Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Things a Treatment Facility Can Prevent

Disclosure: This is a guest post.

There are many benefits to entering a treatment facility like the New River Wellness Center. It is common for people who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to be a little nervous about the idea of checking into a rehab clinic. People who are substance abusers are not used to being told what to do. They have authority issues and they do not like to be told no. Needless to say, it is necessary for an addict to get over these issues if their treatment is going to be successful. If addicts only knew all of the many benefits that rehab can offer them, many more would surely sign up for treatment. Here are some of the things a treatment facility can prevent.

Exposure to the wrong crowd

People who abuse drugs and alcohol usually hang out with other people who do the same thing. In fact, these people often started using because they were introduced to the drugs and alcohol by a friend. This is why it is so important for any person who is serious about recovery to distance themselves from all of their friends who are negative influences. If a person is living at home, this will be next to impossible to do. However, if a person is behind the walls of a treatment facility, they are isolated from the wrong crowd of people who could potentially sabotage their recovery.

Serious medical problems

Not surprisingly, addicts often have serious medical problems that manifest themselves during treatment, especially during the withdrawal process. If the patient has a pre-existing medical condition, the staff is informed about it. They will keep a close eye on the patient and get him or her the proper medical attention if a serious problem develops. If a person is not in rehab, nobody is looking out for them and monitoring their medical condition.


Many addicts want to go into a shell when they are struggling with addiction. This is unhealthy behavior that can often lead to suicidal thoughts. In the environment of a rehab facility, you are constantly around other people who care about you and want you to get better. Interacting with other people on a daily basis in group therapy sessions helps to lessen the amount of depression that addicts are known to experience.

Legal problems

It is common for people who are abusing drugs and alcohol to break the law. These legal problems can get more serious as time goes by, often resulting in jail time. When a person is in rehab, he or she will stay out of trouble. They will be unable to break the law while they are high or intoxicated, possibly throwing their life away in the process.



Janet W. said...

My son in law's mother was an addict. Unfortunately she didn't get the help she needed and now it's too late for her.