchers they are willing to offer, which means many deals sell out within minutes or hours of opening, or will last all day.

-They offer a referral program! Everyone you refer gets a $5 credit, and YOU get a $5 credit each time someone you refer makes their first purchase!  

-You can view tomorrow's deals from a link on Heartsy, and even purchase them a day early if you want to become a VIP for $7.99/month. Some deals offer VIP's special perks, and even more voucher credit (which will pay for your monthly membership!)


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Love Etsy and I know Heartsy will bring me that deal soon that I won't be able to resist!

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