Thursday, May 28, 2015

Go Skin-to-Skin With Your Baby & SleepBelt {Giveaway - Ends 6/7}

Babies need to be kept close, especially in those first few months of life called the "fourth trimester". The practice of being skin-to-skin with your baby is the perfect way to help transition your baby to life outside the womb. There's no question that new babies sleep a lot, and want to sleep on your chest more than anything. Considering the only aspect of life outside the womb that's the same is a mother's heartbeat, this makes perfect sense.
I received complimentary product for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Being skin-to-skin with your baby has amazing benefits for baby including better, longer sleep and reduced stress. It also helps encourage a faster recovery for mom, and encourages a health milk supply if breastfeeding. To help facilitate plenty of skin-to-skin time with baby, SleepBelt is neat product that's primary purpose is to snugly hold baby on your chest so you can be hands-free.

SleepBelt is owned and operated by two sisters, and is made in Canada. It is available in three colors and three sizes. The lightweight material is stretchy and very forgiving, which is definitely a bonus considering the constant changes of a new mom's postpartum body. 

SleepBelt is worn while sitting, and is not to be mistaken for a wrap/carrier product. Simply wear the SleepBelt comfortably around your torso with the velcro securely attached at the back. Think of it like wearing a tube top, but clothing underneath is optional - wear it while clothed or for skin-to-skin.

When you're ready to place baby inside, just pull down the SleepBelt in the front, tuck your baby snugly inside, and pull it back up high enough to support your baby. Just reverse these simple steps to take baby out, all of which can be done without disturbing a sleeping baby!

Having my hands free while still cuddling baby girl is seriously sweet relief for my tired arms! At two months old, she's already topping the growth charts and killing mama's arms. It's a nice break so I can check emails on my smartphone, eat a snack with TWO hands, or just admire my baby girl and stroke her sweet head of fluffy hair without having to support her body at the same time.

I love being skin-to-skin with my sweet girl. It's another wonderful way to bond and be close to her without a fussy device or apparatus. SleepBelt is really easy to use and doesn't take any extra brain power that I don't have right now anyway! Baby is comfortable and secure with the gentle pressure of the SleepBelt, and I'm hands-free to keep my day flowing until she's ready to be put down to sleep if needed.

Beyond skin-to-skin, SleepBelt has additional applications of usage that make it a wonderfully versatile product for moms. For example, at about 4 months old baby can be faced outwards on your lap with SleepBelt, and at 8 months it can be used to gently restrain baby while sitting in a chair. The ladies at SleepBelt have really come up with a lot of creative uses, which I'm excited to try as the opportunities arise.

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barnold barnes said...

I like that it covers your chest so you could sit there while company visits.

Bianca Munoz said...

Oh you can use it while breastfeeding! Love it!

Bianca Munoz said...

AND the dad skin to skin <3