Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fitbit Activity Monitors Offer Flexibility

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People want to become healthier, and many think that just means slimmer. However, when you are looking at the need to become healthy, you need to look at your overall wellbeing. With the Fitbit, you can track your exercise, your sleeping habits, and your goals. There are three types of Fitbit trackers, and then you can purchase a Fitbit scale as an accessory. These monitors offer information your physician may require to help you lose weight or become healthier.

Most pedometers on the market will only track the steps you take, but the Fitbit is among the few that work differently. With the Fitbit, you can monitor your heart rate and quality of sleep in addition to an accurate count of the steps you take. The style of Fitbit you should purchase depends on what you want to track.

The smallest Fitbit is the Fitbit Zip and it can clip to your bra or belt loop, and be invisible. It comes in a variety of colors. Another clip-on Fitbit is the Fitbit One. It is longer and narrower than the Fitbit Zip is and it also tracks your sleep quality. It also comes in a variety of colors and has an alarm to help you wake in the morning. The final Fitbit tracker available is the Fibit Flex. It is worn on the wrist day and night and tracks your entire activity level every hour of the day. It does not offer an alarm clock, but you do have the ability to see how you are doing with your goals.

All of the Fitbits will synchronize to your computer, where you can then keep your record with other fitness apps, such as MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper. If you are interested in also tracking your body fat, weight, and body mass index, the Fitbit scale is an accessory to consider. It measures weight up to 350-pounds, making it versatile and available for most people. You can find Fitbit activity monitors here that offer you the ability to track every aspect of your health, so you can take measures to ensure your health and wellness are at optimum levels.


Pamela Ward DeCicco said...

I got a fitbit a few weeks ago from my brother for my birthday. So far I love it and think everyone should have one. My next plan is to start using the food log.

Laura said...

My friends have mentioned fitbit before but I didn't know much about what it was. Now I know! It sounds like a great product.